Dec 092012
Actor Joe Flanigan

This post has been updated on 29 June 2013,

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According to Dennys Ilic’s tweet, Joe Flanigan is about to be the subject of his new project, a photo shoot to take place later this month (in December 2012).


7 Dec: VERY excited 2 be shooting @niallmatter &@JoeFlanigan Next week! SciFiDen! Need to shoot more with @colinferg tho, 3K images not enough! :)

Dennys is a seasoned photographer, with a special interest in sci fi actors, and his most recent Stargate related big project was last year’s photo shoot with Amanda Tapping, in Australia, which is now available as a book.

We’ll be updating this post as soon as new info becomes available, so stay tuned.


Dennys Ilic online

Dennys Ilic on twitter

Dennys Ilic on facebook

Amanda Tapping book


Update: 16 Dec

A “sneeky peeky” sample of the photoshoot was tweeted by Mr Ilic

15 Dec: Sneaky Peeky – Actor Joe Flanigan [Stargate Atlantis] by dennys Ilic © dennys ilic photography 2012

And that’s Mr Ilic’s response to the positive reactions he received after posting the photo:

15 Dec: Tx 4 the lovely comments beautiful peeps! Once I honor commitments 2 my patient clients there will be some awesome Shi-Flanigans 2 be seen!

We’ll keep an eye on Mr Ilic’s announcements and report here about the predicted shenanigans :)

Update 1 Febr 2013

New tease via Mr Ilic’s facebook page.

Update 5 Feb

Ok, Mr Ilic, we give in to this cat & mouse game you’re playing with us, and just post your new tweet with the old photo, confident we don’t have to wait too long for the rest of the pictures :)

a little bit of roller-joe flanigan 2 see u through the morning! thank you to amandaTee 4 the intro to this cool cat!

“…this cool cat”


Update 6 March

Dennys Ilic just tweeted a kaleidoscope photo:

Lots of hard work prepping 5 @OzComicCon…We’ll have the AT BOOK there but that’s not all :) Flaniganery anyone? :)

Merciless tease, sheer mischief or good-natured kaleidoscope of beautiful images?


Update 13 March 2013

Little background story from the photoshoot, as a reply to @artemisprime’s question: @Dennydenn Love your pic of Joe Flanigan skateboarding in a suit… and bare feet! Whose idea was a shoeless Joe?

@artemisprime my idea for shoeless. Joe grabbed board from passing kid then we were chased off by the cops lol    #alwaysgetmysubjectsintrouble


Update 21 April

“Dennys Ilic Photography has finally had a long awaited revamp!” You can check it here.


Update 21 May

Looks like this picture made it into Mr Ilic’s 2013 calendar, as Mr March (thx @QueenOfStars for the heads up!)

Update 17 June

Mr Ilic is continuing his project and multitasking in the process…

“…lightrooming Joe Flanigan”


Update 19 June 2013

New tweet from Mr Ilic:

Okay … Time to export the JoeJoe gallery! Here’s a sneaky peeky of the very cool dude!

Sneak peek to the JoeJoe gallery


Update 29 June

Some more not-quite-pictures-of-Joe-but-better-than-nothing pictures of Joe :) and a sort of promise shared on twitter:

just so y’all know intend to shoot @EddieMcClintock @PaulyMcGillion @DNykl & @JoeFlanigan again whether they like it or not. that is all :)


So do we want some sexy @JoeFlanigan at #LFCC?

Yes! Brand new images at #LFCC next week!!! Come and see these sexinesses beasts! Flani-Tapp!