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photo by Crysothemis

Post updated on 6 October 2012, scroll down for new stuff

It’s conventions season for Joe Flanigan. While he’s currently meeting fans in Toronto at FanExpoCanada and preparing for Atlanta Dragon*Con, we’re covering here his last week appearance at the Stargate Creation convention in Chicago, as viewed by congoers.

Pictures are generously shared by Chrisothemis in this temporarily public LiveJournal post, and we thank her for allowing to download and repost them.

The first report comes from Terri Bragado (thank you!) and others will be added hopefully soon, so stay tuned.

The entire weekend was just magical. I can’t say enough what a sweetheart Joe is. He patiently signed hundreds of autographs and probably posed with nearly a hundred fan, me included. He put his arms around me after shaking my hand, looking me in the eye and asking how I was. He’s nice and solid, kind of wiry in build…almost too skinny but very very handsome. He was tanned, his hair is exactly how it looks in pictures…and yes I know that sounds silly but it was beautiful. His eyes are gorgeous and he was so courteous and polite. On stage, as I said, he and Paul were very funny. Before they even began answering questions Joe announced that Paul is a new dad. It was so nice of him. All in all, I am extremely impressed with Joe. He is genuine and everything I thought he’d be and more. I came home with three pictures he’d autographed in front of me as well as the banner I already mentioned. Everyone wants Atlantis to come back. I’d have to say there were probably over 200 people there maybe more from all over the world. It was great.

Joe was very courteous to everyone. If you ask, he’ll personalize his signing otherwise he just signs and thanks people. He’s tall but not as tall as I expected. Maybe six feet. His hair is beautiful and he’s very tanned. He will be on stage and answering questions at 3pm. Oh, he was wearing a dark gray shirt, blue jeans cut at the cuffs and red adidas sneakers. Breathtaking. His jeans are low and tight and, get this, he had to bend over to pick up some things. VERY nice derrière and saw some skin. But really, he just appeared to be very nice, courteous and even humble.

I will say again, this past weekend was pure magic for me. Joe is simply an incredible man. I’ll confess, I was almost afraid to go because I feared my expectations of Joe would not be met. That was very silly of me. He not only met my expectations, he exceeded them to the ultimate. A true gentleman and professional. How I hope he lands another series…always wishing it could be a comeback of Atlantis, of course…very very soon. I miss seeing him on TV. Can’t wait to see 6 Bullets.



Another excellent report from our good friend idahogrl823

Joe and Paul on stage together. The dynamic is very different without David. But then again, David is SUCH an extrovert, that he just dominates any stage he’s on. I’m not dissing him, not by a long shot, it’s just who he is. But with just Joe and Paul on stage, Joe was much more active and talked a lot more than in Vancouver, where he was relatively quiet. I would’ve liked to see Joe on stage solo, it’s been a long time, but at least he was more interactive in this setting.

The two of them were great fun. I asked Paul what he thought of the morally ambiguous decisions Beckett faced in season 2, which Paul seemed to really like and answered well. He liked that challenge for his character and for his acting. Joe teased him (and me) about being “bored” with the question.

Oh, and when I tried to ask the question, my mike died. What is it with me and microphones?! The same thing happened in Vancouver, where David came and loaned me his mike. This time, Paul loaned me his, until they brought another one from back stage. LOL Joe was teasing me about that too! LOL! I asked Joe what he thought of working with JCVD, because before filming Six Bullets, he’d mentioned that he was looking forward to it. He loved it and had a lot of fun with the movie. This seems to fit his criteria for taking a role, which he mentioned one time. It has to be one of three things: 1. Who he’s working with, 2. The script, or 3. The shooting location.

Paul also brought a girl up on stage who had played the SG1 theme song for him on the harmonica in Vancouver and told him she’d learn the SGA one by Chicago. He had her play it and while she was, Joe starting darting around on stage, playing Sheppard, with a pretend P-90 and such. Just like a little boy. LOL It was great!

