Apr 132013
I'll call you when I run for president!

14 April 2013: new entry, scroll down to see it!

Some of Joe Flanigan’s autographs bear tiny treats of irony, silliness, sarcasm or even worse. Usually directed at himself. Or not. Then again, we may find among the signed pictures promises he spectacularly failed to fulfil. Judge for yourself.


Dear twitter fans, I promise to be back… and better… and I mean it. Cheers

Now, we’re trying to put up here a gallery of “Joe’s own words”, in his own handwriting, collected by fans during the autograph sessions.

It’s a work in progress, so we kindly invite you to contribute, should you have an autographed photo you like to share, provided everyone can understand the message. We’d give credits to the owners, of course. Sadly, for the first ones we’re posting here we have no idea who the owners are, so please help us identify them!

We’d also like to hear your memories from the signing event, or any other related background stories, if any. Incidentally, you can read the background story of the above picture here.


Break open in case of EMERGENCY!

Help me! I am stuck on a TV show!

You mean my day just got worse?


Kristin, next time you get mugged, call me up. I’ve got weapons!


Blah blah blah / I smell bullshit
Update 14 April

I’ll call you when I run for president!

This art, by idahogrl823, was signed by Joe at the LA Con in 2010, who claimed he looked “presidential” and said his kids would love the composition. Idahogrl823 goes also by SGAFan and she’s the undisputed master of SGA HD screencapping! Also her fanvids, art and fanfiction are top-notch, make sure you check them here.

  4 Responses to “Joe Flanigan’s autographs”

  1. I like all of them :). But “Help me! I am stuck on a TV show!” is the best

  2. LOL Funny stuff! He does try to be humorous. Thanks Idaho for the laughs! :))

  3. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Please post any updates. :-)

  4. Thanks for sharing. Love his sense of humour. :-)

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