Dec 112011
Chicago con 2011, pic by Crysothemis

Several friends who attended the event in Chicago shared with us their experiences. After adding some tidbits posted in August during the convention and pictures taken by Crysothemis, we’re now in a position to belatedly (sorry!) report on Joe’s appearance at the Creation con, from the fans’ point of view. We are truly grateful to idahogrl823, Susan Shambaugh, Duffy, CheekyBeckett, Jennie Dreyer, crysothemis, elderwitty.

Fragments from idahogrl’s report
Saturday, 20 Aug
[…] Chris Judge talked about when Atlantis started and how people were a little uptight. He commented particularly on Joe Flanigan and how Joe and he were a little tense at first, but get along really well now. He compares Joe to a fine Scotch: “An acquired taste.” […]

Paul McGillion talked about his role in Star Trek and how he got his role in SGA. At first when he was offered the role in SGA, he wasn’t supposed to be Scottish. That was his idea and it was rejected at first, but he held firm. No one knew about it so when he sat down with the other actors in the first read through, he just started talking with a Scottish accent. He said Joe just looked at him and said “is that a Scottish accent?” LOL

Sunday, 21 Aug

[…] It was during the Sunday morning signing session that we found out why Joe’d cancelled out of Dragon Con. Of course, no one had heard yet, in spite of some of the negativity that was floating around fandom from his cancellation, which I flat out didn’t understand. I don’t see how people can pass judgment on someone without having the facts. *shrug* Anyway, he mentioned this movie he was going to be filming with Jean Claude Van Damme and I asked him straight out if that was why he’d had to cancel Dragon Con. He said yes. He said he’d really tried to work the schedule so he could still go to Dragon, but in the end he couldn’t make it work as he had to be in Romania to shoot and there wasn’t a way he could get back to Atlanta for the con. He seemed really sincere about wanting to do the con and I’m inclined to believe him and his sincerity. I think if he would’ve been able to make the schedule work, he would’ve. I know I would’ve been disappointed if he’d have to back out of a con I was attending for work, but at the same time I understand. It’s a job for him and he’s going to take that opportunity. As soon as our conversation with Joe was over, I tweeted his reasons to my followers. I was happy to see the tweets picked up and re-tweeted. I felt Joe’s cancellation deserved to be judged fairly.

Joe was wonderful, relaxed and totally friendly in his meet and greet. He’s interesting, articulate and in a lot of ways, very insightful. What a delight to talk with him. :)

While I was in the Meet and Greet (near the end), my video won and was played in the main theatre! It was used to introduce DH (and DH and JF) on stage. It was a video salute to the friendship of John Sheppard and Rodney McKay and done to the song “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story. Apparently, DH commented about it and liked it.

Here’s the vid, live streamed on Vimeo :)

I missed about the first five minutes of DH on stage because of the meet and greet but still got to see David on stage alone before Joe popped in and mass hilarity ensued! Not to mention chaos, to everyone’s delight. When Creation tried to get David off the stage for Joe to have time on his own, both Joe and the audience said no, so there was a LOT of time with the two of them on stage together, to everyone’s delight!

They are SO MUCH FUN on stage together, that it absolutely, positively NEVER gets old to see them together!
They told the “mooning” story again, but each time DH especially has different wise cracks about it so it’s always funny and never gets old. This time was no exception. Joe talked about his movie in Romania and David, who had filmed “Snow Monkeys” in Bulgaria commented on the stunt coordinators and how they compare (or don’t compare) to stunt coordinators in the US and Canada. LOL That was an underlying theme throughout their talk and they both had hilarious imitations of Bulgarian stunt coordinators. LOL!

I wanted to ask Joe a question about Ferocious Planet (AKA The Other Side) so I went up to the mike… and waited at least 10 minutes to ask my question! LOL!! There is absolutely, positively, NO managing Joe and David on stage. It’s like herding cats. They just go on and on. Not that I minded, they had everyone, including me in stitches laughing so hard. At times I wondered if I’d even remember my question, on the off chance I’d get a chance to ask it. Joe looked over at me more than once, but David had his back to me and they kept going on and on about Bulgarian stunt coordinators. LOL!! David finally looked over and commented about “oh, I had a question to ask!” and Joe commented that he was wondering how long I’d stand there. Unfortunately, I was too incapacitated by laughter at the moment to flip back some sort of response, but if I could’ve, I would’ve! LOL
So I went to ask my question, and the microphone died! LOL! I tried to yell it to Joe, but David jumped up and came down to let me use his mike. :D

I asked Joe what he thought of the FP script and how he approached doing the part. He said that two things contribute to him taking a script/role: 1. The script/story or 2. The location. This one was the location as it was filming in Ireland. The whole cast and crew approached the film with a bit of dark and even self depreciating humor and didn’t take it overly seriously. But, the network/big wigs weren’t really sure about that and I think he said some stuff got cut that they’d done in the movie as part of this kind of humor.

