Oct 012011
Joe Flanigan in Fringe, season 4

Joe Flanigan almost announced on 22 July he’s starring in Fringe, with this tweet. Working on Fringe right now. Trying to get my small head around their mythology. During his panel at Creation Con in Chicago on August 28, Joe confirmed he will guest-star in one episode, he wasn’t sure which one, he didn’t know if [...]

Jan 242011
Joe Flanigan & Katherine Kousi at Flight and Fable opening

New photo added on 20 March 2013, scroll down to see it. Flight and Fable is an art exhibition open by appointment December 15, 2010 – February 15, 2011 held by KANA MANGLAPUS Projects in Los Angeles area, California. The announcement says that it is “A selection of ethereal beings by Brandy Eve Allen, Kwaku [...]

Oct 162010
'The Other Side' post-production digest

‘The Other Side’ movie starring Joe Flanigan was filmed in Ireland in August 2010 (see our shooting post) and should air on the channel Stateside sometime in 2011 (see our announcement post). Meanwhile, the movie is in post-production and there are some news about it: On 13 October 2010, Douglas G. Davis, the writer, tweeted: [...]

Oct 162010
Joe Flanigan starring in a backdoor pilot 'Best Laid Plans' / 'Change of Plans'

Joe Flanigan’s appearance at the Collectormania in Glasgow on August 21-22 had to be canceled since, as soon as ‘The Other Side‘ () shooting in Ireland was over on August 20, he had to fly to the Americas for starting production of the ‘Best Laid Plans‘ tentative pilot. Open Book Casting posted the following information [...]

Aug 232010
How to submit pictures to the Gallery for contests

This pertains to contests accepting public uploads of pictures to our Gallery: Contests category or see our Journal: Contests tag. Short version: Rename the picture you are submitting as username_catname before uploading. For best results use JPG/JPEG picture format. Go to the Gallery link above. Find “Upload file” in the top menu and click on [...]

Aug 222010
#FlanCats1 contest by @FlanInfo for #FlanClan

The T-Dawg 1 dogs contest by Joe Flanigan have had a huge success. You can read about it in our previous article. While Mr. Flanigan apparently doesn’t have a soft spot for cats, many of his fans do. So we decided we need to hold another contest among Flan Fans cats! The winner is determined [...]

Aug 182010
T-Dawg 1: Twitter dogs contest by Joe Flanigan

On the 18th of August, 2010, Joe Flanigan shared on Twitter the pictures of his two dogs: (+) My best friend and drinking buddy ‘Oscar’ (+) This would be Grover. The bane of my existence and mortal threat to all nice rugs and furniture And shortly thereafter Joe Flanigan came up with a contest among [...]