They also sang Happy Birthday to a girl who was turning 16. Talk about a memorable 16th Birthday!

Also (forgive me, just throwing out what I can remember) someone asked them what they took from the set if anything. Joe pointed at his watch. I thought that looked familiar! LOL And he mentioned taking the People’s Choice Award (good on him!) Ha!

And matching pictures from her friend Montybird

“…the watch”


Update 26 Aug

New hypotesis regarding Joe’s new look, shared by Terri:

Joe mentioned that he was in a video game which he wasn’t allowed to announce the name of yet. I’m wondering if perhaps the reason his arms…and it looks like his chest too…are shaved is because video games are animated and I’ve seen them having to stick electrode like things to an actor’s body to capture the movements for the animations. If so it would stand to reason Joe would need to shave so as not to lose hair each time they removed the sticky pads. Does that make sense? I remember watching on TV how they do realistic animations that way.

Update 26 Aug / 2

Lots and lots (and lots) of great pictures taken by Montybird and Nakedwesley are shared in this post on LiveJournal.

Update 28 Aug

Terri Bragado shot the whole panel and generously uploaded it on youtube in 8 parts. Thank you! Here they are:

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8.

Update 6 Oct

Ann Carters recently posted on her LJ her report. It covers a whole convention day, with several panels and photo opportunities, as well as personal experiences. We’ve copied here just the bit covering Joe and Paul’s panel. Enjoy!

Paul McGillion and Joe Flanigan went onstage! (Double trouble, as Adam said minutes earlier).

The moment they sat down, Joe immediately asked, “Is Paul’s microphone louder than mine or he’s just more annoying?”. That got some laughter.

He then said he just wants to congratulate Paul first. For those of us who didn’t know, Paul is now a father!

Then they talked about the South Park in which Canada goes on strike because nobody notices the nation or something like that. I’ve never watched South Park, but Joe’s description was funny, even though I don’t remember why he told us that.

Anyway, then they started taking question. Just FYI: the kids in the audience were the ones who started the panel.

The first kid asked if they have any funny stories from set. Joe went, “I hope they’re funny, ’cause if not I’m afraid you’re gonna come after me”. They then thought for a moment before Joe gave the next very funny, very deep story: “Once, we cast a guy names Paul McGillion”. That actually did draw a lot of laughter from the audience. After we calmed down Paul told us the story of the first read through of Stargate Atlantis. He told us at the audition he did Carson Scottish, and they didn’t like it. But eventually they casted him, and when he came to the read through he did the Scottish accent. And then everyone looked at him weirdly, and Joe went, “Are you Scottish?”. And then, five years later, he still went, “Are you Scottish?” “Yes, Joe,” Paul replied. “Okay”. I heard this story about four times, and that still made me (and the rest of us) laugh. Joe then added that he asked him if he’s gonna do that in the shower.

Joe also told us that he was told that David [Hewlett] was going to play the black guy. As we all know, David is very far from being a black guy. So when David came in to set, the first thing Joe asked him was, “Are you black?”. Yes. He’s obviously black. Joe also told us David and Paul were major whiners. They always whined about something. On Phantoms, said Paul, they had a scene in which he and David carry one of the guys. During the filming of the episode, Paul’s backpack kept getting heavier and heavier. In the end of the filming, well after Joe was gone, one of the crew members told him Joe wanted him to open the backpack. To his shock, inside the backpack he found about 50 pounds of rocks. Apparently Joe kept putting them in every time he could. “I was just testing your commitment!” Said Joe. Paul’s response to that was, “Cheeky little bugger”.

The woman after that had a card made for Paul, Courtney and Hugh. She gave it to Paul (who was happy to accept it) before asking what woman role they’d want on Atlantis. Joe immediately said Carson. After some laughter from the audience Paul said that both roles were roles of strong women. Joe added that he thought there were never enough strong women on Atlantis. Paul agreed and told us that Joe said that all the time. The truth is, Joe felt that they could make more roles for strong women than they already had, but he could not understand why they didn’t do that. Eventually they both stuck to Carson.

