May 062012

Remember our AskJF contest last year? Well, we are planning a new edition, at the upcoming FedCon, with the kind help of our friend @silvercomet21. She will act as a “special FlanInfo agent” (yes, we’ve convinced her it’s a cool designation!) and relay one of your questions to Joe during the Dusseldorf convention, 17-20 May 2012. [...]

Apr 302012
Joe Flanigan at the Stargate Vancouver convention, 29 April 2012

The last official Stargate Creation Ent convention in Vancouver is over now, and we attempt to give you here the feel of Joe Flanigan’s presence, as shared by fans. We are grateful to silvercomet21, flanigandaily, TheFanDoc, Richard Dickins, notoriousCori, crysothemis, arcticgoddess1, idahogrl823, tangotabby for pictures, reports and bits (from the panel or collected during signing/photo [...]

Mar 302012
Joe Flanigan at the Göteborg SciFi convention, 31 March - 1 April 2012

Joe Flanigan reached Sweden on Thursday and started tweeting again: 30 March, 1:42 PM: Sun-filled day in Gothenburg. Aquavit and Swedish heavy metal. Could get dangerous tonight. Where’s my new helmet? Post updated on 8 April 30 March, 2:02 PM: Remember when the Vikings sacked Dublin?…neither do I, but in the name of the Irish I…I will….wow, [...]

Dec 112011
Joe Flanigan related reports from Creation Chicago convention, August 2011

Several friends who attended the event in Chicago shared with us their experiences. After adding some tidbits posted in August during the convention and pictures taken by Crysothemis, we’re now in a position to belatedly (sorry!) report on Joe’s appearance at the Creation con, from the fans’ point of view. We are truly grateful to idahogrl823, [...]

Oct 312011
Joe Flanigan at the HalfWay Convention in Marseille, 29-30 October 2011

Some tidbits from the recent convention in Marseille, collected from tweets during the two days. Should new info become available to us, we’ll be sure to add it here. Post has been updated on 6 July 2013, scroll down for new stuff Guests to the convention: Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Dan Payne, Robin [...]

Oct 222011

Stargate Atlantis star Joe Flanigan to headline both official Stargate conventions in 2012. He will also attend FedCon – the European Star Trek and SciFi convention, two Scandinavian Sci Fi Game and Film Conventions – in Göteborg and Malmö, Sweden and DragonCon, Atlanta. Post updated on 16 Aug 2012 . . . . . .  . [...]

Oct 162011
Joe Flanigan talks at Collectormania, London, 1-2 Oct 2011, transcripts

Almost transcripts of Joe Flanigan’s Saturday and Sunday talks at Collectormania, London  (definitely not verbatim, but pretty close to what had been said).     Saturday’s talks: Q: How was it to work with David Hewlett? I love David, I see him fairly often. Although it’s hard to believe, David is even funnier in real life. He [...]