It was fun to ask my question but equally as fun to TRY to ask the question! LOL

Things were even more of a blur from here as we had so much stuff to do! I think we talked to DH backstage next. He is so much fun! I can’t remember what we talked about but I do remember laughing a lot! LOL

[For the backstage, Joe came at 5:35, although] he was supposed to be there at 5:20. LOL He swore that he was supposed to be there at 5:35 but we told him that was when he had his second round of autographs. Heheheh. He was so funny. He was like “oh, that’s my fault! I was trying to be on time all day!” LOL!! Poor Joe has a reputation for being late and it’s funny that he was really trying to be on time.

After that, it was all over. Gads, that day was a blur! A group of us went out to dinner and exchanged stories, photos etc and hung out. As I said, the con itself is a blast but is only half the fun. The other half is the friends. I feel blessed with the friends I have who just happen to also be con buddies. Seeing and hanging out with them is a big contributor to me repeatedly going to cons over the years.


Susan Shambaugh’s report
Funny quote from Chris Judge: “Joe Flanigan is like Scotch: he’s an acquired taste.”

The panel:

David and Joe shared a block of about 90 minutes on stage. The plan was 30 min of David, 30 min of both of them together and then 30 min Joe by himself. That didn’t work out of course!

David was out by himself first, so got up to ask my question. Walked up to the mic and got a nasty metallic reverb sound, eeek! *panic* David just grinned and said it is going to be a heavy metal question.

So I went ahead and asked him since he wanted to be a time lord (Dr. Who reference) when he was younger what he would do if he could go back in time and change an event or meet anyone from history he wanted. He promptly replied that he would be present for the birth of Joe Flanigan and prevent it or raise Joe as his own. Which prompted Joe from backstage to throw candy over to the stage. The crowd went wild!! And David went “Oh look, it’s raining chocolates!”

Joe was apparently bored backstage. Someone asked David “Who would you line up to get an autograph from?” and while David was thinking about his answer, Joe (from backstage) answered: “Joe Flanigan!” Needless to say David finally succeeded in luring Joe out early and later when it came time for David to leave the stage, Joe wouldn’t let him. So David stayed till the end of the panel!

The panel! It was just hilarious. David was not only entertaining us, but Joe as well. He kept cracking up at David’s stories.

I had the honor to ask two questions for the contest @Flaninfo held on Twitter, so I pretty much went right up to the mic after Joe came out, so I wouldn’t get cut off if there were too many people with questions.

I started out with something like “Remember this wonderful place called Twitter?” I didn’t want it to sound rude. I forget how I worded it. It was supposed to be a little starter to get him to talk about Twitter and maybe find out why he is not tweeting and in fact Twitter came up a lot during the panel. He knew immediately what we wanted from him. He just said he doesn’t tweet regularly, only when bored and alone on set (oh boy trust me Joe we know lol) and Rachel’s boring tweets came up again which caused David to chime in and mention one of her tweets from the previous day or so where she said she was going to have real riding lessons with her boys which David thought was wiiiide open for misinterpretation and the crowd had a good laugh of course.

Back to Joe: He told the story again about people wanting to pay him $400 to $1000 dollars per tweet which he at first thought was great, but when he realized they wanted him to advertise their products he was turned off by that and of course he wouldn’t do that. But that is unrelated to the questions, just popped into my head!

I explained where the questions came from, that @FlanInfo from Twitter held a contest to submit questions for all his fans that couldn’t be here today. I also told him that I would like to ask two questions if that is ok since he can’t attend Dragon Con (he’s shooting a movie called “Six Bullets” in Romania) and we had one for each convention.

When I started off with the first question: “If you could remake any movie and star as the lead, which movie would you choose?” (submitted by “@dajaje”)  Joe immediately said,” Boy that is a heavy question. Let’s talk about the 2nd question first.” (insert laugh from audience here)

So I told him not to worry that the second one was easier:  “Joe…has there ever been a time when you opened a script, and thought to yourself, “They want me to do WHAT?” (submitted by “@WhoDatDiva”) and he was very quick with his answer.

