Jan 052012

Joe doesn’t tweet much, so it wasn’t difficult to collect all his tweets since his self-acclaimed return to the twitter universe.

7 April  I’m back!!

7 April   So much has happened. So few tweets.

11 April  Ferocious Peak 



11 April  twitvid.com/GHDRJ

27 April  Going under knife right now. See you all on the otherside of the gate 



27 April  Snuck a little single malt scotch into the IV.



28 April  My new breasts look great

12 May  Shoulder getting better. still hard to flag middle finger at zombie death drivers from Hell-LA.

12 May  Somebody named seedypetee spreading lies. Naughty boy. We will expose you. Never supported Prop 8. I embrace ALL my fans fmforums.co.uk/forums/lofiver…

12 May  Will be having lunch @dhewlett next week. Must learn how to throw lemons with left hand.

12 May   @JenJenny10 Only if you buy me a pint of goodness

17 May   Super mega thanks to Karen and Cheryl for supporting Sarah Geary. Great lunch!!

21 July   Nathan Drake thing still alive? Oh Hollywood. Working on Fringe right now. Trying to get my small head around their mythology.

28 Aug   In Bucharest shooting 6 Bullets. wonderful people, beautiful weather. But can someone explain the ManBag thing?

28 Aug   “@eightiswild:Men have finally realized the use of purses. Wallets can hold bills, purses can hold duct tape. The possibilities are endless”

28 Aug   Now, if I could just find a manbag big enough for a parachute, a 9 mil glock and a pack of chewing gum I should be set for the weekend.

1 Oct   Survived Bucharest, but I’ve changed a little 



31 Oct Fighting Turtle Sapiens outside of Brussels with @IAMKELLYBROOK. Who said Halloween isn’t real? Call it Heavy Metal

1 Nov Another one way ticket to paradise


2 Nov  Watch out Brussels, here I come.

8 Nov   God bless Smokin Joe Frazier! RIP

8 Nov   Cold weather and warm hearts in London. Will miss certain things. Where’s my scotch?

9 Nov   Goodbye London. Will return to compete in the single-malt event in summer 2012. xx

10 Nov   Back in the saddle with my boy Timmy C. Ripping on some sweet single track. Rage against the Mountian



11 Nov   My Pops. WWII. Air Force. S Pacific. Military Liason at Japanese War Trials. Love & miss you on this Vet’s Day.

  3 Responses to “Joe Flanigan’s tweets in 2011”

  1. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2011 #twitter http://t.co/J7dMJILP

  2. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2011 #twitter http://t.co/J7dMJILP

  3. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan's tweets in 2011 #twitter http://t.co/J7dMJILP

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