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Updated on 25 Aug 2015 with news about the doc being available in US on Hulu

Stargate fandom gets in touch with its feminine side, and FANomenon is there, to observe and to tell the story. Lynne Carter’s documentary features Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett, Torri Higginson and Martin Wood.

After having the world premiere at Dragon Con and being awarded second place in Feature at Dragon Con Film Festival, the documentary  aired in Canada, on Global TV, on 12 October 2013.

If you’re in Canada, you can watch all the aired docs in Global TV Obsessions line-up, incl. FANomenon, online on web, or iOS/Android devices glbl.tv/1bJIhFD Hopefully it will be distributed outside Canada, stay tuned for news.

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Some press coverage before the airing: The Globe and MailGeek chic elite, The Mind Reels

Videos: Fanomenon trailerLynne’s interview with Global TV, Lyne’s interview for SMITHEETV

Sources: FANonmenon on facebook, FANonmenon on twitter, Lynne Carter on twitter



Update 16 Oct 2013

We’ve asked Lynne a few questions about her adventure and she graciously accepted to answer them, so here you have below our second interview with a celebrity (the first one was of course with Joe) :)

We are very grateful to Lynne for this talk and for sending us several stills from the filming that you’ll find below. She also declared herself open to answering any other fan questions, so you may ask them in the comments here, or better still directly on twitter or Fanomenon facebook page.


1.Your documentary aired in Canada on Saturday night, but what about the Stargate fans around the world? When and how are they going to be able to watch it?
We hope to find an international distributor for Fanomenon, but it’s not an easy thing to do!  The subject matter, although of interest to Stargate fans, is actually quite niche, so finding a distributor is difficult.  Most distributors only take on films they think they can sell in a fair number of markets, and most only acquire a handful of titles each year.  When you think about some of the amazing documentaries out there, competition is tough!

Having said that, we are looking, and also exploring other distrbution avenues, like Netflix.  It is all quite a complicated process, takes time (you send off the film and wait, and wait, and wait), and I’m doing it by myself.  Hope to have something positive to report in the next month or two.  So stay tuned! 

2. We can actually see Joe in it?

Yes, you can actually see Joe in Fanomenon!  Filmed over two weekends in two different cities (Toronto and Atlanta) our primary interview (about 40 minutes in length) was shot with a full crew, (2 cameras, sound, lighting, producer, director) very relaxed, very candid and I believe he enjoyed himself.  He appears in the film 4 times, and I think his onscreen time, although brief, is heartfelt and genuine.  He definitely comes across as the hero of the story.  I was really pleased that we captured a side of Joe I don’t think has been shown before, at least not in anything I’ve watched.  Most of his on camera interviews have been for press purposes, quickly grabbed in often poorly lit press rooms, hallways, etc and the questions/answers one would expect in that sort of situation. Those are all great interviews but I was looking to dig deeper and I think we accomplished that.  

3. You said you’re a fan of Joe, just like the film heroine: how was it working with him as a director/producer?

I’m actually more a fan of Sheppard, but working with Joe became a fan of his too!  It took a long time to ‘get’ him (I could write a book on how complicated and humorous it was to ‘get Joe’  – the crew joked that should have been the title!) but once we had him, he gave himself wholeheartedly to the project.  Joe took his involvement in the doc very seriously, making changes to his schedule so that we could maximize our time with him, and really going out of his way to make sure we got what we needed.  Most of you have not seen the film but part of it involved military like execution, with only one shot at getting a very key scene, and he played his part perfectly!  He was charming, relaxed, engaging, curious, very funny at times, serious and reflective at others. 

The main interview was done in August 2012 while Joe was in Toronto for FanExpo.  It went so well that I asked him if we could do more with him in Atlanta the following week, and he readily agreed.  While at DragonCon we filmed part of his photo op session, the key scene, and the SG panel on the Saturday, and then did a follow up interview on the Sunday to get his final thoughts on his role in that one pivotal scene.  

One example that illustrates what it was like to work with Joe?  He told me to signal him from the sidelines if we wanted to film our main character, Suzie, asking a question of the panel guests. She was quite content to just watch from her front row seat though so I didn’t have any need to send a signal. (note: we had a crew member line up for 3 hours to get that front row seat – we didn’t ask for favoritism from any of the cons we shot at!).  After the panel, as people were leaving the ballroom, the crew and I were standing off to the side, packing up the camera gear, talking about how it went, how fun the panel was, etc. I had my back turned away from the others, busy putting my stuff away when I heard the crew call my name several times. Impatiently I said ‘hang on a minute, I’m busy!’  Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder and when I whipped around to say WHAT? I found Joe standing there. He’d come out from the backstage area to make sure we got what we needed – he was concerned Suzie wanted to ask a question and wasn’t given the chance, that he may have missed my signal.  Just one example of many to illustrate how committed he was to ensuring we got all we needed.