The next woman was Sally, the one with the harmonica who sat with us that morning and the night before, who reminded Paul he asked her to play onstage. Paul immediately got her onstage and told the audience she’s going to play the Atlantis theme. While she set up, Joe got up and said he’ll do the Sheppard part. What does that mean, you ask? While Sally played the theme beautifully, Joe hurried around the stage, pretending to be shooting with a gun and acting all soldier-Sheppard. That was hilarious.

After she left they both discussed Joel Goldsmith a bit. They talked about how talented he was, and the power that his music had. They were both sad to know that he was now gone.

The next question was for Paul. Of course Paul immediately liked him and Joe immediately sent him back to his seat. Anyway, the person asked how it was for him to die in Season 3 after being a regular for two seasons. Joe, of course, had to show us his version of the exploding tumor, and obviously we all laughed, because, you know, it was funny. After that Paul said that it really hurt. The person kept pushing, and eventually Paul went, “It sucked! Thanks a lot, Mr. Happy!”.

The next question was for Joe- would you be a Wraith? Paul said no for him (XD). Joe said that’s a lot of prosthetics, and that’s a bit too much for him. Then they both returned to the exploding tumor, Joe saying every now and then Hollywood has its genius moments (the tumor, obviously) and Paul talking about the fan protest. He said that he found out about the fan protest and that it was great for him to come back. He’s grateful for it. Joe told us that he told the producers they can tell him things and he can comment, and right after that they simply stopped telling him things. Then they told them they were killing Paul, and they all thought it was a stupid idea.

The next person asked about how Jill Wagner [Larrin of the travelers] was hired and about Joe’s time with her. When Joe and Paul needed a bit of help the person started describing some things about the episodes, and Joe went, “I was Sheppard, right?” and we laughed. The person kept on describing, and Paul asked him, “Did you just watch it before you got here?”, which was rather funny. The person replied that Be All My Sins Remember’d is his favorite episode. Anyway, Joe said that she is actually a friend of Jason’s. Jason recommended her and so she sent a tape to the producers. Now, the producers would send them the tapes, so they can be a part of the process (After all, they do have to act alongside these people), and so they really enjoyed that. Paul added that she’s got a restraining order against Joe (How unsurprising :P).

The next asker was another kid (at some point Joe and Paul asked if there’s anyone above twelve in the convention), and he started saying something, I don’t remember what. And they went, “Have you been drinking again?” (Yes, of course he has been). The kid said he has a message for Paul (“Oh, he’s drunk”). He said he had a two-part message from Garrett something. The first part was to do his impression from Germany. After a moment of persuasion Paul did it, and the kid then said that the second part is that he’s better than him. Paul called security. XD

If I tell you “the microphone can’t try”, you’ll think I’m nuts, right? Well, it’s not so nuts when it comes from Joe’s lips when one of the mics doesn’t work… I guess. Also, Joe found an interesting use to the red cover of his microphone- the clown nose. If only I had caught it on camera…

The question was to Paul about the Iratus storyline in Season 2 (the whole serum thing). Paul said it was an interesting storyline with good complexes. Someone mentioned Duet and the Hewlett/McGillion kiss, and Paul went like, “David kissed me. He attacked me!”. That was funny.

Someone asked Joe about working with Jean Claude Van Damme (on 6 Bullets). Joe said it was a great experience, which he really enjoyed. He talked about how he was tattooed (cool tattoos!) and had to learn war arts to portray that character, which he enjoyed. Paul started pretending to sleep during his talk, so Joe went, “When I was ten…”. That got serious laughter from the audience. And then Paul “woke up”, too (XD). He then said it went surprisingly well, and he’s looking forward to see how we’ll react when it’ll be out in a month. (The movie, by the way, is already out. Watch!)

