Jun 142010

Here is the aggregated information from Internet regarding Joe Flanigan on Collectormania 16. The event happened on May 28-31, 2010 at Milton Keynes, UK.


Joe Flanigan was announced as guest at Collectomania 16 for Saturday-Sunday-Monday but appeared there also on Friday signing autographs, as a complete surprise to the fans who were lucky to attend this day. As a consequence, he was not too busy and apparently quite charming and chatty, shook hands, gave occasional hugs & kisses on cheeks.

@Sweet_Memories7: Met Joe Flanigan today, a perfect gentleman, funny and handsome too. Don’t get many of them now days.

Joe also bought an iPad on Friday and was showing off his shiny new geek-toy to his guests. Some were even lucky enough to get a test-drive :) (@MimFox said thanks for trying out)

@Clairefanmad: Saw Joe Flanigan today who showed off his new Ipad which was playing Johnny Cash

WormholeRiders‘ reporter @honesthunny tweeted via @Vala_the_Great a curious Q/A with him on Sunday:

Wow Joe answered munchy’s question what dinosaur would he be.. A teryldactyl cause he could fly

Joe also said … he’d like to be a brontosaurus it’d becool as he could see everything he could be nosy!

@gairwyn also said that Joe gave weird looks regarding SGU http://tl.gd/1j21fc

That was halfway through the convo but he asked me whether we got it in the UK and if I liked it. I’m not a fan of SGU yet but I was trying to be polite b/c it’s part of the franchise and I’m giving it a go. He looked up at me, frowned and I don’t know how to describe it…but yeah, he sounded a wee bit indignant. I suppose it’s b/c SGA and SGU are that different. I don’t know, I think you had to be there to get the effect b/c it’s hard to describe his expression and tone now! Sorry!

Martin Firrell also tweeted that he was editing Joe Flanigan material on Saturday, and on Sunday they apparently met up for a dinner and a drink :)

(Monday) @martinfirrell: Hangover! Too many margaritas with #JoeFlanigan. He had the steak. I had the fish.

After the Collectormania event Joe Flanigan headed straight for Costa Bravo (Spain) and then to Morocco.


[info]oparuJoe Flanigan, thespian and feminist – had an interesting conversation where Joe Flanigan praised Torri Higginson, complained about SGA producers and ranted how show business is unfair to aging actresses. She shared this report later on our journal here: Opal meets Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

The Flan InfoSarah Bettles meeting Joe Flanigan at CollectorMania 16 where she presented him for signing a printout of Joe Flanigan Advocacy pages besides her own photo-op.

WormholeRidersCollectorMania 16: R2D2, Daleks, Dinosaurs, Joe Flanigan, Twilight Eclipse (with Promo Trailer)! where the author promised a separate report on Joe Flanigan to follow but none was published as of yet.

The Flan InfoCharlotte Rodrigues meeting Joe Flanigan at CollectorMania 16 where he talks about considering Twitter and wishing to be cast for a Rockford Files remake.

[info]stevie_79Back from the dead: a funny story shared with her at Collectormania by Joe Flanigan, involving a fan who sneaked in on him at the Chicago airport when Joe was flying from the USA to get some pictures signed.

[info]tashirasbubbleCollectormania 16 report and pictures: a lovely story of a family visit with Joe winning the heart of their shy little daughter, later aslo shared on our journal here: Tracie Tiller meets Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

TravelShortsCollectormania MK report: a little about everyone and everything, featuring a few words on Joe Flanigan confirming what everyone else said that he was chatty and very friendly:

[autorgaphs] Next was Joe Flanigan who plays John Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis. He was chatty and seemed nice spending time talking to everyone.

[photo-ops] The final photo shoot was with Joe Flanigan, who was as friendly as ever (much friendlier than the photographer who had a right go at a few of the girls who where working there).


All week-end Joe Flanigan looked apparently quite dashing, clean-shaven, wearing dark costume, first two days, and next two days – an English football 3 Lions west, to many local fans cheering.

Martine Delalleau (Titine062) shared on Twitpic first pictures taken by her friends:

First pic of Joe at the Collectormania in Milton Keynes. on Twitpic
Joe Flanigan in autographs taken by TravelShorts.  on Twitpic Picture of Joe Flanigan taken by Vitani. on Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

And some more on her LiveJournal:
Pics taken by Starbuck1980

Pics taken by Aeryn11

Rachel Staplehurst (@RachStaplehurst)  tweeted out her WindowsLive album from Collectormania 16 with a few nice Joe Flanigan pictures:

The best of @tashirasbubble photos (visit her original post for more):

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Jun 112010

Opal kindly permitted us to share here her report about meeting Joe Flanigan on her visit to Collectormania 16 festival in Milton Keynes on Friday, May 28, 2010, originally published at her LiveJournal:

Joe Flanigan, thespian and feminist

So, it’s Friday and kind of dead at the con. People are selling things but none of the actors are really here. Except Joe Flanigan. Who is QUEUELESS. So I pay and I get to walk right up to him. He does a fake British accent, gloriously badly. We talk Minnesota briefly because he will be there next week.

