Carmen Domin

Jan 052017
Happy 50, Joe Flanigan! And Joe's tweets in 2016

Happy birthday to our favourite actor! We’re going to celebrate Joe’s 50th birthday while revisiting his last year tweets.     5 Jan 2016: Thx for all the birthday wishes. I am committed to acting as spoiled as possible today. Where…    14 Jan: Truman and I just stepping out of the Blue Mosque in [...]

Jan 312016
Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2015

Although Joe has gradually moved to instagram, he continues to tweet from time to time and we continue to follow him on twitter. And in order to keep his tweets conveniently at hand for you in a single stream, we continue the tradition to wrap up in our Journal his messages from the previous year. [...]

Aug 162015
Joe Flanigan's 2015 conventions: Montreal ComicCon and Chicago Stargate Official

Joe made appearances to Montreal and Chicago so far this year, and we’ve collected bits and pieces. As we find more we’ll be adding here, so keep watching this space! This post was updated on 2 Sept 2015, with a second extensive report from the Chicago con 3-5 July 2015, Montreal ComicCon, Montreal Both Joe and Jason Momoa [...]

Jan 042015
Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2014

7 Jan: Updated post with Joe’s reply to birthday wishes (scroll down) Yes, 5 January is Joe Flanigan’s birthday, so we wish him a wonderful birthday! And for his fans, as usual, we put together his tweets from last year. You’ll notice Joe remains true to himself and is rather economical with his tweets…   3 Jan 2014 Me and [...]

Sep 072014
Joe Flanigan at DragonCon, Atlanta 2014

Joe Flanigan attended the DC convention in Atlanta, which took place during the last weekend of August. With the help of taris_eirien, we’ve found a con report of the “Supergate: Beyond the Gate” panel (with Joe, Peter Williams, Ona Grauer, David Blue and Alexis Cruz), by Nancy Northcott, out of which we copy down below the interesting bits: [...] Flanigan described his first job [...]

Aug 172014
Joe Flanigan at Stargate Chicago Creation con, 16 Aug 2014

Post updated on 21 Aug Joe Flanigan reunited in Chicago on 16 August 2014 with some of Stargate Atlantis alumni during what is was supposed to be the final journey (the last Stargate convention in Chicago), although they appear to consider having another convention in 2015 as well. That’s good, right? The congoers report having [...]

Jul 122014
Joe Flanigan in Silent Men (2005)

This 2005 movie is finally available on Video on demand, and we’re very grateful to for finding and generously sharing the link. Now, since we’re not film critics on this site, but merely Joe’s fans, we won’t give you an opinion on the movie, but we can safely tell you that Joe is indeed [...]

Jun 142014
You Tell Them! Ten years after, and we're still longing for Stargate Atlantis.

Now, is it only me talking to the TV screen when watching a show I’m particularly invested in? *cough* SGA *cough* Haven’t you ever yelled at your favourite character “Watch out, he’s behind the door and he’s got a gun!”, or “ruuun!”, simply because you happened to know more? I bet you have. If you [...]