He said that he had that “They want me to do what?” moment quite a lot. One that came to mind for him was where they were asking for “total frontal nudity clause” for a regular TV show. Then David chimed in with something like: ”I’m only familiar with Santa Claus, that’s different, right?” And Joe responded in a deep “sexy” voice: “Well, if you’re good, you get presents”. He then laughed and David said “Why did you say that? Don’t put that image in my head!” Finally David turned to the audience and proclaimed: “Aaaand Flanigan just stole Christmas.”

Joe went back to the first question (movie remake), but he was still kind of dancing around the answer and said something like all great movies he likes he would not want to touch (to remake) because they are so good! The movie Bladerunner came up and David immediately said “Here’s your chance Joe, they are remaking it!” and Joe jokingly replied that he had no message from Ridley Scott at all about this.

Getting Joe’s autograph and photo-op:

Joe was still very chatty and I actually had a little conversation with him. I asked him when he got in, Sat night or Sun morning cause Paul McGillion and Chris Judge were looking for him after the dessert party and wanted to go out for drinks, but couldn’t find him!

He said he was glad he didn’t get that message. But seriously, this man makes my brain melt. I kept on babbling and totally forgot I had to move on to David’s autograph line! In hindsight, by the time we were done talking he could have personalized my autograph 5 times over LOL.

Photo ops were done later in the afternoon and it is just amazing how chatty we all are and the closer we get to Joe it gets really quiet. Everyone is distracted by the “view” and we forget to step forward or hand over our tickets. With that said, when it was my turn I bravely went up to him and started with an apology before I asked him for a hug because I know he doesn’t like people in his personal space too much. You could see how uncomfortable he was in some of the pictures.  He definitely does better when asked for a silly pose than just a smile or hug. Gotta think of something original for next year!


Duffy’s tidbits

Flanigan stole Christmas! 

Someone asked Joe and David about their most awkward audition moments. They both had a couple, but then Joe said one of the weirdest things that ever happened was he was going to audition for a show (that sounded to me like it was The L Word but he didn’t name it)and they sent him a full-frontal nudity clause to sign. He was just kind of freaked out that there would be such a thing for a TV show, and I got the impression that wasn’t something he would sign. David said something about “full frontal nudity clause, I’m only familiar with Santa Claus, that’s different, right?”. To which Joe very quickly said in a funny deep sexy drawling voice, kind of wiggling his crotch, “Well, if you’re very good, you get presents”. He then cracked up and David made a horrified face and said “why did you say that? don’t put that image in my head, I don’t want to see that!”. And then David turned to the crowd and said very sadly “And Flanigan just stole Christmas.”

They really just play off of each other so well. I’ve been lucky enough to see each of them separately on stage and they are both wonderful. But when they get together, they really just do have the chemistry and the timing that makes for a very good show! It’s not always easy to get them to answer a question seriously, and they are very much into the masculine “guys insulting each other” humor. But it’s a joy to see how much they just crack each other up.

The Joe and David Show in Chicago

I’m absolutely hopeless at writing con reports. But I’ll try and put down things as I remember them and that I haven’t seen someone else say. The Joe and David portion of the day opened with a really good fan-made music vid about Sheppard and McKay to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”. Then David came out. He said “While I was watching that I got kind of sad. Like oh look….oh wait, that’s US”.

Autograph lines were rushed, but both guys were very focused and were really engaging with everyone. Joe looked very youthful and relaxed. He signed a picture for me that was taken several years ago and asked when it was taken. I said about four or five years ago, and he sang a little “those were the days my friend”. JOE FLANIGAN SANG TO ME!

When David signed the picture, he was only concerned about the shirt he was wearing. “What is that shirt? I never had a shirt like that”. All I could say was obviously he DID. But he was still perplexed in a very adorable way.

David looked really handsome, slim and tan. Hilarious as usual. Lots of funny voices and accents. It was 90 minutes (maybe a little more) of absolute hilarity and delight with the two of them onstage. It was supposed to be 30 minutes of David, then 30 with both of them, and then 30 with Joe. But Joe made David stay out there with him for the last 30.

Joe and David and Mad Manly Love 

Disclaimer: I did not take notes and my memory is not what it used to be, so these little scraps are just to the best of my feeble recollection.

