May 252013
Maori tatts

Joe Flanigan is attending the New Zealand convention Armageddon Expo in Hamilton and Wellington.

Updated post – 28 June 2013

Also participating: Jason Momoa and Mitch Pileggi. Joe’s announced schedule for the two weekends is as follows:

Hamilton, 25 – 26 May, Claudelands Arena

Saturday, 25 May: celebrity brunch (10:30); autograph signing (2:30pm-5:00); photo session (solo at 2:30 pm, with Jason Momoa at 4:30)

Sunday, 26 May: panel (noon); autograph signing (2:30pm-5:00); photo session (solo at 1:00 pm, with Jason Momoa at 4:30)

Wellington, 1 – 3 June, Westpac Stadium

Saturday, 1 June: celebrity brunch (10:30); autograph signing (2:30pm-5:00); photo session (solo at 2 pm, with Jason Momoa at 4:40)

Sunday, 2 June: panel with Jason Momoa and Mitch Pileggi (2pm); autograph signing (2:30pm-5:00); photo session (1:30 pm)

Monday, 3 June: panel (1 pm); autograph signing (2:30pm-5:00); photo session (solo at 3:30 pm, with Jason Momoa at 4:40)

We’ll collect and share here photos, tweets from congoers and news, as they become available, so stay tuned.  For timely updates, check our twitter feed or facebook page.

The first picture has been shared on twitter by Paul Blomfield (thanks, Paul, keep them coming!), who caught Joe when adjusting his height against Jason Momoa and Karl Urban. Yes, Joe, they’re taller.


A picture shared by Karl of KIWIreviews in a facebook album features Joe signing on Saturday.


On Sunday, Joe tweeted for the first time in 2013:

New Zealand is beautiful! I may have gone a little too far with my Māori tatts though

Kiwis don’t appear to be a talkative bunch (or twitter is not their thing, or we weren’t good enough in finding their tweets from the con…), so we don’t have much about what actually happened in Hamilton. Luckily, they take pictures :)
So in KIWIreviews’s updated album you may find pictures from Joe’s panel. Here below a sample:


Just one little piece of info from Sunday’s panel, shared on twitter by @ReaverBait

@ReaverBait: So #JoeFlanigan called Jason Mamoa a pussy…cat.

Photo taken during the panel and shared by @HashtagRadioNZ

@HashtagRadioNZ: Listening to #JoeFlanigan from Stargate Atlantis #armageddon #lovethetron

Update 30 May 2013

Between Hamilton and Wellington, Joe tweeted about his outdoorsy deeds :)

Queenstown rocks. Offload madness with da boyz.


Mountian biking off the hook in NZ


Update June 1st

First day at Wellington is off now. No panel for Joe, just random pictures from the Friday night cocktail party and Saturday photo opportunities. Very few comments from congoers. Special thanks to DellRuby (RataTurner on twitter).

But really this is the guy I went to see, and I will be going back to see more of him tomorrow, and hear him talk too

Wellington, 1 June 2013, preparing for photo op – photo shared by Dellruby (RataTurner)

As a reply to Karen DeRulle’s comment “He looks a little ticked off”, we got this:

@saska50 @FlanInfo He said he had been feeling a bit under the weather earlier. he does do ticked off well!

And a blurrily artistic picture, also by Dellruby:


Update 2 June

The second day at Wellington started with Joe tweeting his version of Haka:

Things are gettin real in Zealandia

Fragments from the SGA panel (with Joe, Jason Momoa and Mitch Pileggi), brought to you by @catatonichic (who isn’t even an SGA fan, so we’re even more grateful!), @ReaverBait and @EmmaJayJenkins. Thank you!

Flanigan: not in jail, in spite of antics over last week

Joe Flanigan just said that Jason Mamoa is a pure guy.

“which superhero would you be if you could?” Mitch would be Wonder Woman, Joe would be Batman, Jason would be Wolverine.

Joe on asking RDA for advice: Don’t do techno babble otherwise they’ll give you those lines for good

Joe when asked if they hang out socially: We try not to LOL

Jason: We don’t hang out all the time but when we see each other we’re infinitely close

Joe: notice how my character never had a girlfriend?

Joe: fav episode Vegas. Bittersweet episode, shot as last even though was penultimate. And got to play a little Johnny Cash

Momoa would like to see Joe with tattoos

RT @catatonichic: Observation: Momoa and Flanigan play really well off each other 

RT @ReaverBait: Wonder if anyone has told Joe that the slash fans had him hooking up with people all the time….?

RT @EmmaJayJenkins: #JasonMomoa and @JoeFlanigan’s answer to every question “I like Beer” haha

RT @catatonichic: Fangirl asked for hug. Joe hugged Mitch. Jason hugged Mitch. Damian hugged Mitch. Fangirl hugged EVERYBODY

As a bonus, a picture of Joe apparently exercising Haka, shared by @kiwichrisjones, thanks!

@ZMNHG @JoeFlanigan Mad luv as well!!

Saturday’s signing, pic taken by Castle Photography, shared on Armageddon’s website.

Joe Flanigan at Wellington on Saturday June 1st, during the signing sessions – photo by Castle Photography

Sunday’s panel has been uploaded on Armageddon’s site (make sure to check both pages; pictures of Joe, Jason Momoa and Mitch Pileggi). Thx Dom for the heads up! Here’s a sample:

Wellington, 2 June, SGA panel – photo by Castle Photography

More pictures from Sunday’s panel at Ditha Angraini’s blog, who shared them with us on twitter. Thank you Ditha!


Wellington, June 2nd, SGA panel – photo by Ditha Angraini

Update 4 June 2013

An excellent gallery from the third day panel, on Monday, also by Ditha, here. Worth checking them!


Wellington, 3 June – photo by Ditha Angraini

A quote from the panel was shared by Kylie Klein on twitter:

“I love the idea of playing a good guy who’s fighting his own demons.” – Joe Flanigan.

The tradition of guests defacing their posters continued this year, and here you have the evidence, shared by Christen and Kiwireviews on his facebook page :)

Mitch’s Poster (Joe added the hair) – photo by Christen


Joe’s poster – photo by Christen


Joe and his poster at Wellington – photo by KIWIreviews


Note: While we wait for videos (hopefully), here’s a reminder back in 2009, when Joe was a guest at Armageddon, with Jason Momoa and Paul McGillion, and this is what happened!

Also, 2009 panels:  part 1part 2part 3 and part 4.

Another 2009 panel: part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5part 6part 7.

Update 21 June 2013

A video covering the three days event reveals Joe with a rough voice and we get to hear what Jason thinks about Joe’s skills when it comes to motorcycling in snow and mud (from minute 3:00 on). Thanks the fan who taped, edited and uploaded on youtube, aoddlypony!



Update 28 June 2013

So, now we have access to a longer version of the panel recording, see below



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  1. Hey Joe – do more pics! Take the lazy photographers by the collar and go, “and so and so and full face and profile! More imagination!

  2. Thank you so much for all of this!

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