He talks a bit about the show. They have pictures of him and that girl from s5 that wasn’t Torri. I tell him I just got to see Torri’s play. He goes into this great and lovely tangent about how Torri is prettier in person. On camera she’s hot, but in person? She’s just sexy. (this is awesome).

Then he goes into a whole thing about how evil the producers were. Joe loves the cast, but wow was he snarky about the producers. Many people, starting with Torri were fucked on the show according to Joe.

Who is awesome. Really really gorgeous. Thinner than I expected, rantier too. He really does have skinny little legs, and they’re great.

He thinks female actresses are just screwed. They get used for their looks and even though they get better with age, they don’t lead movies. Only Meryl Streep does. And he just thinks it’s unfair. Wow. Good for him!! He seems like a powerful, together very business savvy man who knows the game he’s in. Great presence. Really distracting eyes. ;). Also the hair.

He went on for a good half an hour and kissed my cheek for being such a good listener. I uh wow. Gah! Really cool guy.

Thank you, Opal, for sharing your report in our journal!

NB: This content was originally published in Opal’s own LiveJournal esoteru productions presents, therefore, should you want to refer to it, please keep the credit & the original link. Thank you!

Jun 112010
Tracie Tiller and Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Tracie Tiller (Tashirasbubble) kindly permitted us to share here her report about meeting Joe Flanigan on her visit to Collectormania 16 festival in Milton Keynes on Monday, May 31st, 2010, originally published at her LiveJournal:

On arrival at the Stadium, my hubby Neil, my 4 year old daughter Jessie and myself met up with my friend and fellow Joe fan, Phenix. It was fantastic to see her again as I hadn’t seen her since Chevron 7.2 :)

We quickly ascertained that Joe had not arrived yet so we decided to go into the Dealers Room as it was inside in the warm and it was freezing in the open air. Once inside we looked around the stalls looking to see if there were any Joe goodies to buy. It was at this point that Jessie managed to spot the only Disney Dalmatian cuddly toy in the middle of a sci-fi convention!!! One cuddly toy (she loves Dalmatians) and several spent pounds later we realised that it was nearly time for our photo shoot so we headed on over to the waiting area.

Joe walked up past the queue waving and smiling to everyone as he went along. He was dressed in jeans, his grey/yellow sneakers and his now famous England Football jacket and looked relaxed and happy.

Once inside we queued for the photo shoot. I walked up to Joe and he smiled and said “Hi, how are you?” I think I replied “fine, thank you” (I am sure I had a fan girl moment of thinking “Guh!”). Joe smiled and then turned towards me; I asked him that, if it was OK, could I please have a hug. Joe replied “Yeah, sure no problem” and he hugged me tightly. The photographer took our picture; I thanked Joe and then walked off to the other side of the room.

Next in line was my hubby who was carrying Jessie in his arms. Jessie is very shy and didn’t want her photo taken so as Neil walked towards Joe for his photo, Jessie ran past Joe to me. As she ran past Joe looked at her, held out his arms and put on a cute all upset voice and said, “Oh no, come back – I wanted my picture taken with you.” I apologised and said that she was too shy and picked her up as Neil had his photo with Joe taken. As we all walked away, Joe smiled and waved at Jessie, but she just buried her head in my shoulder and Joe looked quite sad.

We decided to wait for our photo op pictures before getting our autographs, so we went for lunch and then looked around the remaining dealer stalls. Jessie kept asking when we were going to see Joe again and kept calling him “Joe-Joe”.

Again several cuddly toys and more money later we walked on over to collect our photos. As we collected our photos, I regretted that I had forgotten to take my hair down for the photo shoot with Joe. He looks amazing as usual, but with my hair up, I look really harsh, even though I am smiling :(

Tracie Tiller and Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Tracie Tiller and Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

We took our photos, and as there was only a small queue, Phenix, Neil, Jessie and I all lined up for our autographs. Joe spotted Jessie and said “Hey cutie – I wanted my photo taken with you” as she approached him, he bent down over the table to be more at her level and asked how old she was and amazingly she replied that she was four. Joe replied “that is a great age to be”. He signed all our autographs and I built up the courage to ask Joe if it was OK to take photos of him. He said “Sure that’s no problem, click away.” So my hubby, who had been designated as the photographer for the day, took some piccies. I thanked Joe for coming over to the UK and he replied that it was his pleasure and he shook my hand, waved at Jessie and both Jess and I moved on to let Phenix through to have her turn with Joe.

