May 202012
FedCon 2012

Joe Flanigan was invited for the second time to the FedCon this year, and some of the congers were generous enough to share impressions and pictures during the event. We’ve collected some of the bits here, and we will try to update this post with whatever becomes available during the following days, so be sure to stay tuned.

Post updated on 3 June, scroll down for new stuff.

We are particularly grateful to silvercomet21, domdomjohnshep, anyanka_eg, TKL7, starstuff2282, hivewarden, gebo007, hyndara.

Joe had two panels; one on Friday, and the second on Saturday, together with Kavan Smith. Without further ado, here below fragments from his panels:

Joe would have liked more female presence in SGA. Roles weren’t totally fleshed out.

In which remake would you like to be a part of? Joe: Bladerunner and all Indiana Jones.

Joe compared Metal Hurlant with Bladerunner ‘it’s along these lines, even a bit darker in some ways’.

Joe: Heroes in Hollywood these days are boys (action). Wouldn’t want to follow them. Rather somebody like Harrison Ford.

Joe: “Write 100 letters every week to Sony Pictures about ‘Uncharted’”. He really would love to do it.

Joe plays some kind of a good-bad guy in Six Bullets. He thinks the movie to be o.k.

Joe (and his kids) are obsessed with Whale Wars. The producers actually contacted him for a project. He doesn’t really know what kind of project it would be yet. ‘Do they want me to surf?’ ;-)

Joe: Hollywood wants to have women leads (doing the shooting) and men are just the boyfriends. Not his kind of role.

Kavan said that Joe announced him “show canceled” while casually skating by him.

Joe explains how producers asked him about which sports he was able to do (climbing, skiing, skating, surfing…).They said: great, we will be able use it, and then they made him sign a pile of insurance policies :))

Joe had to sign an insurance contract at the beginning of SGA b/c of his many ‘dangerous’ sporting activities. It was thick as a book, he practically wasn’t allowed to do anything anymore besides reading. Not even skateboarding. So, him skateboarding on set (studio area) was kind of a revolution “You can’t forbid me everything” ;-)

The rounds they were using for shooting were pretty expensive. Joe loved to shoot. “Joe, you can stop, the guy is dead now”. Joe would reply “I’m not sure” – using another round. Like ‘You’ve forbidden me to skateboard? Yeah, let’s use another round.’

Several congoers noticed that David Hewlett was “the running gag” during both Joe’s panels.

At the end of his first panel, our Special FlanInfo Agent, silvercomet21, asked Joe the winning question of our AskJF contest (details here). Here’s her report on a mission successfully done:

Question: Who or what has been most inspirational in your life?

Answer: On a personal level his stepfather. He was very inspirational (he died a few years ago). And his mother. His parents are very important for him. He doesn’t like it when people complain about their parents, blame them for everything what went wrong in their lives. Which seems to be very common. Other than that he is a fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson(‘s books). Still, although the writer died more than 120 years ago. He/they are classic. He also mentioned one his powerful books, “Self Reliance”.

Editor’s note: in one of his previous interviews, when asked “What book is your bible?”, he replied: “Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essays on Self Reliance were probably the most influential in my life.”

Joe during his Saturday panel with Kavan Smith


Update 22 May

New photo gallery shared today by hivewarden, thank you!

Update 24 May

New pictures shared by @gebo007 and a brief report posted by Hyndara, the congoer whose question stirred Joe’s answer about the thick-as-a-book-insurance contract he had to sign in order to avoid production hiccups due to his multiple potentially dangerous outdoor activities.

Illustrated con-report by hivewarden, beautifully done!

Update 25 May

Hivewarden report gets better and better, as she adds new pictures, little sound snippets and quotes, so make sure you check it again. Here are some of Joe’s quotes about Six Bullets, the movie and his character:

I’ve only seen part of the movie. Looks much better than I thought it would! I’m a terrible sales person… always super honest about things. (…) And I think it’s actually okay. I think it’s pretty good.

I play a good bad guy, you know? Does that make sense? I’m mean. They had me tattooed. Tattoo everywhere. (…) My daughter gets kidnapped and Jean-Claude Van Damme and I team up… and literally I kill half the country of Moldova. No problem.

