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Joe made appearances to Montreal and Chicago so far this year, and we’ve collected bits and pieces. As we find more we’ll be adding here, so keep watching this space!

This post was updated on 2 Sept 2015, with a second extensive report from the Chicago con

3-5 July 2015, Montreal ComicCon, Montreal

Both Joe and Jason Momoa were guests at Montreal ComicCon, as well as Jewel Staite and Mitch Pileggi. Joe was available for all three days for autographs and photo opportunities.

His schedule was as follows:

Q&A session - Sunday at 1:30 PM.


Friday at 7:15 (with Jewel Staite) and solo at 7:30;

Saturday at 3:15 (with Mitch, Jewel and Jason) and solo at 3:30;

Sunday 2:30 (solo) and at 2:45 (with the other SGA alumni).


Friday - 3:30 and 5:30; Saturday - 11:00 AM, 1:30 and 4:15; Sunday - 10:30 AM and 3:30.

The schedule is available here. More details on the convention official website.



15 Aug 2015, Creation’s Entertainment STARGATE Convention, Chicago

Joe’s appearance had been announced as early as October 2014, as the First Guest for SG Con 14 – 16 Aug 2015: JOE FLANIGAN Major/Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. Even more, at the convention they have announced he will be part of the 2016 lineup, together with Torri Higginson, Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge and others!

Back to 2015 now: Joe appeared on Saturday, 15 Aug. Other significant guests: Rachel Luttrell, Paul McGillion, Rainbow Sun Francks, Michael Shanks, Andee Frizzell, Chuck Campbell. His schedule for the day, as announced on the official website, was as follows:

Photo Op at 3:45

Talk and signing autographs in the Theatre at 4:50

Autographs with Joe and Paul McGillion at 5:50

Cocktail hour at 9:30.

Photo by sgafan

Picture by sgafan

During and after the talk, several congoers tweeted tidbits which we salvage from the internet and shamlessly amass here for your reading pleasure. Hashtag used: #SGChi and #ChiCon. We are in debt to: @real_sgafan,  @PlayItGrand,  @Anastasia,  @Just_Geffen,  @HeatherLesz,  @LaurenNickols,  @Halfabusa,  Danielle Skinner on facebook,  Terri Bragado on fb. Thanks, guys!

Unfortunately, no news of new projects.

 doesn’t like rules. Just like Sheppard (we were discussing why Sheppard refused to join MENSA. Too many rules.).

 : “never let politics get in the way of a free drink.”

Tv shows today are better than movies, says joe flanigan. Golden era of television for viewers. Traditionally television would have characters you’d want in your living room…back in the day. There’s a HUGE disparity in how actors are paid today even though there’s lots of great tv out there. 

He’s fantastic. So adorable and friendly and he comes every year. His panel is always really fun and enlightening. He is so smart and interesting!

And then  randomly jumps on stage for a minute to interrupt  - because he can.

Joe Flanigan talking about his recent trip to Iceland. He did go to Iceland with his kids. Iceland was truly amazing. Sounded like he had a wonderful time there with his boys.

 Joe’s panel was hilarious and awesome.

 discovers  device… cheeky devil! (it sounded like a fart when he sat on it)

[At the photo ops] A lady asked if he would wear the tutu she brought, you should have seen his reaction, priceless.  He SO did NOT want to put that tutu around his waist! But he did it. What a sport!  Only cause she swore it was for charity


Photo by PlayItGrand

Paul crashes Joe’s panel. Picture by PlayItGrand

Photo by halfabusa+

Joe finds Rainbow’s device. Picture by halfabusa

Photo by halfabusa

Paul crashes Joe’s panel. Picture by halfabusa

UPDATE: 22 Aug 2015

We found on facebook several posts by Terri Bragado, who accepted to have them shared here. We just copied the bits and put some titles for easy navigation through the text. Thank you, Terri!

Joe was introduced by Dan Payne and slowly came through the curtains and joked around a little with Dan. After a few moments, Joe put his hand up to shelter his eyes from the lights and looked at the audience and said “My God…how much are they paying you?”…or something like that. Please remember, I have very bad hearing so some things may not be very accurate but close enough to at least get the point. Thank you


Joe started on the questions right away. Someone asked Joe about books he’s read. He mentioned one titled “Red Notice”. He seems to prefer non-fiction books but likes fiction for the art form it is. He went into details about Red Notice and that he had met the author, a Bill Browder.

By the way, Red Notice is a real story and the way Joe describes it is fascinating. It would make a great movie. I wonder if Joe approached the novelist with that intent.

Next question was apparently about being a writer. Joe said he wanted to be a writer but ended up being an editor for a brief time after college for some magazines. Doesn’t sound like he wants to be a writer anymore but I could be wrong.