There was a question asked about John and Rodney’s relationship. Basically the person said she had heard they were more than friends.** Joe and David didn’t seem offended by this, mostly they just seemed amused. They just laughed. Joe said “do you all know about fanfic?” David corrected him “it’s fan fiction”. Joe said I thought fanfic was the ones that are homoerotic in nature”. I can’t really remember what came next, b/c I was getting really nervous that this was going to go to an awkward place. But a little later Joe very seriously shrugged and said (paraphrasing here): “I just figure we’re done with our part, the characters are out there, they’re not ours, you can do or think whatever you want to with the characters.” Yay, Joe! My take on it was he’s got a busy real life and it’s just not something he would spend two seconds thinking about.

But he and David did have fun with it every once in awhile on stage. Joe said to David “the real romance was you and Beckett. I wasn’t able to come between you and break you up.” And then he made a determined little face and said “God knows I TRIED.”

There was something else Joe said about Rodney saying “the wraith are coming, we’re all going to die” and Sheppard saying “but you must sleep with me first”. They seemed to think this was silly. (oh boys, you just go on thinking that!)

And then at some point there was something Joe said (in regards to making another SGA movie or series) about “hey, we’ve been cancelled; we can do whatever we want now”. And David said in a deep voice “Mad Manly Love”. (I assume a reference to Mad Men.)

**Almost nothing annoys me more than when fans bring up slash. This is supposed to be *our little secret*. I know all actors now know about it, but that’s still no reason to shove it in their faces. It’s embarassing and awkward. That being said, this time it was OK and funny. I can’t really explain why but maybe because the person was not a native English-speaker and it came off as very innocent and naive and also a little vague “my friend tells me they were more than friends…”. I don’t know, I can’t explain it, but it was pretty much ok. But my position on talking about slash in front of actors in general still hasn’t changed.



CkeekyBeckett’s tidbits

Other favorite Joe and David moment. David was up alone for a bit before Joe came out. Someone asked something like what would David do if he was a Timelord. He said he’d go back in time and take Flanigan as a baby and raise him as his own. Suddenly pieces of candy were being thrown over the curtain and raining down on David, being thrown by Flanigan. That was great!

Joe and David were fabulous! So funny I had tears! Their impressions of Romanian film crews were so hilarious.

There was a piece of the Atlantis Gate on stage that the con goer who owned it had brought, what a nice guy. someone asked them to pose by it and David was so sweet! Turned around and said, “That’s our gate!” and ran his hand over it real slow. Total “Awwwww!” moment. And then Joe mimed “relieving” himself on it. LOL! They were so funny riffing off each other.

Ha! He was also extremely nice and incredibly gracious to everyone. All the guests were. It was so nice and informal. They all made the effort to engage you and give you a nice moment or two, even when a few of them looked kinda tired.

Jennie Dreyer’s report

Started off the day with autographs. Had David and Joe sign my duo photo from last year and once the autographs were done, I hung backstage and we were able to watch the goings on as everyone else got their autographs.

David Hewlett showed up and we got to talk with him before he went on stage as well as talking to him after he was on stage. I showed him what Paul and Kavan had done on the autographs and he got a kick out of it.

Joe joined him on stage and when they’re together it’s just priceless. They spoke about what they’re up to and how David just did Planet of the Apes and how Joe is about to do a movie with Jean Claude van Damme. Joe was supposed to go solo on stage, but didn’t want David to leave so they stayed together on stage longer then they should have.

Went downstairs for photos with Joe, David and Joe/David. I did a sandwich with the two of them and had to have the pic taken again as David was screwing around. After the photo ops, I headed back up to the ballroom for our backstage time with Joe. He ran late, but as soon as he showed up I gave him the Guinness beer and bread mix, which he loved. We chatted about TSA and flying. I told him that Yare said hi and then we went off for the rest of the autographs.



Exclusive and private reports from idahogrl, Susan and Jennie

Public sources: LiveJournal posts by Duffy: first, second and third,

Gateworld (Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard Thunk Thread) posts by CheekyBeckett: first, second and third.

Other con reports, pictures included:

Crysothemis’ report on LiveJournal

elderwitty’s on LiveJournal (make sure to check this entry and the following two as well)


ailurophile’s excellent photo album

Aug 302011

Our contest has two winners: @dajaje & @WhoDatDiva. Congratulations!

Since Joe canceled his Dragon*Con appearance due to his new project, both questions were asked at the Chicago Creation Convention, on 21 August, during his panel with David.

These are the original questions:

@dajaje: If you could remake any movie and star as the lead, which movie would you choose?

@WhoDatDiva: Has there ever been a time when you opened a script, and said to yourself, “They want me to do WHAT?”

