Nov 172013
Adelaide feature photo, by iamkkkkatie

Joe Flanigan attended Supanova 2013, and held talks in Brisbane (8 – 10 Nov. 2013) and Adelaide (16 – 17 Nov).

He entertained the fans with memories from the time he was shooting Stargate Atlantis, but also spoke about two new projects.

One of them is already in the pipe line, so to speak, as he announced having shot for Major Crimes, a series starring Mary McDonnell (from Battlestar Galactica) More info in our previous post. We don’t know yet when are we going to watch him and for how many episodes.

The other project is something he had mentioned earlier. He has bought the rights for the book A Terrible Splendor, by Marshall John Fisher, and is planning to produce a movie based on it, with Christopher Hampton writing the screenplay. Apparently he’ll play just a minor part in the movie.

We are grateful to auscaz, Kim Gestroiamkkkkatie, pgre573 and RSRigda for the info and photos.

A special mention for and his wonderful interview with Joe

Here below bits from his Adelaide panel, on Sunday 17 Nov, as shared by iamkkkkatie (Katie Isme) in this great facebook photo album (thx!).

Joe told us about a project he’s involved in based on the book “A Terrible Splendor”. Christopher Hampton is doing the screenplay. Joe is likely to be a producer (and have a small part in the movie)

Joe: “I like flea markets. It’s my feminine side. Jason likes flea markets too. That’s his feminine side.” Then he said something about how they’d make a great couple, going to flea markets together

He used a Scottish accent to tell the rocks in the backpack story & told the mooning David Hewlett story.

He stayed out till 4am. Anyone who knows Adelaide knows that’s pretty impressive… … then at 4am, 4:30am and 4:45am he received phone calls from his boys – the eldest, then middle one, then the youngest.

Brisbane Sunday panel, photo by auscaz Brisbane Sunday panel, photo by Kim Gestro

Adelaide panel, photo by iamkkkkatie

Adelaide panel photo by Rachel S Rigda


For reference, the programmes of Brisbane (8 – 10 Nov. 2013) and Adelaide (16 – 17 Nov. 2013) cons are listed below.

Also for reference, the Supanova website, its facebook account, the twitter account, and twitter hashtags: #supanova, #supanovaexpo, #brisnova, #novalaide


Brisbane cosplay






Nov 102013
screencap by JoeFlaniganFan

Joe Flanigan announced he has finished shooting in Major Crimes, a TV show starring Mary McDonnell, from Battlestar Galatica. The announcement was made during his Brisbane Supanova convention, on 10 Nov, and we have it on camera, thanks to the great guys from TREKZONE, who interviewed him at the con (thank you!).

Post updated on 11 Dec

The show is a spin-off  of ‘The Closer’ series, and follows Capt. Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell’s character) of the Los Angeles Police Department. The show is now on hiatus, due to return on 25 Nov.
As of now, we assume Joe is guest starring, but since this project is not yet listed on his imdb page, we’ll just  have to wait for more details. As soon as we find out, we’ll let you know, so stay tuned!


Update: 26 Nov

With the invaluable help of Janet and Grace Valentino, we now know Joe’s episode is “All in”, to be aired on December 9th. His character is Rick Marlowe, a voice over artist. Here’s the promo for the episode

Update 11 Dec 2013

Lots and lots of screencaps on, this way!

Here’s but a sample :)

screencap by JoeFlaniganFan


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