Joe talked a lot about Iceland. He said he took his boys there; something about an exciting helicopter ride the boys enjoyed; how amazing the country is and it’s probably the most beautiful country he’s ever been to and he’s been to a lot; how they did a lot of things while there and how much his 8 year old son liked eating whale. Said he didn’t care for the whale but that may have been his conscience speaking as he may have liked it too. Also commented on how clean the country is. Joked that Americans may not understand if they went to a restaurant and his 8 year old ordered whale.

He also talked about this soup that was alive. Apparently a Japanese dish he tried that was terribly gross but he had to pretend it was good because there was a “75000 year old Japanese man” nodding how good it was…huh? Joe can be so funny.


He talked about people who had told him how the show has made a difference in their lives, how they really connected with the show, how the show inspired them and how touching that was to him to hear those stories. But he keeps it in perspective. He said he knows where he stands in the world…something about how he knows, as an actor, where he fits in the world and that there are people who make a difference in the world and then there are actors. And he spoke about times when he was “worlds away” from his family while doing the show and thinking he wasn’t making a difference in the world and so hearing stories like that really helped.

Has anyone ever heard about a TV show called Fortitude? I’m pretty sure that’s what Joe said it was. He loves that show.

Joe was asked something about what was the strangest thing that happened to him during a con. He mentioned a story I had heard before about a Japanese woman who wanted him to spank her. He said it was so kinky. It was funny because apparently she didn’t speak English so she acted it out and Joe just stood and said, “I don’t think so.” He said she was really weird…”but it may not have been really weird if it was Paul it had happened to”.LOL

Joe said some people are a bit…I can’t remember his exact word but persistent comes to mind…about trying to connect. Whether he meant to the show or to him…I tend to think it’s probably to him because he talked about how someone wrote him a letter every day for a very long time. He talked about this apparent stalker whom he said was “a little off” and how the guy showed up at an event and was apparently escorted out? Joe said he felt really badly for the guy because there was obviously “something off” about the man. Shows Joe has compassion, in my opinion. I may be wrong but he didn’t act like he was really afraid of the guy or anything…he mostly indicated he is aware there are people with problems out there and he feels sorry for them. Amazing insight into Joe’s character, again in my opinion.


Joe talked about how there was very little background story for Sheppard and how he liked being able to delve a little bit into it in the episode “Outcast”. He said he really didn’t care about them trying to make Sheppard out to be a genius…smart, yes…but not a genius. I’m assuming he means the part about “coulda been Mensa”? He said there was still so much more to explore about the characters and…who knows? Maybe some time they’ll get to do it? Everyone, of course, cheered at the thought. I remember Joe always saying that he really didn’t have much to do with the writing of Outcast but this time he took credit for it…as is his due, I think. He thought it was curious that there was so little background on Sheppard. He said usually when an actor is hired to perform a role they have the background of the character there so the actor can fit into the role. So it kind of sounds like they winged it a bit for Sheppard.

Another question Joe was asked was what was the hardest thing about doing while making Atlantis was. Joe kind of meandered around for a few moments but then talked about Doppleganger when he had to fight himself. Apparently, throwing punches and NOT connecting is very tiring. Also mentioned sometimes those punches do connect and…ouch. Then he spoke about when BamBam wanted to rehearse some martial arts moves for Sheppard to do and it was very late in the day, Joe said it had been a 15 hour day and he was very tired. For those who have heard this story before, Joe managed to talk BamBam into having Jason and Rachel do the martial arts scenes while Joe had Sheppard do the Indiana Jones thing of just taking his gun out and shooting the enemy.


Someone DID ask Joe if he was working. She said she was an accountant so Joe kidded about that and when she asked if he was working he said he was working on his accounting…after asking her to write him a check. lol He said he had been working on various projects but the last project he’d done he kind of backed off a little because of “personal issues with his family” and mentioned about selling his house and how busy he was with that. Then he started talking about Bandit Hound and said it was cute, it’s about a dog trained to be a thief and his expression was priceless. Everyone kind of laughed and he said “Why are you laughing?”… and that’s when Paul popped up on stage. Joe said “Oh fuck!” but in the most affectionate way. It was so funny.

Joe pat Paul on the chest and asked how he was and Paul took the microphone, put his arm around Joe and talked to the audience. Joe made that face like he smelled something and pushed Paul’s arm away saying something about “sweating”. He also gently punched Paul in the stomach a couple of times and Paul just laughed. Paul only stayed a few minutes before disappearing backstage through the curtains.

It was shortly after Paul crashed the show that Joe was telling the story about when he and Paul were wrestling and he REFUSED to tap out that an orange suddenly flew over the curtains and into the audience. Joe saw it and nodded a little like…I know who did that…and put his hand out so whoever got the orange would toss it to him. He caught it and immediately tossed it back over the curtain…making a face when someone shouted from back there. Then he was wary, saying “I know that’s going to come back” and kept waiting for it to come back over…even walking closer to the curtains to avoid it. But it didn’t come back and he returned to his chair to continue answering questions. It was so funny…again.


