Jul 122014
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This 2005 movie is finally available on Video on demand, and we’re very grateful to JoeFlaniganFan.com for finding and generously sharing the link.

Now, since we’re not film critics on this site, but merely Joe’s fans, we won’t give you an opinion on the movie, but we can safely tell you that Joe is indeed in it, with some 30 sec screen time in the 2 min (!) scene he’s in, from min 5:00 onwards.

He’s fun to watch (as if!), as he sounds very much like himself (not acting, that is), but then again that’s the whole concept: sort of a home-made movie, which follows a lady in her quest to video interview a dozen or so men, while searching for the perfect guy to father her child. Joe’s character (Regis) is not actually interviewed for the job, but serves as the subject of the dress-rehearsal prior to the real thing.

Due to the (by design) shabby quality of a hand-held unprofessional video recording-like¬†cinematography, the lightning is quite bad. Again, we’re not saying this as film critics, but as annoyed fans, who couldn’t snap a proper screencap for the life of us :(

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