We all moved away and sat down outside and away from Joe’s tent. Some Storm Troopers came along and waited outside Joe’s tent…… You know there is something very surreal about watching Storm Troopers guard Joe!!!!! Lol!!!

Storm Troopers check out Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Storm Troopers check out Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Later on, Jessie kept asking to see ‘Joe-Joe’ again – after a while she even did a sit-in protest saying that before she went home she wanted to see Joe-Joe again, so I decided to do one last autograph. Jessie picked a photo from the table that she liked and walked up to Joe’s table and put it on the desk. Joe was opening something and beamed at her when he saw her again, “Hey there – you’re back. Do you like chocolate?” Jessie nodded her head and Joe handed her some chunks of chocolate which she took. She went all shy and then hid behind me, I thanked Joe and explained that she was very shy and Joe replied, “Don’t worry, I was shy until… well I still am.” Phenix said that he was speaking to us so surely he wasn’t shy, but he replied that he was very shy until he was about 25 and so that he understood perfectly how she felt. Joe talked to us some more about his shyness and then some more people came over so it was time for us to move on.

After that, Jessie kept asking to go back and see Joe-Joe over and over but I am pretty certain that was because she wanted more chocolate!

Signed picture by Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Signed picture by Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Signed picture by Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Signed picture by Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Unfortunately the time came for us all to leave, so we waved goodbye and Joe waved and shouted, “Bye-bye sweetheart – do you want some more chocolate?” Luckily Jessie had gone all shy again and didn’t hear him or I am sure she would have gone running right back into his tent! Joe then shouted, “Oh, but don’t take chocolate from strangers – unless it’s from Joe!”

With that he gave us a big wave, a beaming smile and we left.

Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Joe Flanigan at Collectormania 16

Despite the cold, the wind and the lack of talks, we had a great laugh and lots of fun and Joe really is as amazing as he seems, charming, kind, generous, funny and of course, as sexy as ever.

PHOTO USAGE: You are welcome to share or use the pics of Joe etc, but please cut me out if you wish to share/use my photoshoot pic elsewhere – Thank You :)

And as they say….. “That’s All Folks!”

Please visit the original report for much more (34 total) pictures of Joe Flanigan at the table signing!

Thank you, Tracie, for sharing your report in our journal!

NB: This content was originally published in Tracie Tiller’s own LiveJournal Tashira’s Bubble, therefore, should you want to refer to it, please keep the credit & the original link. Thank you!

Jun 102010
Joe Flanigan and Charlotte Rodrigues at Collectormania 16

Charlotte Rodrigues (Phenix00) kindly shared with us her report about meeting Joe Flanigan on her visit to Collectormania 16 festival in Milton Keynes on Monday, May 31st, 2010:

I attended Collectormania 16 in Milton Keynes on the last day of the con (Monday)  as I only found out Joe would be there on short notice, so I decided to travel up just for the day. I met up with a friend and we had a great time, except for the chilly winds in the stadium.

First order of the day was photo ops. Joe was lovely and welcoming as always. When I went in for the photo Joe said he remembered me, which was a huge surprise to me as I’d only had the pleasure of meeting him once before.

Joe Flanigan and Charlotte Rodrigues at Collectormania 16.

Joe Flanigan and Charlotte Rodrigues at Collectormania 16.

As you can see I decided to get my photo signed. After the shoot I went off for lunch and came back for autographs later.

There was a short queue when I went to get my autographs from Joe. He was very chatty and asked how I was and where it was we had met before (which was at Chevron 7.2 2009). I decided to chance asking if I could have a photo, even though they had a ‘no photos’ sign up at the time, because there was barely anyone in the queue behind me. Thankfully Joe persuaded his handler to let me have one, which resulted in this lovely photo.

Joe Flanigan is happy to pose with Charlotte Rodrigues at Collectormania 16.

Joe Flanigan is happy to pose with Charlotte Rodrigues at Collectormania 16.

Kudos to Joe for that one.

I later went back for another autograph as I bought something with me but wasn’t sure if I wanted it signed or not till I got there. Joe had no queue whatsoever this time and he was quite happy to talk to me, so much so that I was there for about half an hour!