Someone asked them how it was like to be in Germany. Paul mentioned the beer and the good sausages. Joe, of course, added, “More beer”. Someone else asked Joe how many action figures of himself he has, to which Joe replied, “only 30″. He said it’s great to watch his boys play with them, and that he hopes that his latest project, which is a video game, would get action figures too.

Someone asked about the art museum photo Joe tweeted a while ago (from Berlin), and asked what their favorite museum is. Joe said he gets to travel a lot, and so he loves to go to different museums at the places he arrives to. He also said Berlin and its art rocked. Then one of them mentioned a name, and when nobody understood the obvious joke, they explained it’s a strip club. Good to know (XD). Paul mentioned he loved the History Museum in London. Joe then added there are great architecture in LA and New York.

Another person asked how they were cast in Stargate. Joe started, and told us how the head of MGM met his agent in an event, and told him he needs a lead for a new role. He pitched Joe. Joe said he thought he couldn’t do science fiction (he obviously can), but he watched SG1 and took a shot at the audition. The contract was signed in 24 hours. Then he went, “I did not have to sleep with anyone, but Paul…”

Paul then told us that he read for the part, and he just felt Scottish to him. At first they didn’t want him to do Scottish, but eventually they gave up, and he did it. He was then supposed to go to Spain, but he was then told he got the part, so he stayed. After a year he was turned to a regular. To that last line Joe went, “Paul was never meant to be a regular, but he slept with so many people…”. Then he said he’s just kidding (obviously), and the truth is Paul was really good and deserved it.

Someone asked Joe how hard it was to do the Doppelganger fight against himself. Joe took his time remembering how the episode went (the person who asked the question kept reminding him things), and so Paul went, “Did you watch any of the episodes?”. Apparently not. Anyway, after remembering the episode, Joe said that that scene was very hard to do. Phantom punches are harder to do than real punches, he said. It was pretty exhausting, too. He told us about the time they did the part where he crashes through the rails, and he said they hooked him up to all these things, and said the rail was supposed to be easily breakable. But when they tried pulling him through it, nothing happened. And then, suddenly, he was pulled back… and crashed through the real rail. But it was still very fun. Then he went, “What else did I do?”

Someone then told Paul the kiss was hot. Paul went, “Kinda was hot. Creepy hot.”

Another question – oh, hell, let’s call her her name – Theresa asked if they’d taken anything from set. Paul’s immediate response was, “Yeah. The Gate”. I wonder if Hugh will go through it once he can ;-)

Anyway, Paul then said that’s he’s got some earpieces, one of the customs, Brad Wright’s office chair, Joe’s shoes… Joe cut him off saying he’s got his dignity. That was funny. After that Paul said they got some small things, nothing serious. But Jason… Well, Jason’s another story. They then told us how Jason’s trailer was always like a cave filled with all these things he collected. He had a guitar there, skulls… whatever you can think of. Wow. Joe then said after the last episode he stole the PCA (People’s Choice Awards) trophy they got from the office. They then got on talking about that sci-fi museum there is, and wondered if there are any Stargate things in it. Someone in the audience said there are.

The next question was if they’re afraid of the Wraith. Paul said they’re scary, with all the prosthetics they’ve got on them. Joe told the story about Andee [Frizzell] coming up to him at one of the cast’s parties. He went like, “Who are you?”. It took him a while to realize it’s her, just like it was to everyone else. Then Joe told us that while doing The QueenRachel [Luttrell] was still breastfeeding, and so she was worried that the baby might see her with the prosthetics and panic. The boys then told her not to worry, and that he’ll recognize her, and she did it, and he ended up crying. They went, “Mommy doesn’t look good today”. Paul then told us that when she was waiting for the baby they sneaked into her trailer and took some photos for her and the baby. One played Rachel and the other did something else. Each photo had a theme, like, mommy’s a lover, or mommy’s drunk and so. That was funny.

They were asked if in an alien invasion case – [Joe: "Is that hypothetical?"] – would they be hurt or kept alive? They had both replied that they’d kill them, in different words. Joe also told us about a time the cast went to watch Galaxy Quest. They wanted together, and afterwards Torri (I think) went, “I don’t know if I should laugh or cry”.

