Upcoming public appearances


Dragon Con 2017: Sydney, Atlanta, 1-4 September 2017 

Joe will attend Dragon Con 2017, and so will Rachel Luttrell, Christopher Judge and Jewel State.

Joe’s photo ops (solo) as follows: Friday 4:50 PM; Saturday 6:10 PM and Sunday 4:10 PM.

Photo-ops for Team-up Stargate Atlantis (Joe with Rachel and Jewel) on Friday 5:00 PM; Saturday 6:20 PM and Sunday 4:00 PM

Here’s their official website and twitter.




The atmospheric image featured in the profile photo of this page is a capture from Joe’s episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Master of Destiny.

  8 Responses to “Upcoming public appearances”

  1. I envy NZ :) . Joe Flanigan , Mitch Pileggi and Jason Momoa . WOW :)

  2. In the same video it was confirmed that all of them (Joe Flanigan, Rachel Luttrell, Robert Picardo and Martin Wood) would be attending next year! It’s excellent news! :D Patrick Currie will also be joining. :D :D :D excited!!

  3. Does any one know if joe will come to uk next year to do a convention.

    • Not at the moment, but we’re constantly checking for such announcements. We’ll post here as soon as we find out.

  4. Great news for fans in Ottawa, not so good if you live in the UK. My bank manager doesn’t like me travelling with his overdraft ( sigh ). Never mind looking forward to poochy shenanigans or ( flananigans ) just in time for Christmas :-) XX

  5. dose anyone know if joe flanigan will be coming back to edmonton expo soon it would be grate to se him come again I saw him there in 2013 it was a wondiful experance I hope he will come back I hope to see him on tv again soon a big joe fan

    • As far as we know, nothing has been announced so far about Joe making an appearance at EdmontonExpo 2015.
      We’ll post here as soon as we become aware of any of his new public engagements.

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