May 062012

Remember our AskJF contest last year? Well, we are planning a new edition, at the upcoming FedCon, with the kind help of our friend @silvercomet21. She will act as a “special FlanInfo agent” (yes, we’ve convinced her it’s a cool designation!) and relay one of your questions to Joe during the Dusseldorf convention, 17-20 May 2012.

So send your question via twitter adding into your message the hashtag #AskJF OR post your question in comments to this post. If it’s a good one, it will get the chance to be answered by Joe. We’ll select a question that is relevant for most of the fans, funny, respectful (we wouldn’t like our agent to feel embarrassed asking, or Joe to avoid answering) and, as much as possible, original (although we ALL want to ask him “what’s your new project?”, we’ll refrain from that one).

We are expecting your entries no later than Sunday 13 May, 13:00 GMT.

We are grateful for our special agent’s efforts, however we cannot guarantee that she’ll manage to actually ask him your question (as we know cons are pretty hectic), but the winner will get a nice (non-virtual) Joe-related prize.

The jury consists of the special agent herself :) plus the FlanInfo team (PegasusAngel, AlaVitka and carmendomino).

Waiting for your questions as of now!

Update 14 May 2012:

Thank you everyone for the questions sent! The contest is closed now, the jury is out deliberating.

Update 19 May:

After a fierce jury debate (since we had several very good questions, it wasn’t easy to chose just one ;-) ), we finally settled for the winning question: Who or what has been most inspirational in your life?, submitted via twitter by LouiseVincent6, who’s about to receive the prize very soon! Congratulations, Louise!

Next step: our trustworthy Special FlanInfo Agent managed to ask the question just in the nick of time (it was the last question on Friday’s evening panel), and here’s Joe’s answer:

On a personal level his stepfather. He was very inspirational (he died a few years ago). And his mother. His parents are very important for him. He doesn’t like it when people complain about their parents, blame them for everything what went wrong in their lives. Which seems to be very common. Other than that he is a fan of Ralph Waldo Emerson(‘s books). Still, although the writer died more than 120 years ago. He/they are classic. He mentioned one of Emerson’s books being particularly powerful; “Self Reliance”.

Thank you for this, Cora, and have fun on the next days at the convention!

More details about the con and Joe’s presence there in our later post.

Aug 302011

Our contest has two winners: @dajaje & @WhoDatDiva. Congratulations!

Since Joe canceled his Dragon*Con appearance due to his new project, both questions were asked at the Chicago Creation Convention, on 21 August, during his panel with David.

These are the original questions:

@dajaje: If you could remake any movie and star as the lead, which movie would you choose?

@WhoDatDiva: Has there ever been a time when you opened a script, and said to yourself, “They want me to do WHAT?”

Our friend @SusanShambaugh obligingly conveyed them and noted down the answers, and the story goes like that:

I kinda said something like “Remember this wonderful place called Twitter?” I explained where the questions came from, that FlanInfo from Twitter held a contest to submit questions for all his fans that couldn’t be here today. I also told him that I would like to ask two questions if that ok, since he can’t attend Dragon*Con and we had one for each convention.

When I started off with the movie remake question, Joe immediately said ”Boy, that is a heavy question. Let’s talk about the second question first.” (insert laugh from audience here)

So I told him not to worry that the second one was easier and indeed he was very quick with his answer.

He said that he had that “They want me to do what?” moment quite a lot. One that came to mind for him was one where they were asking for “total frontal nudity” (editor’s note: here are some helping comments on his reply, later to be known as “Flanigan stole Christmas”, courtesy of @Duffy99)

We went back to the first question and he was still dancing around the topic, he said that all great movies he likes he would not want to touch (to remake) because they are so good!

The movie Bladerunner came up and David immediately said “Here’s your chance Joe, they are remaking it!”

And Joe jokingly replied that he had no message from Ridley Scott at all about this.


Our winners had to choose their prizes from a Change Of Plans DVD, an SGA companion booklet or a FedCon 2010 DVD. They are to receive their prizes in their mailboxes.

The contest got 43 questions, both here (in comments) and on twitter under the hashtag #AskJF, and the jury had a difficult task to select from many excellent ones. The jury consisted of the FlanInfo team, @SusanShambaugh and @taris_eirien.

Many thanks to all our contestants and members of the jury, special thanks for Susan and congrats to the winners!


Aug 112011

We are launching a contest for questions to be asked to Joe Flanigan during one of the upcoming conventions: Creation Con – Chicago, 21 August or Dragon Con – Atlanta, 2-5 September. Send your question via twitter adding into your message the hashtag #AskJF OR post your question in comments to this post. If it’s a good one, it will get the chance to be answered by Joe.

Two fans have graciously accepted to join forces with us and they will act as “special FlanInfo agents” to this end. @susanshambaugh and @taris_eirien will ask Joe the winning questions on your behalf. We’ll select one question for each con, aiming for those that are relevant for the most of fans, funny, respectful (we wouldn’t like our agents to feel embarrassed asking, or Joe to avoid answering) and, as much as possible, original (the “what’s your new project?” one will be probably asked many times).

We are waiting for your entries no later than Monday 15 August, 21:00 GMT.

We are grateful for our special agents’ efforts, however we cannot guarantee they will manage to actually ask him your questions (as we know cons are usually hectic like that), but the winners will get Joe-related prizes (real ones, in their mailboxes, dispatched with the snail mail!).

The contest is closed now, the questions are under examination.


The winning questions and the whole story of Joe answering (as reported by Susan) can be found in our later post.