Someone asked what their families think about their parts on sci-fi. Paul said they think it’s cool. They get to travel with him to conventions sometimes, and so they all meet people, see the amazing fanbase they’ve got… It’s a unique experience, he said. Joe said they like it as well. He then told us about how he told his dad about his job on Stargate: Atlantis (I mention it for a reason). The next time they talked his dad asked how his job on Battlestar Wars is. Joe went, “Do you realize I save the universe every goddamn week?!”. We laughed.

Then a girl came up. Paul (already knowing what this was about – I wonder how many deals he cut?) called her up on stage. They told us that she’s sixteen today, and Paul asked us to sing for her. At first he sang something alone (Joe didn’t sing, I wonder why), and then he started “Happy birthday to you” so we joined him. That was fun. :-)

Someone asked them to tell a joke. Joe went, “Does it go like this? Hi Paul”. Somebody else asked them what their favorite books are. Paul said it’s “World According to      “. He then said that Joe doesn’t read any books (which made us all laugh). Joe’s response was: “I read a book once”. Again, there was laughter all over the theater. He then said he loves Paul Emerson’s books. (editor’s note: according to other con reports, he mentioned Ralph Waldo Emerson and his book “Self Reliance”) Then they went on about the “Book Question”. They joked and said Joe actually wrote the name on his palm so he won’t have to remember the answer to that (like when you cheat in a test). That was funny. XD

Then someone from Creation told them to cut it (The boys went, “You’re dead”), so they quickly told us what’s new with them. Joe told us he’s got a movie coming out, he finished Heavy Metal, and he’s got this big video game thing, which will probably come out next year. Paul said he just did a Fringe episode, he’s got a movie coming out with Stephan Segal, he did Hunting Hour and he’s in a new miniseries called Delete. Then the men went offstage, leaving us wishing they could be back.

Oct 222011

Stargate Atlantis star Joe Flanigan to headline both official Stargate conventions in 2012. He will also attend FedCon – the European Star Trek and SciFi convention, two Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Conventions – in Göteborg and Malmö, Sweden and DragonCon, Atlanta.

Post updated on 16 Aug 2012
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Joe will guest not one, but two conventions this March in Sweden. Early March he’ll join Robert Patrick in Malmö, at the Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Convention. According to the posted programme (in Swedish) and the very helpful hints from our friend @yehwellwhatever, who signalled us the  Scandianavian cons (thanks, Maria!), he will be available for a Q&A session on Saturday and photo opportunities both on Saturday and Sunday.

Malmö Convention official website

Notes, pictures and additional sources covering Joe’s presence at the Malmö convention can be found here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Goteborg”" tabindex="0" title="”GÖTEBORG,">”GÖTEBORG,

Early February, Joe was announced as guest at the Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Convention.

Göteborg Convention official site

Joe’s tweets from Göteborg, tidbits reported by congoers, vids and others can be found here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Vancouver”" tabindex="0" title="”VANCOUVER">”VANCOUVER

“The Last Trip Through The Gate” – the last Stargate convention in Vancouver. Joe is expected on Sunday 29 April. Other guests announced so far: Christopher Judge, Paul McGillion, Kavan Smith, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staites, Ryan Robbins, Kate Hewlett, Andee Frizzell and Chuck Campbell. David Hewlett was also added early December, and he will be appearing on the same day as Joe, so we can expect a new episode in the ‘Joe and David show’.

Vancouver convention official site

Link to the auction for the cocktail meet & greet with Joe at Vancouver

Pictures and bits shared by fans attending VanCon, here.