4. Your film witnesses Suzie’s first encounter with her hero. Tell us about your own first encounter with Joe

My first encounter with Joe is actually rather a dull story!  I’d been trying for about 6 months to get an interview with him, and having no luck at all.  I’m in the television business and had been through all the tried and true methods (agent, publicist, people who know people who know him, etc), as well as several back door approaches (including giving another fan a letter to give him at a con in France!)  Nothing was working!!  In April 2012 the crew and I flew to Vancouver to shoot Suzie attending her first convention, the last SGA con in the city the series was shot in.  We were not allowed to shoot inside the convention, so my first meeting with Joe was just like any other fans would be.  I nervously lined up for an autograph, trying to figure out how I was going to tell him in 10 seconds why he should be in my film ;)  Professionally though I knew it was not the time or place to try and talk to him about it, so left Vancouver no further ahead in the quest to ‘get Joe’. We did however shoot lots of other great material for the doc, including a fantastic interview with Martin Wood.

So that was my first experience!  However, as I said, I’m in the business and not used to taking no for an answer so I wasn’t about to give up!!  I had decided months before that I wasn’t going to give up until Joe told me that to my face that he didn’t want to be involved.  

Thankfully, almost a year after I first started trying to ‘get Joe’, a mutual friend stepped up to the plate and opened that last door, telling Joe about me and the film in advance of his FanExpo appearance.   So on the first night I went to the convention centre, stood in Joe’s autograph line (there was only a handful of people around), and when it was my turn went up and said hi, how are you, etc (the usual pleasantries fans manage to utter in the 10 seconds they have with an actor at these things) Then I said I believe so and so told you about me?  Instantly he was asking questions about the doc and working with his agent to set up a time for the interview the next day.  I was acting all calm but inside I was screaming YES, I GOT HIM!!!  FINALLY!!!  

5. What’s your next film going to be about and when can we expect to watch it?

I don’t know that there will be a next film!  I’m a full time network executive for a major broadcaster and have my hands full overseeing a number of shows (including the Canadian version of Big Brother).  Fanomenon took 2.5 years to make from start to finish and although I wasn’t working on it every day, it was still difficult to do.  Directing a film of any kind is really a full time job but I somehow managed to do it while still responsible for a full slate of original productions.  That was my choice though – I’d been given a great opportunity, was sooooo passionate about the material and wouldn’t have given up the chance to make the doc for anything!  You never know though!  I’ve got lots of ideas, and making Fanomenon was just the best experience ever :)  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

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Update 10 dec 2013

Dear friends,

Lynne is working hard trying to make the documentary available outside Canada, so that everybody would enjoy it, but things are not moving as quickly as she had wanted. So, guess what? She decided that, while we wait for the release, we are worth (maybe) a Christmas gift.

Can’t say what it is, it’s supposed to be a surprise, but we are talking about a director who interviewed Joe on camera, so we can pretty much imagine what to wait for, right?

So stay tuned here or on the documentary facebook page  and you’ll definitely love it! It’s going to happen in a few days from now!

Update 23 March 2014

News from Lynne, posted on the facebook page of the documentary, and some actual footage with Joe! Enjoy!

Many have asked to see some of the raw footage not used in the final edit of Fanomenon. It’s taken me forever to get organized, and editing is not high up on my list of skills! However, I think I’ve figured it out and for those that are interested I’ll be posting a series of unedited clips from some of the interviews. First up? Joe Flanigan on how he became an actor.


Update 27 March 2014

New video uploaded by Lynne, with this background info:

Thanks for all the new Page Likes! As promised, here’s another raw interview clip of Joe Flanigan. I asked Joe if he was aware of the impact something like a tweet has on fans…

*Note – this looks very fuzzy to me so I will re-edit and re-upload as soon as I get a chance*

Raw footage from Joe interview #2

Update 22 May 2014

As promised, Lynne is posting new  fragments of raw footage, organised in short interviews. Here’s the third one and here’s the message from the documentary’s facebook page accompanying its release:

A new Joe Flanigan raw interview clip has been posted on Vimeo. In #3 Joe talks about the magic of making television, the benefits of shooting a series, and how Stargate lives on around the world.

Update 12 July 2014

We’re truly spoiled by Lynne, who recently uploaded two more bits: here (#4) and here. Joe speaks dearly about fans, and also very unassumingly about his work and the impact of the show. And that’s why we love him.

Update 25 August 2015

Lynne announced the doc is available for the US based fans, on Hulu. Enjoy!




Oct 222011

Stargate Atlantis star Joe Flanigan to headline both official Stargate conventions in 2012. He will also attend FedCon – the European Star Trek and SciFi convention, two Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Conventions – in Göteborg and Malmö, Sweden and DragonCon, Atlanta.

Post updated on 16 Aug 2012
. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Malmo”" tabindex="0" title="”MALMÖ,">”MALMÖ,

Joe will guest not one, but two conventions this March in Sweden. Early March he’ll join Robert Patrick in Malmö, at the Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Convention. According to the posted programme (in Swedish) and the very helpful hints from our friend @yehwellwhatever, who signalled us the  Scandianavian cons (thanks, Maria!), he will be available for a Q&A session on Saturday and photo opportunities both on Saturday and Sunday.

