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Joe Flanigan and Jennie Dreyer at Creation Con Chicago 2010

Jennie Dreyer (JennieDreyer) kindly shared with us her report about meeting Joe Flanigan on her visit to Creation Con Chicago on Saturday, August 28 th, 2010:

I woke up on Saturday at 6:40 am to get ready for the private meet and greet with Joe. Headed downstairs to meet up with my friend Carolyn, bought a coffee and then headed to the cubbyhole that they used for the meet and greet. Katie came in and told us that Joe was running a little late, as he had to come over from the hotel he was staying in.

He showed up around 8:10 and sat next to me, there was a father and son there, and the father kind of usurped the conversation, although I got in a few words.

Joe Flanigan showed us the two dogs, which he had yet to post to his Twitter and we all told him to post it. He asked if he was tweeting too much about drinking, which we all told him he wasn’t.

He told us that he had spoken to some investors in London that would be interested in funding the Atlantis movie and said that for about $6 million the movie could be made. But the main reason he told us why it hasn’t is that MGM is bankrupt and won’t let go of the ownership of the show.

He spent and hour with us and it was great to spend the time with him. At the end we got to have a group shot with him and before we took it I went up to him and told him that I had sent him a tweet asking “Budweiser or Guinness?” and he said, “do you know how many tweets I get?” I told him I did but that he had answered the question when he did the Q & A. I also told him that I brought him 4 cans of Guinness and he lit up and asked where it was. I told him he would get it when we met up for autographs. We then took the group shot, and I got to stand next to him for it. He then left for his photo ops with Michael Shanks and I headed up to the Vendors room and purchased some stuff.

Joe Flanigan and Jennie Dreyer at Creation Con Chicago 2010

Joe Flanigan and Jennie Dreyer at Creation Con Chicago 2010

I then headed back stage again and we didn’t have to wait long for Joe and David to show up backstage. They showed up together which was hard because they are so funny together and you don’t know who to talk to first and it’s hard to get a word in edge ways with them.

David sat down on my left and I told him that I had seen Kate in her play in NY last weekend. He said, “I’m sorry for you.” I told him I thought it was “good” and he said “she wrote it.” I told him “I know.” He also told me that they are working on something that will get them working together again and I told him I can’t wait for it.

Joe then showed us the picture of his iPhone wallpaper, of David’s face, which David had put on Joe’s phone in the green room. He showed it to me first, it was hysterical.

Joe seemed to be either fighting allergies or a cold, but it didn’t stop him from being funny.

They then went back and forth a couple of times chatting about things, and then Joe was asked a question by one of the ladies back stage and David noticed my watch, he said, “nice watch.” I said thanks and told him it was Paul’s. He said “really, how did you get that.” I told him the “eBay auctions. You remember when you said on Twitter come on everyone let’s buy everything and shoot the movie.”

Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Jennie Dreyer at Creation Con Chicago 2010

Joe Flanigan, David Hewlett and Jennie Dreyer at Creation Con Chicago 2010

The staff then pulled them to go on stage, where they spent like an hour talking. Joe got his Actor of the Month award and David got his runner up. David got more gifts than Joe and taunted him about it. They answered questions and were just so great. Joe taunted David with his dirty handkerchief that David then said made Joe like an old man.

They signed the side banners and then came backstage again for more time with us. They both were looking at the snacks that were on our table, Joe chose something and I offered my Fiber One bar to David who took it and then read it and was shocked by what was in it.

They hung out with us for a little while longer until the staff took them down stairs for their dual photo op. I headed down there too for it and the thing I love most about the VIP pass is that you get to go to the front of the line for everything and not have to wait. I got my photo taken with them, so great and then headed back upstairs to go back stage to get ready for Joe’s autograph session.

Everything was so crunched for time because Joe had to leave at four to make a plane to head to Toronto to start shooting his new movie/backdoor pilot.

He came for his autographs, I got on line and after Kathy gave him a sticker I handed him his Guinness, he was so happy and said thanks in an Irish accent, I actually found out he drank one and half cans of the four and took the other two with him. He signed everything and I wished him good luck on the new project.

I then went downstairs for my photo with David and when he saw me he said, “Ah back again for the better one?” and I said “of course.”

I won a banner signed by all the talent and then upgraded my seat for next years con here in Chicago. All in all a great time and everyone was great.

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