Aug 292012
Six Bullets, Andrew and Becky scene

Post updated on 1 Oct 2012

US viewers can already watch Six Bullets on Google Play, although the DVD is still to be released in September.

@idahogrl823 has capped much of it and is generously sharing with us her work, here.

If we have access to the movie reviews while waiting for the DVD release, we’ll share them here. See also below in comments links to some reviews (thx Hachi!).

Update 30 August

A new review on imdb here.

For reading other reviews and articles, go to our previous post, which is constantly updated with 6 Bullets press.

Update 6 Sep 2012

Two clips from the movie have been released by, see here.

Update 7 Sep

A new trailer, for Japanese TV (thx @flanigandaily on twitter for sharing it).

Update 8 Sep

And two more trailers: “Missing” ;  “What’s the plan now?”

Update 22 Sep

According to thevandammefans forum, which looks like a very articulate and well informed community,

6B debuting on 16th of top 20 US rentals

Not bad considering Sony made 0 effort in US. [...]

The chart is from 16th of September so 6B was available in theory for only 5days.


Update 23 Sep 2012

Apparently the movie got also very popular in the top 10 downloaded movies (third position, after Men in Black 3 and Snow White and the Huntsman, outranking The Avengers, Dark Shadows etc).

Update 1 Oct 2012

After its release on amazon US early September (although just the DVD, not a BluRay disc), the DVD/BluRay edition has been finally released on amazon UK as well. The movie is still to be released in Japanese theatres on Nov 17th.

  7 Responses to “Joe Flanigan’s “Six Bullets” has been released”

  1. [UPD] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan's #6Bullets has been released for US viewers. DVD not yet released

  2. A few unofficial reviews herre at a VanDamme fan site forum:

    So far positive re Joe’s performance and the movie.

  3. [UPD] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan's #6Bullets has been released for US viewers. DVD not yet released

  4. [UPD] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan's #6Bullets has been released for US viewers. DVD not yet released

  5. An older interview from June with Ernie Barbarash, the director mentions a little bit about Joe (in Spanish) :
    -¿Qué puedes decirnos de Joe Flanigan?

    Joe Flanigan es el co-protagonista junto a JCVD en ‘Six Bullets’. Es un actor tremendo y aunque no es luchador de MMA en la vida real, hizo casi todas sus escenas arriesgadas y las peleas e hizo un trabajo excelente.

    Google Translation: – What can you tell us about Joe Flanigan?

    Joe Flanigan is the co-starred with JCVD in ‘Six Bullets’. It’s a tremendous player and although not MMA fighter in real life, did almost all his stunts and fights and did an excellent job.

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