Malmö Convention official website

Notes, pictures and additional sources covering Joe’s presence at the Malmö convention can be found here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Goteborg”" tabindex="0" title="”GÖTEBORG,">”GÖTEBORG,

Early February, Joe was announced as guest at the Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Convention.

Göteborg Convention official site

Joe’s tweets from Göteborg, tidbits reported by congoers, vids and others can be found here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Vancouver”" tabindex="0" title="”VANCOUVER">”VANCOUVER

“The Last Trip Through The Gate” – the last Stargate convention in Vancouver. Joe is expected on Sunday 29 April. Other guests announced so far: Christopher Judge, Paul McGillion, Kavan Smith, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staites, Ryan Robbins, Kate Hewlett, Andee Frizzell and Chuck Campbell. David Hewlett was also added early December, and he will be appearing on the same day as Joe, so we can expect a new episode in the ‘Joe and David show’.

Vancouver convention official site

Link to the auction for the cocktail meet & greet with Joe at Vancouver

Pictures and bits shared by fans attending VanCon, here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Dusseldorf”" tabindex="0" title="”DÜSSELDORF,">”DÜSSELDORF,

On December 6th, Joe was confirmed as guest for FedCon in May next year. Although the programme is not set yet, it seems he will be attending all four days, as per this announcement. At FedCon XIX in 2010, Joe Flanigan was one of the top highlights and he will be back again and meet his European fans at FedCon XXI from 17th until 20th May 2012. Kavan Smith (Maj Lorne) and SG-1 Teryl Rothery (Dr Fraiser), along with Star Trek Brent Spiner (Data), Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr Riker), Gates McFadden (Dr Crusher) and Walter Koenig (Chekov) were also confirmed by mid December. In January Richard Dean Anderson and William Shatner have been confirmed as well, leading thus to an impressive line-up of guests. On 27 February, Joel Gretsch was also confirmed. He and Joe co-starred in Joe’s first important production: Family Album (1994).

On March 11th Brent Spiner’s cancellation was announced, due to working commitments. “Brent feels very sorry and hopes to attend FedCon 2013.”

First version of the programme, posted on 26 March, announces two panels for Joe: on Thursday, 17 May, at 20:00 (just after the opening ceremony), and on Saturday, at 17:00, with Kavan Smith. Each panel is one hour long.

FedCon official site

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Chicago”" tabindex="0" title="”CHICAGO">”CHICAGO

Joe is due on Sunday 19 August. At that time, the Chicago convention will be the ONLY Official STARGATE Convention remaining in the world! Announced guests: David Nykl, Paul McGillionRobert Picardo, Ryan Robbins, Steve Bacic, Rachel Luttrell, Jewel Staite, Torri Higginson. Rachel cancelled due to her pregnancy (congrats!) and was replaced by Kate Hewlett.

Torri, Kate and Jewel will be there on Saturday, while Paul and David will make their appearances on Sunday.

On Aug 11th, no official schedule had been posted yet.

The official schedule has been uploaded on 15 August (scroll down here to see it). Joe will sign autographs on Saturday at 7:00 PM and on Sunday at 9:00 AM.

His panel with Paul McGillion is scheduled for 3:00 PM on Sunday, followed by three photo op sessions, starting from 4:15 PM (first solo, then with Paul McGillion, and finally with Michael Schanks).

Chicago convention official site

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Toronto”" tabindex="0" title="”TORONTO">”TORONTO

Joe is going to attend the Fan Expo Canada, as announced in June 2012. Other guests announced so far: Amanda Tapping, Patrick Stewart (Star Trek), James Marsters (Metal Hurlant), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and John Rhys-Davies (Ferocious Planet).

The official schedule has been posted on 10 August, and Joe’s session of Q&A is set for 23 Aug – that’s Thursday evening, at 8 PM.

The scifi programme is up now (16 Aug), and it confirms Joe will be at the con for all four days, having scheduled three photo opportunity moments: Thursday at 6:45 PM, Friday at 12:30 PM and Sunday at 1:15 PM.

FanExpoCanada official website

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Atlanta”" tabindex="0" title="”ATLANTA">”ATLANTA

Joe will join other SGA alumni in Atlanta this year, such as Torri Higginson and Connor Treneer. STNG will be also heavily represented, by Patrick StewartJonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton and Michael Dorn. Joe’s programme will be posted here once available on the DragonCon official website. Richard Dean Anderson was added on 10 Aug, and Patrick Steward had to cancel his appearance.

Tentative schedule has been posted, we’ll follow and report any changes. For now (9 Aug) is looks like Joe will attend the following panels:

Fri 31 Aug, 1PM, “SG:A and SG:U – Supergate 1″, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Connor Trinneer, Peter Kelamis;

Sat 1 Sep, 4PM, “Gate Summit Three – Supergate III”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Peter Kelamis;

Sun 2 Sep, 2:30PM, “Ba’al’s in Atlantis – Supergate IV”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan;

Mon 3 Sep, 10:30AM, “The Fourth Annual Hangover Panel – Supergate V”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Garry Chalk, Tony Amendola, Peter Kelamis.

DragonCon official website