FedCon organisers have uploaded on youtube three very brief interviews with Joe:

His favourite SF movies are Blade Runner and 2001 Space Odyssey

Joe shares memories about shooting SGA

Joe speaks about outer space life and plausibility of the SGA environment

Update 3 June

A fourth video interview has been added, and all four of them are now conveniently offered in a playlist on youtube.

Hivewarden has organised her photos in two photobucket albums: Joe’s panel alone and Joe’s panel with Kavan.

May 062012

Remember our AskJF contest last year? Well, we are planning a new edition, at the upcoming FedCon, with the kind help of our friend @silvercomet21. She will act as a “special FlanInfo agent” (yes, we’ve convinced her it’s a cool designation!) and relay one of your questions to Joe during the Dusseldorf convention, 17-20 May 2012.

So send your question via twitter adding into your message the hashtag #AskJF OR post your question in comments to this post. If it’s a good one, it will get the chance to be answered by Joe. We’ll select a question that is relevant for most of the fans, funny, respectful (we wouldn’t like our agent to feel embarrassed asking, or Joe to avoid answering) and, as much as possible, original (although we ALL want to ask him “what’s your new project?”, we’ll refrain from that one).

We are expecting your entries no later than Sunday 13 May, 13:00 GMT.

We are grateful for our special agent’s efforts, however we cannot guarantee that she’ll manage to actually ask him your question (as we know cons are pretty hectic), but the winner will get a nice (non-virtual) Joe-related prize.

The jury consists of the special agent herself :) plus the FlanInfo team (PegasusAngel, AlaVitka and carmendomino).

Waiting for your questions as of now!

Update 14 May 2012:

Thank you everyone for the questions sent! The contest is closed now, the jury is out deliberating.

Update 19 May:

After a fierce jury debate (since we had several very good questions, it wasn’t easy to chose just one ;-) ), we finally settled for the winning question: Who or what has been most inspirational in your life?, submitted via twitter by LouiseVincent6, who’s about to receive the prize very soon! Congratulations, Louise!

Next step: our trustworthy Special FlanInfo Agent managed to ask the question just in the nick of time (it was the last question on Friday’s evening panel), and here’s Joe’s answer:

On a personal level his stepfather. He was very inspirational (he died a few years ago). And his mother. His parents are very important for him. He doesn’t like it when people complain about their parents, blame them for everything what went wrong in their lives. Which seems to be very common. Other than that he is a fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson(‘s books). Still, although the writer died more than 120 years ago. He/they are classic. He mentioned one of Emerson’s books being particularly powerful; “Self Reliance”.

Thank you for this, Cora, and have fun on the next days at the convention!

More details about the con and Joe’s presence there in our later post.

Oct 222011

Stargate Atlantis star Joe Flanigan to headline both official Stargate conventions in 2012. He will also attend FedCon – the European Star Trek and SciFi convention, two Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Conventions – in Göteborg and Malmö, Sweden and DragonCon, Atlanta.

Post updated on 16 Aug 2012
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Joe will guest not one, but two conventions this March in Sweden. Early March he’ll join Robert Patrick in Malmö, at the Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Convention. According to the posted programme (in Swedish) and the very helpful hints from our friend @yehwellwhatever, who signalled us the  Scandianavian cons (thanks, Maria!), he will be available for a Q&A session on Saturday and photo opportunities both on Saturday and Sunday.

Malmö Convention official website

Notes, pictures and additional sources covering Joe’s presence at the Malmö convention can be found here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Goteborg”" tabindex="0" title="”GÖTEBORG,">”GÖTEBORG,

Early February, Joe was announced as guest at the Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Convention.

Göteborg Convention official site

Joe’s tweets from Göteborg, tidbits reported by congoers, vids and others can be found here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Vancouver”" tabindex="0" title="”VANCOUVER">”VANCOUVER

“The Last Trip Through The Gate” – the last Stargate convention in Vancouver. Joe is expected on Sunday 29 April. Other guests announced so far: Christopher Judge, Paul McGillion, Kavan Smith, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staites, Ryan Robbins, Kate Hewlett, Andee Frizzell and Chuck Campbell. David Hewlett was also added early December, and he will be appearing on the same day as Joe, so we can expect a new episode in the ‘Joe and David show’.

