Jun 142014
You Tell Them! Ten years after, and we're still longing for Stargate Atlantis.

Now, is it only me talking to the TV screen when watching a show I’m particularly invested in? *cough* SGA *cough* Haven’t you ever yelled at your favourite character “Watch out, he’s behind the door and he’s got a gun!”, or “ruuun!”, simply because you happened to know more? I bet you have. If you [...]

Aug 102012
Joe Flanigan photo caption contest

Updated on 19 August 2012 Dear friends, It’s that time of year again. We’re launching a new contest. This time, a caption contest. #captionJF Imagine you’re going to one of the following conventions and you plan to lure Joe into signing a witty autograph. Send us what you’d like him to write down and sign, [...]

Aug 222010
#FlanCats1 contest by @FlanInfo for #FlanClan

The T-Dawg 1 dogs contest by Joe Flanigan have had a huge success. You can read about it in our previous article. While Mr. Flanigan apparently doesn’t have a soft spot for cats, many of his fans do. So we decided we need to hold another contest among Flan Fans cats! The winner is determined [...]

Aug 182010
T-Dawg 1: Twitter dogs contest by Joe Flanigan

On the 18th of August, 2010, Joe Flanigan shared on Twitter the pictures of his two dogs: (+) My best friend and drinking buddy ‘Oscar’ (+) This would be Grover. The bane of my existence and mortal threat to all nice rugs and furniture And shortly thereafter Joe Flanigan came up with a contest among [...]