Apr 132013
Joe Flanigan’s autographs

14 April 2013: new entry, scroll down to see it! Some of Joe Flanigan’s autographs bear tiny treats of irony, silliness, sarcasm or even worse. Usually directed at himself. Or not. Then again, we may find among the signed pictures promises he spectacularly failed to fulfil. Judge for yourself.   Now, we’re trying to put [...]

Feb 152013
Joe Flanigan in Army of Two, The Devil's cartel, video game 2013

Post updated on 10 April 2013, scroll down for new stuff. We have been waiting for this official announcement since March last year, when Joe briefly mentioned it during a convention in Sweden. 3 Mar 2012 Just signed on to do the new AO4 video game for Electronic Arts. Some splinter from Battlefield. Finally, my [...]

Jan 052013
Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2012

  Today is 5 January, so we invite you to celebrate Joe Flanigan’s birthday while browsing through his last year tweets.   27 Febr Off to Malmo Sweden this weekend. Who will be there? Can you fit a jet-pack in the overhead compartment? pic.twitter.com/UzLpjKSj 1 Mar Hello Malmö, where did Copenhagen go already? For the god-fearing, law-abiding, [...]

Jan 042013
Joe Flanigan on TMZ

The 3 Jan 2013 episode of the TMZ show included the following dialogue: TMZ reporter: “Am I considered a poser if I, like, wear a Harley-Davidson shirt but I’m afraid of motorcycles?” Joe: “I don’t think so, it’s gotten awfully shee shee.” Thanks for the heads up, photos and vids shared on twitter by notoriousCori, [...]

Dec 302012
Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2010

Joe Flanigan joined twitter on July 28th 2010, while flying to Dublin for the shooting of Ferocious Planet. He started by following @FlanInfo and @dhewlett and had a good 5000+ followership within a week. He proved rather active and engaging with the fans during the period he was shooting Ferocious Planet (The Other Side) in [...]

Dec 092012
Joe Flanigan photo shoot with Dennys Ilic

This post has been updated on 29 June 2013, scroll down for new info. According to Dennys Ilic’s tweet, Joe Flanigan is about to be the subject of his new project, a photo shoot to take place later this month (in December 2012).   7 Dec: VERY excited 2 be shooting @niallmatter &@JoeFlanigan Next week! SciFiDen! Need to shoot [...]

Dec 032012
Joe Flanigan's movies and shows on DVD

If browsing for Christmas gifts has worn you out, here’s some ideas:       Family Album, 1995 (region 1) Family Album (region 2)   Tell Me No Secrets, 1997 (region 1)   The Other Sister, 1999 (region 1)   Farewell to Harry, 2002 (region 1) Farewell to Harry (region 2)   Thoughtcrimes, 2003 (region [...]

Nov 122012
John Sheppard makes the top 100 "greatest sci-fi characters of all time"

Joe Flanigan’s character from Stargate: Atlantis, Lt. Col. John Sheppard, was voted in the top 100 greatest sci-fi characters of all time in a UK poll organised by Stratego Sci-Fi, has recently announced imdb. To mark the launch of its new game, Stratego Sci-Fi has surveyed more than 2,000 Britons to chart the Stratego Sci-Fi 100 – the nation’s top [...]

Nov 032012
Joe Flanigan's episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles premieres on France 4

Post revised on 16 Feb 2014 with info on new countries to broadcast the series, including US! Scroll down for updates. The second installment of the series Metal Hurlant Chronicles, including Joe Flanigan’s episode, Master of Destiny, is to be aired on 3 November 2012 on the French channel France 4. First three episodes have been [...]