Vancouver convention official site

Link to the auction for the cocktail meet & greet with Joe at Vancouver

Pictures and bits shared by fans attending VanCon, here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Dusseldorf”" tabindex="0" title="”DÜSSELDORF,">”DÜSSELDORF,

On December 6th, Joe was confirmed as guest for FedCon in May next year. Although the programme is not set yet, it seems he will be attending all four days, as per this announcement. At FedCon XIX in 2010, Joe Flanigan was one of the top highlights and he will be back again and meet his European fans at FedCon XXI from 17th until 20th May 2012. Kavan Smith (Maj Lorne) and SG-1 Teryl Rothery (Dr Fraiser), along with Star Trek Brent Spiner (Data), Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr Riker), Gates McFadden (Dr Crusher) and Walter Koenig (Chekov) were also confirmed by mid December. In January Richard Dean Anderson and William Shatner have been confirmed as well, leading thus to an impressive line-up of guests. On 27 February, Joel Gretsch was also confirmed. He and Joe co-starred in Joe’s first important production: Family Album (1994).

On March 11th Brent Spiner’s cancellation was announced, due to working commitments. “Brent feels very sorry and hopes to attend FedCon 2013.”

First version of the programme, posted on 26 March, announces two panels for Joe: on Thursday, 17 May, at 20:00 (just after the opening ceremony), and on Saturday, at 17:00, with Kavan Smith. Each panel is one hour long.

FedCon official site

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Chicago”" tabindex="0" title="”CHICAGO">”CHICAGO

Joe is due on Sunday 19 August. At that time, the Chicago convention will be the ONLY Official STARGATE Convention remaining in the world! Announced guests: David Nykl, Paul McGillionRobert Picardo, Ryan Robbins, Steve Bacic, Rachel Luttrell, Jewel Staite, Torri Higginson. Rachel cancelled due to her pregnancy (congrats!) and was replaced by Kate Hewlett.

Torri, Kate and Jewel will be there on Saturday, while Paul and David will make their appearances on Sunday.

On Aug 11th, no official schedule had been posted yet.

The official schedule has been uploaded on 15 August (scroll down here to see it). Joe will sign autographs on Saturday at 7:00 PM and on Sunday at 9:00 AM.

His panel with Paul McGillion is scheduled for 3:00 PM on Sunday, followed by three photo op sessions, starting from 4:15 PM (first solo, then with Paul McGillion, and finally with Michael Schanks).

Chicago convention official site

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Toronto”" tabindex="0" title="”TORONTO">”TORONTO

Joe is going to attend the Fan Expo Canada, as announced in June 2012. Other guests announced so far: Amanda Tapping, Patrick Stewart (Star Trek), James Marsters (Metal Hurlant), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and John Rhys-Davies (Ferocious Planet).

The official schedule has been posted on 10 August, and Joe’s session of Q&A is set for 23 Aug – that’s Thursday evening, at 8 PM.

The scifi programme is up now (16 Aug), and it confirms Joe will be at the con for all four days, having scheduled three photo opportunity moments: Thursday at 6:45 PM, Friday at 12:30 PM and Sunday at 1:15 PM.

FanExpoCanada official website

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Atlanta”" tabindex="0" title="”ATLANTA">”ATLANTA

Joe will join other SGA alumni in Atlanta this year, such as Torri Higginson and Connor Treneer. STNG will be also heavily represented, by Patrick StewartJonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton and Michael Dorn. Joe’s programme will be posted here once available on the DragonCon official website. Richard Dean Anderson was added on 10 Aug, and Patrick Steward had to cancel his appearance.

Tentative schedule has been posted, we’ll follow and report any changes. For now (9 Aug) is looks like Joe will attend the following panels:

Fri 31 Aug, 1PM, “SG:A and SG:U – Supergate 1″, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Connor Trinneer, Peter Kelamis;

Sat 1 Sep, 4PM, “Gate Summit Three – Supergate III”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Peter Kelamis;

Sun 2 Sep, 2:30PM, “Ba’al’s in Atlantis – Supergate IV”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan;

Mon 3 Sep, 10:30AM, “The Fourth Annual Hangover Panel – Supergate V”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Garry Chalk, Tony Amendola, Peter Kelamis.

DragonCon official website