Here’s something I thought was very interesting that I hadn’t heard Joe say before in a convention. Joe confessed that he was always in trouble when he was a kid. Never could understand why he was in trouble but he was. Now that he has three boys, he says he sees that kind of behavior and understands a bit better but, of course he joked and said he tells them he was NEVER in trouble as a kid. So cute

He was asked if he could choose a question…answer…on Jeopardy what would be his strong topics. History, politics, literature…and he went on to tell how he’s terrible at Trivial Pursuit because he can’t answer questions about movies and such. Said his parents never went to the movies. He was probably about 8 years old the one time he remembered going to the movies. He did give the title of the movie but I could not understand it as his mouth was very close to the mike and he didn’t say it very loudly. He did give an example of how badly he is at Trivial Pursuit…what major actor played in the movie Big. He guessed George Clooney. lol

Near the end, Joe told the story about the prank they did on David back when David’s wife was going to have their baby and David was upset because he had to miss the Lamaze classes. So Joe and Jason pranked him with this magazine they found that he said was actually titled “Big Black Butt”. I’m sure all of you have already heard this story so I won’t repeat it but it sure is fun to watch how animated and funny Joe is while telling it. Especially the part at the airport. It really was a pleasure watching and listening to Joe on stage.

Thank you for indulging me my memories. Please, if anyone who was there remembers any of this differently, go ahead and post it. As I explained in the beginning, I have very bad hearing so I may not remember what precisely was said and will gladly welcome any corrections to exact phrases by Joe.

UPDATE: 2 Sept 2015

Anastasia pointed to her complete report of the Chicago con. We copied here below the segment covering Joe, but you should really go and read the whole story! Thank you, Anastasia!

Next came the highlight of Saturday: Joe Flanigan’s panel. Joe’s pretty much a staple at Stargate conventions – I have yet to attend one that he hasn’t been at, which also pretty much means that I’m rolling in Joe Flanigan autographs at this point (perhaps I’ll do a sweepstakes one of these days). Joe’s always a joy to have onstage, because he’s really well-spoken and educated and says really interesting things about television and the media. He’s also a bit shy (as far as I can tell), so this is the first time he’s actually done a solo panel. It didn’t disappoint: he said a lot of really interesting things, many of which I livetweeted so I wouldn’t forget. For me, the most intriguing tidbit he mentioned was about television today: he said that we’re in the “Golden Era” of television for viewers – something that David Hewlett and Torri Higginson also mentioned to me at their meet and greet a couple of years ago. It seems to be the consensus that when it comes to storytelling and quality, television is slowly replacing movies. Joe did add that that doesn’t mean it’s a golden era for actors – he mentioned in particular that there’s a huge disparity in how actors get paid, in that some make millions while others probably make what’s barely above a graduate student salary (for me, this was a really intriguing insight into how the media I consume is made). Which, I guess, puts us viewers on the glamorous side of the screen (for a change!) I mentioned to Joe at autographs that I thought what he said about TV today was really interesting; I only had a few seconds to say it, because as usual, autographs were very rushed, so he didn’t have much of a chance to respond – but I’m still glad I got to thank him for the wonderful insights that he, as usual, provided behind the scenes. Joe also talked about how TV characters have changed: traditionally, he said, TV show characters would be “people you’d want in your living room,” whatever that means, while these days that may not necessarily be the case. (As someone tweeted, I’ll take Joe in my living room any day).

Another interesting insight Joe gave is into his character. Someone asked him if he could change anything about the way Sheppard was written, and the only answer Joe came up with (as far as I recall, anyway), is that he didn’t like it that they wrote Sheppard to be a genius and a MENSA candidate – he didn’t think that was the right way for the character to go. I personally loved that Sheppard’s a genius who took a completely different life path from McKay (or, rather, I love it on most days), but I didn’t always. An ensuing question was why Sheppard refused to be in MENSA after he tested into it, and Joe suggested it’s because MENSA has too many rules, and Sheppard doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who likes rules. (No, really?)

Other than that, a large part of Joe’s panel entailed him waxing poetic about Iceland, where he recently vacationed (and tweeted about) and where he apparently ate whale…thus making eating whale a recurring joke throughout the panel. Not quite sure what’s so funny about that myself, but then again, I’m a Trekkie. Save the whales! And that, alas, is all I remember from Joe’s panel. Which is really just a clue that I should write up these con write-ups right after the con, and not two weeks afterwards (being a procrastinating perfectionist is the worst, and not just because of the tacky alliteration).

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