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Dusseldorf”" tabindex="0" title="”DÜSSELDORF,">”DÜSSELDORF,

On December 6th, Joe was confirmed as guest for FedCon in May next year. Although the programme is not set yet, it seems he will be attending all four days, as per this announcement. At FedCon XIX in 2010, Joe Flanigan was one of the top highlights and he will be back again and meet his European fans at FedCon XXI from 17th until 20th May 2012. Kavan Smith (Maj Lorne) and SG-1 Teryl Rothery (Dr Fraiser), along with Star Trek Brent Spiner (Data), Jonathan Frakes (Cmdr Riker), Gates McFadden (Dr Crusher) and Walter Koenig (Chekov) were also confirmed by mid December. In January Richard Dean Anderson and William Shatner have been confirmed as well, leading thus to an impressive line-up of guests. On 27 February, Joel Gretsch was also confirmed. He and Joe co-starred in Joe’s first important production: Family Album (1994).

On March 11th Brent Spiner’s cancellation was announced, due to working commitments. “Brent feels very sorry and hopes to attend FedCon 2013.”

First version of the programme, posted on 26 March, announces two panels for Joe: on Thursday, 17 May, at 20:00 (just after the opening ceremony), and on Saturday, at 17:00, with Kavan Smith. Each panel is one hour long.

FedCon official site

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Chicago”" tabindex="0" title="”CHICAGO">”CHICAGO

Joe is due on Sunday 19 August. At that time, the Chicago convention will be the ONLY Official STARGATE Convention remaining in the world! Announced guests: David Nykl, Paul McGillionRobert Picardo, Ryan Robbins, Steve Bacic, Rachel Luttrell, Jewel Staite, Torri Higginson. Rachel cancelled due to her pregnancy (congrats!) and was replaced by Kate Hewlett.

Torri, Kate and Jewel will be there on Saturday, while Paul and David will make their appearances on Sunday.

On Aug 11th, no official schedule had been posted yet.

The official schedule has been uploaded on 15 August (scroll down here to see it). Joe will sign autographs on Saturday at 7:00 PM and on Sunday at 9:00 AM.

His panel with Paul McGillion is scheduled for 3:00 PM on Sunday, followed by three photo op sessions, starting from 4:15 PM (first solo, then with Paul McGillion, and finally with Michael Schanks).

Chicago convention official site

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Toronto”" tabindex="0" title="”TORONTO">”TORONTO

Joe is going to attend the Fan Expo Canada, as announced in June 2012. Other guests announced so far: Amanda Tapping, Patrick Stewart (Star Trek), James Marsters (Metal Hurlant), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) and John Rhys-Davies (Ferocious Planet).

The official schedule has been posted on 10 August, and Joe’s session of Q&A is set for 23 Aug – that’s Thursday evening, at 8 PM.

The scifi programme is up now (16 Aug), and it confirms Joe will be at the con for all four days, having scheduled three photo opportunity moments: Thursday at 6:45 PM, Friday at 12:30 PM and Sunday at 1:15 PM.

FanExpoCanada official website

. <”h4″ class="collapseomatic " id="”Atlanta”" tabindex="0" title="”ATLANTA">”ATLANTA

Joe will join other SGA alumni in Atlanta this year, such as Torri Higginson and Connor Treneer. STNG will be also heavily represented, by Patrick StewartJonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton and Michael Dorn. Joe’s programme will be posted here once available on the DragonCon official website. Richard Dean Anderson was added on 10 Aug, and Patrick Steward had to cancel his appearance.

Tentative schedule has been posted, we’ll follow and report any changes. For now (9 Aug) is looks like Joe will attend the following panels:

Fri 31 Aug, 1PM, “SG:A and SG:U – Supergate 1″, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Connor Trinneer, Peter Kelamis;

Sat 1 Sep, 4PM, “Gate Summit Three – Supergate III”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Peter Kelamis;

Sun 2 Sep, 2:30PM, “Ba’al’s in Atlantis – Supergate IV”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan;

Mon 3 Sep, 10:30AM, “The Fourth Annual Hangover Panel – Supergate V”, Robert Picardo, Jewel Staite, Cliff Simon, Torri Higginson, Joe Flanigan, Garry Chalk, Tony Amendola, Peter Kelamis.

DragonCon official website