Aug 172013
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Joe Flanigan attended the con on Saturday 17 August. David and Kate Hewlett, and Torri Higginson were also guests on the same day.

Latest update (pictures and links): 23 Aug 2013


The twitter hashtag (and con’s nickname) is #SGChi and the official website is:

Joe had a full day; here’s his schedule on Saturday:

12:45 pm panel with David,

2:20 pm Photo Op,

2:50 pm Photo Op with David,

3:25 pm Photo Op with Ben Browder,

6:40 pm Private Cocktail Hour with Joe Flanigan and ten lucky fans

7:45 pm Autographs signing

During his panel with David, some generous fans shared with us the experience. We’re particularly in debt to Thena, who live tweeted impeccably! We also owe a debt of gratitude to Susan Shambaugh, JennieCoraJessi Wood, idahogrl823, Jack, Erin Erickson, Play It Grand, sam1Helen  and  David himself, for sharing pictures, bits and the general atmosphere from the con! A special mention for foodiku, who asked Joe to ruffle his hair and, since he accepted, she got to brag about it :) Which she did. Repeatedly.

See below a compilation of what we’ve found so far. We might add if we find something new, so stay tuned.


They started out talking about their kids. Joe actually homeschooled his kids — though he got an actual teacher

Kid: I have a question for Joe. Dave: Why???

Joe looks *great*! And has projects!

They had mic problems in the last panel & it never got fixed, so now Joe & David are left sharing 1 good mic. Both boys are being great sports playing along with the technical difficulties. The best part was when Joe handed David the broken microphone and said “Fix it, McKay.”

Joe: You know what Jason (Momoa) said to me once? *grunt* Joe reminiscing about the first time Chris Judge & Jason Momoa were on set together: “grrr grrr…” Joe heard them growling at each other and decided it was a good time to get off the set.

David Hewlett looks like he’s lost some weight. I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things until Joe commented on it.

Joe talked about how everyone was coupled up in the final episode & he was alone. David points out that Joe had his hair. Someone pointed out that Robert Picardo was alone, too. Joe said they could have shared a single hair between them.

Did the sets improve over time? They boys say no, with David (I think) adding that the styrofoam kept breaking down. Talking about being jolted or rocked in the puddlejumpers: We have inertial dampeners; we would not be moving! How difficult was it for them to find the tension between Sheppard & McKay? David: Oh, it was *very* difficult… When David read the script for the 1st McKay ep of SG-1, he thought that the character was such a jerk that he’d never come back!

David: Once you’ve kissed a McGillion, that taste never leaves your mouth. Joe: I wasn’t even in (the kissing scene in “Duet”) and I still wake up in a cold sweat.

Joe had to ask David if any SG-1 villains were on Atlantis. David asked if anyone could point Joe to a good Stargate wiki.

If David got to be Doctor Who, he’d pick Joe as his companion because he’d get in trouble easily. David:  I can just see you walking into the room with the alien. No, Joe, don’t touch that! Oh, great, now you’re a Cyberman. Joe: Don’t touch tha- zzzzzt!

David isn’t allergic to lemons, but he’s allergic to pineapples and cats. Which is why McKay had to leave his cat on Earth. Joe says he’s going to show up at David’s house with a pineapple & a cat. David shared some of McKay’s fears & feels that overcoming fear “is more heroic than anything Flanigan ever did.

Joe’s son is into parkour. David has to ask what parkour is.

They’re talking about how the industry has changed, television shows are getting bigger & they’re competing for TV parts with movie stars. Fans have been asking why Joe & David haven’t done more stuff together because they’re hilarious. Joe blames the network.

David thinks we’ve lost a sense of exploration & that we should send Flanigan out into space…

Last question of the panel: a fan asked if she could ruffle Joe’s hair. He said yes! Yeah, some lucky fan just got to run her fingers through Joe’s hair. Love the reaction from David!





New pictures (by Cora) were added on 18 August 2013


And a picture shared by Susan

I forgot to tweet this yesterday. The aftermath of Joe’s hair rustling!

Do any of you see any notable difference between this and Joe’s usual self? ;)

Update 19 Aug

Courtam3 was kind enough to share her photos, so here below you have a brief collection (the whole album is on her facebook page. Maybe not all of you may see it, due to privacy settings)





Update 20 August

New pictures in a wonderful photobucket album shared on twitter by Becky Landis, thx! Here’s a sample:


Also, Joe Flanigan Fan has uploaded a new set of photos you should check. And while you’re there, go read the previous post as well :)

Ok, now go check Susan Shambaugh‘s twitter stream for a little close-up pic spam. That’s the first, but go for the following 4 tweets. You’re in for a treat.


Yet another great album, shared on twitter by @sam1Helen, thx!


Update 21 Aug

The photo albums are piling up nicely! Here’s a new one, shared by Tracy. Thanks!

New photo album on photobucket, shared by bluedelft on livejournal via

Update 23 August 2013

Truly exceptional photo album, by Susan Shambaugh, thx for sharing! (click and click again for the full size picture)