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Joe Flanigan joined twitter on July 28th 2010, while flying to Dublin for the shooting of Ferocious Planet. He started by following @FlanInfo and @dhewlett and had a good 5000+ followership within a week. He proved rather active and engaging with the fans during the period he was shooting Ferocious Planet (The Other Side) in Ireland and Change of Plans (Best Laid Plans) in Toronto during the summer and fall, then his enthusiasm dwindled down by the end of the year. He actually confesses in a radio interview aired on 7 April 2011 by BuzzWorthyRadio that he usually “gets really excited about things and then just completely forget about them”.

His 2010 tweets are copied below.

28 July 2010 Joe Flanigan here, tweeting for the first time. Anyone out there? And yes, this time, it is the real Joe Flanigan

28 July David, you are lame. Can’t wait to tell you that in person in Chicago. This is Joe Flanigan, yes the real one, wondering what you had for lunch today.@davidhewlett

29 July Tis the real me. I have decided to make the trip to Tweetaria. Once I figure out how to send you a photo I will. In Nantucket right now but flying to Ireland tonight to shoot a film. Texted Jace that it is me. Will now text Hewlett who is probably eating

29 July David already texted me to tell me I was a cyberwhore. This is going to be fun. I will crush him. Getting on plane for Dublin right now. Beware Ireland.

29 July I am the only guy in 1st class Air Lingus. I will now attempt to drink for the absent 24 First class passengers. God Bless The Mother Land!

29 July that plane had a lot of alcohol. Anyway, I’m here at the LongHaul Pub in Dublin discussing film. God bless the motherland!

30 July @JamesBamford is that you?

1 Aug At Druid Glen Golf Club. Hard to play golf and hold pints. Something must give. God Bless Ireland

3 Aug First day of shooting. Great cast and crew. Pints tonight for everyone!

3 Aug Enjoying shooting in Ireland. I’ve shot two pheasant, a deer and someone last night who tried to steal my Guiness. Watch out Hewlett!

3 Aug The “Otherside” for ScyFy. I play a Marine colonel stuck in a parallel dimension. Working with John Rys-Davies this morning. Great actor

4 Aug I wouldn’t be so paranoid if all these damn leprechauns weren’t trying to steal my Guiness

4 Aug Anti-leprechaun measures executed. Awaiting casualty figures. Guiness safe and all is well again on the Emerald Isle. Movie info to follow

4 Aug Conan Dex the Barbarian Momoa just called from Belfast. Coming down to visit Sat night in Dublin. Attack from the North. Must hide beer

5 Aug Another good day on set with Irish Director Billy O’Brien and English producer Adrian Sturges. Why does everything look like Canada?

5 Aug For all those leprechaun-loving non-drinker types: go play with your Lucky Charms!

BTS photo on set of Ferocious Planet (“The Other Side”, at that time)

6 Aug Must drink AFTER breakfast

7 Aug Just watched Billy O’Brien’s film “Isolation”. Very good, very scary. Check it out. (cont)

7 Aug Day 5. Momoa will arrive soon. Furniture has been removed from hotel room and City on alert. Fiendish Dublin pub crawl commences. Game on.

7 Aug Important phone numbers to scrawl on back of hand before tonight. In order: Guinness customer support, O’Brien’s Bail Bonds….Mom.

7 Aug Thanks for watching out for me and Jason folks. Your right, I forgot hotel address…and US Consulate

7 Aug And very flattered for the Actor of the Month votes Pints for everyone!

7 Aug Dublin sacked. Next stop, Glasgow.

Dublin sacked. Next stop, Glasgow

8 Aug At Hurling in Dublin. Not sure how we got here. Amazing sport. God Bless the Motherland

8 Aug Beer and Loathing-part 2.

Beer and Loathing-part 2

9 Aug Beautiful day in the forest of Wicklow. The Vikings have retreated back to Belfast and livers are drying out. Miss my three little boys.

9 Aug Thx for all the tweets and Questions, especially all the free digital beer. Going to have a Q&A this wed. Just mark #AskJoe.

9 Aug Can rub this in Hewletts face if I win?

9 Aug Coming weekend choices with bro-in-law:Madrid, Prague, London, Kerry, surfing in Galway, hunting in Northern Ireland.Life is short..and good

9 Aug @senois cool. Thx for tip [Editor’s note: Joe was replying to this tweet: @JoeFlanigan Check out an Irish movie called Waveriders excellent surf film]

9 Aug Wow. Pints for Everyone! Lemons for Hewlett! Trying to scrape him off my front bumper right now

10 Aug Working with the lovely and talented Dagmar Doring who is putting up with my sh^#* very well. Thx for all suggestions for weekend folks

10 Aug Castmates too good natured. Determined to make them crack. Will begin deploying extreme measures culled from years of surviving Hewlett

11 Aug Thx for all the questions. I will answer later in the day, as there is little or no cell reception here…in a parallel dimension. Cheers

11 Aug Q: If you had been offered the role of Drake in Uncharted, would you have taken it happily or disappoint us all by not?

11 Aug A: Would love to play the role of Nick Drake! Your lips to God’s ear

11 Aug Q: if you could rewrite the ending to SGA, how would you send Shepard off into the sunset?

11 Aug A: Ronin and I steal a puddle jumper, pack it with beer, duct tape McKay in the back (tech support) and set up a new series: WraithHunter

11 Aug Or should I say “Wraith-Busters”

11 Aug Q: Did you get the whisky I sent to your management team back in May? I told you about it in Milton Keynes at end of May?

