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This post has been updated on 6 April 2014

Joe missed the opening on Friday night, as some of the congoers reported, but he has a full schedule for the following days.

Chevron8.1 Saturday schedule Chevron 8.1 Sunday schedule

These are the first bits shared by our friend Cora after the first day talks. Hopefully there’s more to come, we’ll keep an eye on the twitter flow and report back here.

Joe Flanigan ‘stole’ the chair-back with his name when he left the stage ;-)

Joe Flanigan’s favorite actor (as a career) is Paul Newman.

Joe Flanigan’s favorite actor (for the characters) is Harrison Ford. Han Solo and Indiana Jones are iconic.

Joe Flanigan noticed how small the stage is. Could do a hobbit con here. ;-)

Joe Flanigan told about the pranks like when he put stones in David and Paul’s (both?) backpack b/c they complained so much.

Joe Flanigan told about the coolest thing during filming SGA: when he was invited to fly in a real F16 with his name on it.

There weren’t much new things. Questions were mostly about SGA and he babbled a lot. But we have another panel tomorrow together with Rachel. :-)

We also have a promise from @mbdrake76 that we will have a blog entry after the first day. Meanwhile, we are assured:

RT @mbdrake76  He was on top form – hugely entertaining. My thanks for great session.

Several pictures were shared by Regan May and Courtney, thanks! We found a picture of the said chair, on facebook, posted by Anna, thank you!

Photo by Regan May_1

Photo by Regan May_2

By Courtney

Chair, photo by Anna


We like this picture shared on twitter by Cora:

Chevron guests, pic shared by Cora


As promised, Martyn Drake posted an entry to his blog, covering the whole day. Thank you for sharing, Martyn! Here’s the piece about Joe’s talk:

And finally, what I think everybody was waiting for, and the only individual talk given out of all the sessions: Joe Flanigan. The room went nuts when he arrived.

Joe began telling us of the time that he was invited by the US Air Force to fly in an F16 outside of Las Vegas. The story goes that the USAF had painted his name on the aircraft which wouldn’t initially fly due to engine trouble. So they got him out the plane, he went to have something to eat, and they prepared a new aircraft and off they went. Only the pilot decided it’d be a good thing to throw all the G forces at Joe at once, causing him to be quite sick in the process.

Other stories included specific lines (in which Joe mentioned the lack of female input into the scripts and direction, although he forgot that there was only one woman director during Atlantis’ five year run –Holly Dale, who has more TV directing credits than most people have had hot dinners and is one of the leading Canadian female directors including Breaking Bad’s Michelle Maclaren, The Borgias (and recently Vikings) Kari Skogland and, yes, even Stargate’s Amanda Tapping to work heavily on US and international shows), practical jokes between himself, David Hewlett, Paul McGillion and Jason Momoa.

New pictures are now available on JoeFlaniganFan’s website. From the string already posted on twitter, they’re gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! Here’s but a sample:

Photo by JoeFlaniganFan


Update 6 April 2014

On the second day, Joe and Rachel had a duo talk, followed by an ensemble panel (which, apparently, was hilarious!)

Second day panel, photo by sagasimon

RT @silvercomet21: There weren’t many new things mentioned during the panel. Joe Flanigan would love to do comedy like Owen Wilson stuff.

The things Joe Flanigan is missing the most about SGA is the camaraderie and pulling pranks.

Joe Flanigan “My microphone is not as loud as it was last time – is that a message?” ;-)

The highlight of the final panel appeared to be the re-enactment of the scene of McKay’s password in Quarrantine, played by Joe (as Teyla) and Sharon Taylor (as Sheppard – and we’re told she’s doing the best Joe impression EVER!). It seems that Joe burst into singing as he impersonated Rachel, which promptly earned him a playful slap from her. After being insistently asked about Joe’s singing skills, one of the fan reluctantly admitted: He has a decent voice. This is actually consistent with Joe’s opinion of his own voice (in this 2007 interview, when challenged to sing, he declines: “I’d lose my job, I’d lose all my jobs!”).

RT @vecturist: We actually managed to get Joe to sing. Final panel with all the guests was hysterical. Joe played Teyla in a re-enactment, singing maybe I should sing this.’ He has a decent voice.

Quarrantine reenactment, photo by Cora


Needless to say, we would love to see this on youtube!

Many thanks to the beautiful souls who shared with us back home bits and pictures from the con: @silvercomet21 @reganmay @courtam3 @vecturist @flanigandaily @nakedwesley @sagasimon @mbdrake76

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  1. Beautiful pictures of our hero! Thanks so much!!!

  2. Thanks for posting these! I also saw a tweet from someone by the name of Naomi_101 who evidently saw Joe backstage that he was “quite hot.” :)

  3. Much thanks to the posts and pictures and for bringing the con to us at home! Enjoyed immensely!!

  4. Many thanks. :-)

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