Jan 042013

The 3 Jan 2013 episode of the TMZ show included the following dialogue:

TMZ reporter: “Am I considered a poser if I, like, wear a Harley-Davidson shirt but I’m afraid of motorcycles?”

Joe: “I don’t think so, it’s gotten awfully shee shee.”

Thanks for the heads up, photos and vids shared on twitter by notoriousCori, QueenOfStarsSyble4, GracieValenti and Lynne. You should go check their twitter profiles linked here, they’re worth it.

Many fans have asked what car is Joe driving, and Mj Lipshie (from facebook) promptly identified it as a vintage Mercedes Benz 280SL 1971.

The full 19 min. episode is linked here, Joe’s moment starts at 12:00.

Here on youtube.

  5 Responses to “Joe Flanigan on TMZ”

  1. [UPD] #JFInfoJ New entry in the Journal http://t.co/So6I2iPJ

  2. [UPD] #JFInfoJ New entry in the Journal http://t.co/So6I2iPJ

  3. It’s spelled “chi-chi.” It’s a way of saying “chic.” Just sayin’ ;)

  4. RT @FlanInfo: [UPD] #JFInfoJ New entry in the Journal http://t.co/dieuafxr

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