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Picture by @courtam3

Joe Flanigan attended the DC convention in Atlanta, which took place during the last weekend of August.

With the help of taris_eirien, we’ve found a con report of the “Supergate: Beyond the Gate” panel (with Joe, Peter Williams, Ona Grauer, David Blue and Alexis Cruz), by Nancy Northcott, out of which we copy down below the interesting bits:

[...] Flanigan described his first job as a joint Pepsi-Blockbuster commercial in which he got to ask Cindy Crawford whether she wanted a Pepsi.” He wryly lamented that Cindy did not remember him when he encountered her later.

[...] The moderator asked the panel which crossovers they would like to see between various incarnations of Stargate.  [...] Flanigan started by noting that Rick (Richard Dean Anderson) envied the actors on Atlantis because their sound stages were air-conditioned and then reported that he had pushed for a crossover withClaudia Black’s character, but it never happened.

David Blue suggested, “You could type that up yourself.”

Grinning and riffling through some papers, Flanigan responded, “I just got the rewrites.”

[...] Joe went on to describe the frustrations of going back to the hotel where he and Momoa lived , after a long day, to learn lines.  Momoa, he said, leafed through his script and was ready to go party while Flanigan had actual lines to learn.

[...] Flanigan said he had just shot The Bandit Hound, a movie with Paul Sorvino,Catherine Bell, and Lou Ferrigno. The movie is about a dog trained by criminals. It ends up in the dog pound, which Flanigan’s character runs, and is adopted by Bell’s character and her son. When the dog goes on a crime spree, Flanigan’s character helps them reeducate the dog.

[...] An audience member asked the actors which particular episodes or scenes meant the most to them. [...] Flanigan said he had “a deeply impaired memory.” As everyone chuckled, he added that fans often look at shows as a whole while actors see moments, many of them off-screen. He enjoyed ad-libbing on the show. As an example, he mentioned running into a room with Momoa to grab something before something else blew up. As Momoa grabbed the object, Flanigan said, “Easy, Chewie,” which seemed to fit well in the moment.

We owe to @taris_eirien and @courtam3 several nice close-ups: see galleries here and here.

Picture by @courtam3

Picture by @courtam3

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  1. Stargate Atlantis was brilliant, but these actors do much more. I have numerous DVD’s to prove that the talent just keeps coming. It must be incredibly hard to live out of a trailor for months on end .Trying to adapt to ‘normal life’ on weekends. We should be proud of these hard working men and women. I look forward to viewing their new projects and wish them all the best for the future.

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