Jul 022011
Joe Flanigan "Sheppard on Masculinity" (longer version) video by Martin Firrell transcript

Martin Firrell’s Hero Remixed project is slowly piling up new material. Mr. Firrell likes to do his work well and judging by “teasers” it will well be worth the effort. Answering to fans’ impatience, the master offered a time estimate for project completion: March 2012 Latest update: 24 June 2012. Scroll down for recent info. [...]

Jun 272010
Martin Firrell's Hero project with Joe Flanigan preview videos

Martin Firrell, a London photographer, posted on his website four video snippets allowing us to preview his work in progress on the Hero project Sci-Fi series with Joe Flanigan, the photo and video shoot session for which took place on May 10th, 2010, in London. Latest update of this post: 22 May 2012. Scroll down [...]