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Today is 5 January, so we invite you to celebrate Joe Flanigan’s birthday while browsing through his last year tweets.


27 Febr Off to Malmo Sweden this weekend. Who will be there? Can you fit a jet-pack in the overhead compartment? pic.twitter.com/UzLpjKSj

1 Mar Hello Malmö, where did Copenhagen go already? For the god-fearing, law-abiding, non-drinking type, which town is best? Deduction works best

3 Mar Just signed on to do the new AO4 video game for Electronic Arts. Some splinter from Battlefield. Finally, my kids think I am cool again

3 Mar Actually, showing how distinctively uncool I am, I think I have those games mixed up. Thankgod my kids don’t read twitter

30 Mar Sun-filled day in Gothenburg. Aquavit and Swedish heavy metal. Could get dangerous tonight. Where’s my new helmet? http://yfrog.com/ocxkcusj 

30 Mar Remember when the Vikings sacked Dublin?…neither do I, but in the name of the Irish I…I will….wow, that Aquavit is powerful.

18 May Great art in Berlin. Check out this installation of light from at a Berlin museum. Looks suspiciously like a wormhole pic.twitter.com/TwBqKZRM

26 Oct My brother bought and refurbished a boat. I wonder what we’ll be doing on it? pic.twitter.com/Yj1DRuUp

26 Oct Check out my new wife…..on screen. The lovely Salli Richardson. Shooting pilot together in Austin TX. Great town.

27 Oct Just ran into my friend Jonathan Frakes at the airport in Austin. Would’ve been so much cooler if we passed each other in our own spaceships

27 Oct “@DreamyAstronaut: @JoeFlanigan Can you give me a little word in French ? :-)” bien sûr, mais puis-je avoir un mot dans l’Ancient.

27 Oct Just ran into my friend @jonathanfrakes at the airport in Austin. Would’ve been so much cooler if we passed each other in our own spaceships

27 Oct RT @dawoody45 @JoeFlanigan @JonathanFrakes actually, you need to put in the “s” as in. @jonathansfrakes

31 Oct Deciding on a costume. Suggestions?

31 Oct Trick or tweak.  pic.twitter.com/fewBGUP5

31 Oct And tweak pic.twitter.com/uTDCS8KB

6 Nov I predict all Americans will be victorious tonight…because this campaign will finally be over. I’ll be singing with the fat lady tonight.

6 Nov It takes real class to make up after such a bitter fight. God bless America pic.twitter.com/EdbyhVBu

6 Nov Tomorrow’s headline: unemployment rate spikes as campaign pundits look for new jobs.

6 Nov Amazing how relaxed Obama is already. pic.twitter.com/mOrNZlcY

6 Nov Headline: Romney Camp sells binders full of women to President’s Secret service detail.

7 Nov  “If we took all the money we spend on political ads and used it to educate our children and feed the poor, we wouldn’t be America.”

7 Nov I really don’t understand all this hysteria about climate change pic.twitter.com/wTj5JczQ

12 Nov @melodysparks @xanthe_walter Happy Bday! And get well soon!

12 Nov Alone with my 3 boys this week. Deciding whether to ride motorcycles, clean out shotguns, have a knife throwing contest, or do homework. Hmm

21 Nov  Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday until it got kidnapped by Santa and his nefarious elves. Hand over TDay and we’ll meet your demands.

19 Dec Follow my friend Pablo on his Journey. Argentina to Alaska , with a quick stop at my house. unlugarenelmundo.info pic.twitter.com/1no7xX3j


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  1. [UPD] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan’s tweets in 2012, a handy reference http://t.co/CxWir6vG

  2. [UPD] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan’s tweets in 2012, a handy reference http://t.co/CxWir6vG

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