Aug 232010
How to submit pictures to the Gallery for contests

This pertains to contests accepting public uploads of pictures to our Gallery: Contests category or see our Journal: Contests tag. Short version: Rename the picture you are submitting as username_catname before uploading. For best results use JPG/JPEG picture format. Go to the Gallery link above. Find “Upload file” in the top menu and click on [...]

Jun 102010

We feel it is high time to introduce the team here at the to finally put names to the people who have been working hard behind the scenes on starting this website and will continue to develop it into what we hope one day will become a leading online resource for all things relating to [...]

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Jun 082010

We are thrilled to announce that our site has teamed up with Joe Flanigan Advocacy Facebook group! To be honest, we have started this project with their support, but right now we think we’ve come to the point where we can announce our official partnership. Joe Flanigan Advocacy will be our representation on the Facebook [...]

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