Our friend @SusanShambaugh obligingly conveyed them and noted down the answers, and the story goes like that:

I kinda said something like “Remember this wonderful place called Twitter?” I explained where the questions came from, that FlanInfo from Twitter held a contest to submit questions for all his fans that couldn’t be here today. I also told him that I would like to ask two questions if that ok, since he can’t attend Dragon*Con and we had one for each convention.

When I started off with the movie remake question, Joe immediately said ”Boy, that is a heavy question. Let’s talk about the second question first.” (insert laugh from audience here)

So I told him not to worry that the second one was easier and indeed he was very quick with his answer.

He said that he had that “They want me to do what?” moment quite a lot. One that came to mind for him was one where they were asking for “total frontal nudity” (editor’s note: here are some helping comments on his reply, later to be known as “Flanigan stole Christmas”, courtesy of @Duffy99)

We went back to the first question and he was still dancing around the topic, he said that all great movies he likes he would not want to touch (to remake) because they are so good!

The movie Bladerunner came up and David immediately said “Here’s your chance Joe, they are remaking it!”

And Joe jokingly replied that he had no message from Ridley Scott at all about this.


Our winners had to choose their prizes from a Change Of Plans DVD, an SGA companion booklet or a FedCon 2010 DVD. They are to receive their prizes in their mailboxes.

The contest got 43 questions, both here (in comments) and on twitter under the hashtag #AskJF, and the jury had a difficult task to select from many excellent ones. The jury consisted of the FlanInfo team, @SusanShambaugh and @taris_eirien.

Many thanks to all our contestants and members of the jury, special thanks for Susan and congrats to the winners!


Aug 112011

We are launching a contest for questions to be asked to Joe Flanigan during one of the upcoming conventions: Creation Con – Chicago, 21 August or Dragon Con – Atlanta, 2-5 September. Send your question via twitter adding into your message the hashtag #AskJF OR post your question in comments to this post. If it’s a good one, it will get the chance to be answered by Joe.

Two fans have graciously accepted to join forces with us and they will act as “special FlanInfo agents” to this end. @susanshambaugh and @taris_eirien will ask Joe the winning questions on your behalf. We’ll select one question for each con, aiming for those that are relevant for the most of fans, funny, respectful (we wouldn’t like our agents to feel embarrassed asking, or Joe to avoid answering) and, as much as possible, original (the “what’s your new project?” one will be probably asked many times).

We are waiting for your entries no later than Monday 15 August, 21:00 GMT.

We are grateful for our special agents’ efforts, however we cannot guarantee they will manage to actually ask him your questions (as we know cons are usually hectic like that), but the winners will get Joe-related prizes (real ones, in their mailboxes, dispatched with the snail mail!).

The contest is closed now, the questions are under examination.


The winning questions and the whole story of Joe answering (as reported by Susan) can be found in our later post.

Jun 292011

According to the official information posted by convention websites, Joe Flanigan is due to appear at the following events in second half of year 2011:

Creation Con (Chicago)

During the Creation SG1-SGA Convention in Chicago, 19-21 Aug 2011. Joe is due to appear on Sunday, together with David Hewlett (yes, we expect they’ll be a riot on stage, once again). Two other guests from the show are going to be in Chicago: Chris Judge and Paul McGillion.

Creation Convention official website

Dragon Con (Atlanta)

In Atlanta, Georgia, at the Dragon Con, 2-5 Sept 2011. The lucky congoers will be able to meet also Amanda Tapping, David Nykl, Christopher Heyerdahl, Beau Bridges and Nicole de Boer.

Dragon Con official website

LATER UPDATE: Unfortunately for the fans planning to meet Joe at Dragon Con, he had to cancel due to work, as his new project, 6 Bullets, movie with Jean Claude Van Damme, starts shooting late August in Romania.

Halfway Convention (Marseille, France)

European fans can hope to meet him in Marseille, France, at the Halfway Convention, 29-30 October 2011. Torri Higginson, Ryan Robbins and Dan Pyne (you know, the Wraith, the scary, big, bad Sateda Wraith) are also announced.

Halfway Convention official website


Should any of you gracious congoers wish to share with the rest of us your experiences on site, either by reports or pictures, we’d be happy to publish them here for the enjoyment of all other fans. Just let us know.


UPDATE 7 Oct 2011

EMS Collectormania (London)

Early September, during the first days of shooting 6 Bullets (later to become The Butcher) in Romania, Joe was announced as guest at  The Entertainment Media Show, 1-2 October 2011. FlanInfo attended the event and interviewed Joe (full interview in a later post).

The Entertainment Media Show with Collectormania official website