Oct 312011
Joe Flanigan at the HalfWay Convention in Marseille, 29-30 October 2011

Some tidbits from the recent convention in Marseille, collected from tweets during the two days. Should new info become available to us, we’ll be sure to add it here. Post has been updated on 6 July 2013, scroll down for new stuff Guests to the convention: Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Dan Payne, Robin [...]

Jun 192010

WormholeRiders: Stargate MinCon Sunday: Hewlett & Flanigan’s Snarkastic Responses! Ailurophile6 LiveJournal: Con report… or not (snippet): The guy from GW played a clip from “My Secret Identity” Joe’s reaction? “Look at those pouty lips!” LOL David’s reaction? “Look at the hair!!” GateWorld Forums Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard Thunk Thread by ladyofshalott: You’ve seen the photos. Yes…he [...]