Jun 022010
Sarah Bettles meeting Joe Flanigan at CollectorMania 16

Sarah Bettles (sez101) kindly shared with us her report about meeting Joe Flanigan on her visit to Collectormania 16 festival in Milton Keynes on Monday, March 31st, 2010: Excerpt: [...] Joe had been staying in London, so it took him a while to get up there. [editor: especially after having too many margaritas with Martin Firrell on the eve ;) {src: 1 | 2}] The day before he’d been late as there had been roadworks. He turned up at 10:45. Before he reached the autograph area, a small boy (about 4?) ran over to him. Joe stopped and asked him his name and had a chat with him. It was really sweet and showed what a cool guy Joe is. [...]