We talked about many things. One interesting thing was about the Rockford campaign for him and he said he’d been told about the news of the show and that they were thinking of re-casting. He thought that because we’d campaigned so hard the team at Rockford were reluctant to take him on as they wanted to make all the decisions. Now though, with the bad news and all, he said they should cast him and re-shoot, joking that it would be a big hit and serve them right for not listening to us in the first place ;)

Another one was about Twitter. He asked for my opinion on whether he should tweet or not. He was disappointed at the smaller numbers at the con saying he usually get’s through double what he did there. He said if he had Twitter, he could let people know where he was and hopefully spread the word better. I agreed, especially given the fact the all of what we hear mostly comes from other people and not directly from Joe. We also talked about the possibility of him having a Twitter app. All in all he’s really giving it some consideration. So maybe in the not too distant future we might be following him on Twitter!

We also talked about whisky, as a fan had given him a bottle. He said it was the best kind of present he gets. Then we got onto surfing and he told me about a holiday he’s planning to Morocco soon, and he  showed me the spots he wants to visit on Google maps on his shiny new iPad. He asked a bit about me and how old my boyfriend was. I kinda babbled a bit and just said he was older than me. Joe gives me a funny look and says “Oh yeah, how much older *pause* 65?” LMAO!

He gave me a hug and kiss goodbye *dies* and that was it. I had a wonderful time meeting Joe. He’s incredibly chatty, intelligent and extremely funny. I was in fits of laughter most of the time. And that concludes my day!

A big thank you to my friend Tashira and her husband for taking the photos for me *hugs*

Thank you, very much, Charlotte for sharing your story with us!

NB: Please note that this is originally published content, therefore, should you want to refer to it, please keep the credit & the original link. Thank you!

Jun 022010
Joe Flanigan & Sarah Bettles at Collectormania 16

Sarah Bettles (sez101) kindly shared with us her report about meeting Joe Flanigan on her visit to Collectormania 16 festival in Milton Keynes on Monday, May 31st, 2010:

I went to Collectormania 16 in Milton Keynes. Got there early and parked right near the door, joining the queue to go in. Went to the Joe Flanigan signing area as I had pre-booked my photo ticket, and got my signing ticket. He wasn’t there at this point, so I went and collect my Michelle Forbes and Tom Baker signing tickets. Then I returned to where he would be signing. I was the first in the queue.

Joe had been staying in London, so it took him a while to get up there. [editor: especially after having too many margaritas with Martin Firrell on the eve ;) {src: 1 | 2}] The day before he’d been late as there had been roadworks.

He turned up at 10:45. Before he reached the autograph area, a small boy (about 4?) ran over to him. Joe stopped and asked him his name and had a chat with him. It was really sweet and showed what a cool guy Joe is.

Then he sat down with his iPad and it was my turn to go.

I said hello, as did he. I told him about my friend’s Facebook group Joe Flanigan Advocacy and he said it was awesome. He also passed her hello and said he had sailed past Gibraltar where she lives, and was flying to Costa Bravo (Spain) tomorrow but he would like to visit Gibraltar. I asked him how he was enjoying England and how he found Mitlon Keynes with all its roundabouts (it seriously has thousands). Joe said he liked England, but not the roundabouts. I said I liked them, it meant, when I got lost, I could turn around easily.

Then it was the photo. I queued up, went in, said: “I like your top” (it was the England 3 Lions one). Joe said thank you, the photographer interrupted by yelling “Smile!!!”. Joe pulled me into a hug and we smiled, then the photographer yelled: “Next!!!”. So I couldn’t talk to Joe any more.

Joe Flanigan & Sarah Bettles at Collectormania 16

Joe Flanigan & Sarah Bettles at Collectormania 16

Lastly, I returned to get my photo signed. By this time I was more croaky as I’d been using my voice quite a bit and the medication was wearing off as I had laryngitis. It was the last day of 4-days festival so it was really quiet, I’d say about 300 people max.

So, when I got to sign my photo, we said hello. Joe asked: “You OK?” I was like “yeah”. He asked again: “Are you sure?”. I said: “Well, no, I have laryngitis”. Joe said: “Oh, that’s nasty!” I told him I will be fine, he replied: “Well, I hope so”.

Joe looked down at what I wanted signing and asked if this was the photo from Sunday. I answered “No, its today”. Joe said wow there back. So I asked what it was like: signing photos of yourself all day. He said he got used to it and it was part of the business. I was like: “Yeah, but it must be hard to see yourself and some of the pictures have to be bad”. Joe looked at our picture and said: “I think, I look OK”. I told him he looks awesome, it was me who didn’t look great. Joe clearly didn’t get it, he said: “You’re smiling”, I replied: “Yeah, but my hair is all windswept as the stadium had crazy wind”. He said I should be an actress as I was that insecure. Then I gave him a letter from a friend and it was really time to let the next in queue pass, so I headed home.

Thank you, very much, Sarah for sharing your story with us!

NB: Please note that this is originally published content, therefore, should you want to refer to it, please keep the credit & the original link. Thank you!