Sep 292013
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On 28 – 29 Sep 2013 Joe Flanigan attended Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (Canada), now in its second year. He signed autographs and had a 45 minutes talk with fans, a “Spotlight on Joe Flanigan” as announced in the programme.

Updated on 5 Oct

Some of the fans tweeted from the panel:

@vecturist: Had a nice chat with Joe – apparently he hasn’t seen himself in 6B. Joe looks good and it sounds like he’s coming to Chicago [2014].

@vspaterson: Joe Flanigan is questioning Jason Mamoa’s taste in interior decor. Joe Flanigan thinks the idea of an Stargate Atlantis movie was just a trial balloon. Apparently Joe attempted to arrange a lease of the SG Atlantis franchise from MGM. Sorry that didn’t work out.

@flanigandaily: Joe tried really hard to keep SGA on the air, harder than I ever knew. We can b proud fans

Some pictures have also been posted (photos by Joe Flanigan Fan, aka flanigandaily on twitter, and by Amy Adams, aka lilmisspastries on twitter):

photo by flanigandaily panel photo by Amy Adams photo by flanigandaily__


Edmonton Expo website and facebook.


Update 30 Sep

Brief video from the panel uploaded by  Keira Henricks (thx for sharing!)

Second (and a bit longer) video from the panel. Joe is talking about the end of SGA.

Two other videos, covering the whole panel, posted by Jennifer Raines – great work, and thanks for sharing! (and thx Aleezah for the heads up!)

Vid 1 and vid 2

Update 5 Oct

Our friend JoeFlaniganFan attended the con and she is kindly sharing here with us her take on the panel. Go check her lovely place here:

Having Joe entertain us for 45 minutes, all by his lonesome (the moderator was Garrett Wang, who I didn’t know but turns out he and Joe were in acting school in NY together back in the day and he seemed a nice guy) was just awesome. There were the usual questions (somehow, at every convention, someone always asks about pranks on set *eyeroll*) but Joe also revealed some stuff I didn’t know. The most startling was just how much effort he personally put into keeping SGA on the air. He, on his own, gathered a group of investors and attempted to lease the rights to the show from MGM. At first, MGM was interested, but once their financial situation worsened, the deal fell through. He mentioned how under-appreciated the scifi genre is and how scifi fans are so loyal, following the actors through to their various projects. He also mentioned how the all male producers/writing team at Stargate didn’t know how to write for women. He said that Amanda is such a great performer, she knew how to make the most of what she was given but that they otherwise fell short. (Amen, brother.) All too soon, time was up.

Then, it was back to the autograph table to say goodbye to Joe. I mentioned Chevron 8.1 in London in April and asked if he was still planning on being there. He said yes but thought there was something else before then that he agreed to. So hopefully, something else will be in store for fans before April!