Oct 012011

Joe Flanigan almost announced on 22 July he’s starring in Fringe, with this tweet.

Working on Fringe right now. Trying to get my small head around their mythology.

During his panel at Creation Con in Chicago on August 28, Joe confirmed he will guest-star in one episode, he wasn’t sure which one, he didn’t know if he’s coming for more, and shooting was over by mid August. According to John Noble (actor playing Walter Bishop, one of Fringe leads), they were shooting a 4-episodes arc: “Because we finished off with the season so powerfully what you’ll see now is thread in through a mini arc of four episodes”, said Noble.

It was the 4th season’s premiere, “Neither Here Nor There”, aired on 23rd September.

Joe Flanigan was cast as Robert Danzig – “35 to 45, Caucasian, an FBI agent with roguish charm”.

This was a short role introducing to the Fringe division the old new character of Lincoln Lee who lost him as his partner. Lincoln Lee appeared before on the other side and even once on this side but since the timeline was rewritten to erase Peter Bishop, things changed. The story-arc referenced above must have dealt with that.

Thus, they did kill Danzig a few minutes into the show, just what Joe’s fans feared after this BTS picture popped up and it well turned out to be his character in the bag:
Fringe 4x01 BTS photo (before airing)
Nevertheless Joe has portrayed a funny family-loving but quite action-ready FBI agent whose charm would be enough for a much more important character, so hopefully this tiny role can serve as a showcase.

You can see screen captures of the few minutes with Joe Flanigan on the 1st page for episode 4×01 in Fringe Files Gallery and watch his bit on Youtube.

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