Jan 052017
Happy 50, Joe Flanigan! And Joe's tweets in 2016

Happy birthday to our favourite actor! We’re going to celebrate Joe’s 50th birthday while revisiting his last year tweets.     5 Jan 2016: Thx for all the birthday wishes. I am committed to acting as spoiled as possible today. Where… https://www.instagram.com/p/BAK1eGlR2NX/    14 Jan: Truman and I just stepping out of the Blue Mosque in [...]

Jan 312016
Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2015

Although Joe has gradually moved to instagram, he continues to tweet from time to time and we continue to follow him on twitter. And in order to keep his tweets conveniently at hand for you in a single stream, we continue the tradition to wrap up in our Journal his messages from the previous year. [...]

Jan 042015
Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2014

7 Jan: Updated post with Joe’s reply to birthday wishes (scroll down) Yes, 5 January is Joe Flanigan’s birthday, so we wish him a wonderful birthday! And for his fans, as usual, we put together his tweets from last year. You’ll notice Joe remains true to himself and is rather economical with his tweets…   3 Jan 2014 Me and [...]

Jan 052014
Happy birthday, Joe Flanigan!

  Wishing Joe Flanigan Happy Birthday via his own tweets has become sort of a tradition on this site, so here you go: Happy Birthday, Joe! and behold his last year’s tweets (and bonus yesterday’s tweet!).   13 Jan 2013 I’m in it to END IT. http://enditmovement.com  25 May New Zealand is beautiful!  I may [...]

Dec 282013
Stargate:Atlantis, The Siege III. Transcript of the DVD commentary

Joe Flanigan contributes to this commentary of Season 2 opening episode (The Siege III), together with David Hewlett, Martin Wood and Martin Gero. Martin Gero is extremely talkative, so Joe’s interventions are rather rare and quite brief. Consequently, this transcript is not complete, since we’ve focused mainly on the parts where Joe can be actually [...]

Apr 132013
Joe Flanigan’s autographs

14 April 2013: new entry, scroll down to see it! Some of Joe Flanigan’s autographs bear tiny treats of irony, silliness, sarcasm or even worse. Usually directed at himself. Or not. Then again, we may find among the signed pictures promises he spectacularly failed to fulfil. Judge for yourself.   Now, we’re trying to put [...]

Jan 052013
Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2012

  Today is 5 January, so we invite you to celebrate Joe Flanigan’s birthday while browsing through his last year tweets.   27 Febr Off to Malmo Sweden this weekend. Who will be there? Can you fit a jet-pack in the overhead compartment? pic.twitter.com/UzLpjKSj 1 Mar Hello Malmö, where did Copenhagen go already? For the god-fearing, law-abiding, [...]

Dec 302012
Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2010

Joe Flanigan joined twitter on July 28th 2010, while flying to Dublin for the shooting of Ferocious Planet. He started by following @FlanInfo and @dhewlett and had a good 5000+ followership within a week. He proved rather active and engaging with the fans during the period he was shooting Ferocious Planet (The Other Side) in [...]