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21 Feb 2014

7 Jan: Updated post with Joe’s reply to birthday wishes (scroll down)

Yes, 5 January is Joe Flanigan’s birthday, so we wish him a wonderful birthday!

And for his fans, as usual, we put together his tweets from last year. You’ll notice Joe remains true to himself and is rather economical with his tweets…


3 Jan 2014 Me and my boy Truman had a great week of skiing in Park city.  Lots of sugar high’s pic.twitter.com/Ryl8KIqloL

20 Feb My 7 year old Fergus rippin’ in Malibu pic.twitter.com/416qBLAIU3

20 Feb 2014

20 Feb  My goal of raising a traveling circus act within reach! Truman captures the spirit of Cousteau pic.twitter.com/F6teO55dWT

20 Feb  Wonderful dinner lastnight with the sublime Sarah Geary. Thanks 4 cooking Minnie! @driverminnie

22 Feb  My baby. pic.twitter.com/rCMiFyNuDA

21 Feb 2014

22 Feb  Watch my dear dear friend Minnie Driver’s show @aboutaboynbc @driverminnie tonight on NBC

3 May  Another day, another holler pic.twitter.com/NDD6YlQXrU

3 May 2014

4 May RT @newsone: Number Of Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls Up To 276, U.S. Finally Offers To Help  

10 May Shooting with the great Paul Sorvino and lovely Catherine Bell pic.twitter.com/dyPTkrz16d

11 May 2014

4 July pic.twitter.com/J1lKJUgPOG

5 Jul 2014

5 July Sunday morning pic.twitter.com/N5ZoFXIcuc

5 July 2014

5 July Me and Fergus Rollin in the Benzo pic.twitter.com/c1zgAKCpzU

6 July As Truman says “follow these guys”

24 July Oscar pic.twitter.com/H3kyb68c47

24 Jul 2014

5 Aug  Me and “Chubby” pic.twitter.com/1F8x3e7nOW

5 Aug 2014

14 Aug Inviting everyone to my Instagram joeface1 . At least we can do videos there, right? The twitterolethic era may be over

15 Aug @dhewlett what did you have for lunch?   I’m on the plane with Momoa @PrideofGypsies wondering why they carry so little beer on the plane.

16 Aug Tremendously grateful to have such loyal fans.  Thankyou Chicago. pic.twitter.com/aA3eXqKAuO 

16 Aug 2014

17 Aug Thanks Chicago.  Time to head home. pic.twitter.com/HY0KnrRqSg

5 Jul 2014

30 Aug Didn’t get to Burning Man so I went to Churning Man. Malibu pic.twitter.com/bHCvx3S7z7

30 Aug 2014

31 Aug follow me on Instagram instagram.com/p/sWETzCR2Az/

22 Nov Lovely day in the arctic air of Ottowa..eh? pic.twitter.com/cQdojF0XuT

22 Nov 2014


Update: 7 Jan 2015

Joe has replied to the birthday wishes on his instagram account:

Joe's reply on his instagram account: "Thankyou for all the birthday wishes!!"

Joe’s reply on his instagram account: “Thankyou for all the birthday wishes!!”


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