11 Aug A: had to pry it from the cold dead hands of my manager, but yes, I did safely get it home. Big thx and kisses

11 Aug Q: Continuez vous a parler un petit peu en français?

11 Aug A: what did she just call me?!!!

11 Aug Q- Are you jealous @dhewlett gets to go to Stargate Universe and you don’t?

11 Aug A- a better question may be ‘do you feel sorry for the cast of SGU having to work with Hewlett?’

11 Aug BTW, Mais oui, je parle toujours avec mes amis français.

11 Aug Q- 终于看到你了,开心。你没有上facebook?

11 Aug A- it’s all Chinese to me…mon ami.

11 Aug Q-The skunk thought the stump stunk and the stump thought the skunk stunk. Who stunk? The skunk or the stump?

11 Aug A- perhaps the most insightful question of the day. Let me get back to you….after my head explodes

11 Aug are you afraid that @dhewlett ‘s squirrel army could still vote him to be actor of the month, and kick you out? ;D

11 Aug A-perhaps you should first ask the dead army of leprechauns who tried stealing my Guinness

11 Aug Long day shooting. Need to figure out weekend plans. Leaning toward Donegal. I’ll check out surf report. Never get over Ireland’s beauty

11 Aug Thanks to the girls at @FlanInfo for help with the twitter stuff! And the support in general.

12 Aug Hewlett is suspiciously quiet. Perhaps he’s too busy voting for himself. Let me give him a call

13 Aug Coming back to Ireland has been deeply profound for me, and it’s not just the beer….it’s also the whiskey

13 Aug Me and Ken @tkl7 from costumes on ‘The Other Side’. He’s starting to look good after 2 weeks in the woods.

Joe and Ken

13 Aug Seriously, it’s been a great experience. Wonderful cast crew and producers. Really hoping to come back for future projects (non-pub related)

13 Aug One more week of shooting ‘The Other Side’, more affectionately pronounced by my Irish crew as ‘Te Utter Side’

13 Aug Hewlett must have Carpal Tunnel syndrome by now.

13 Aug Q&A was fun. Should we do another one?

13 Aug BTW, the ladies @FlanInfo have been super helpful with all of this. I recommend you follow them.

13 Aug Let’s plan on Q-A for Monday (Irish time). Look forward to it

15 Aug Chopper ride to the west coast of Ireland, Aran Islands, Cliffs if Mohr with my bro-in-law. Is there such a thing as heli-surfing?

15 Aug Let’s do Q&A during the day tommorow (Monday) folks.

15 Aug WHAT A DAY! Took heli over cliffs of Mohr, landed on island of Inishmore, swam in Atlantic, flew to bay of Galway for Oyster and Guinness, and all with great friends. Life is GOOD!

Life is GOOD!

16 Aug G’morning sleepy heads. Almost 11am Dublin time. Going to start answering questions, but first, how about David Hewlett and his squirrels?

16 Aug Wasn’t there another story about an actor and his squirrels? Oh, wait a minute, those were gerbils

16 Aug Q-Seriously unlikely, but if the chance arose, would you be tempted to reprise the Brendan Dean role from Thought Crimes?

16 Aug A-absolutely, great role, great potential series. That’s probably why it didn’t get picked up. We have mediocrity to protect

16 Aug Q-Hi Joe! Is there any part of acting that you don’t like?

16 Aug Not acting.

16 Aug Q-David Hewlett? Who’s David Hewlett?

16 Aug Need I say anymore?

16 Aug Q-what type of aftershave is that?

16 Aug L’eau du bières

16 Aug Q-What’s your favorite song right now?

16 Aug A-The Pogues “Dirty Old Town”

16 Aug Q- What’s your daily intake of Vitamin G?

16 Aug A- 4 pints of Vitamin Guinness before bed

16 Aug Q- What car do you drive?

16 Aug This is my favourite car. Gets me from my house to the beach. Kids also love driving it. It is affectionately known as Pedro the Mule  (cont)

Pedro the Mule

16 Aug

16 Aug Might have been a problem with photo. Here it is again

16 Aug Q- If you could star in any Brittish film,tv program what would it be and why?

16 Aug A-Dr. Who, extras, the office

16 Aug Q-Glad you’re enjoying the MotherLand. What has been the biggest surprise to you about Ireland?

16 Aug

16 Aug Without a doubt. The road signs. Check it out. This is just from yesterday

16 Aug Q-Do you remember what was your fav toy you liked the most as a child?

16 Aug A-a red go-cart, my chariot o’fire. Taught my little brother how to be a stuntman by throwing him out at full speed. High learning curve.

16 Aug Q-When you feel depressed, what do you do?

16 Aug A-I remind myself that, at least, I’m not David Hewlett, or a squirrel.

16 Aug Once again. Q-Glad you’re enjoying the MotherLand. What has been the biggest surprise to you about Ireland?

16 Aug A-the people are truly wonderful! They are as beautiful as the land itself. Hoping to make this country an important part of my future.

16 Aug Q-What would be ur biggest hopes and dreams for u5r boys?

16 Aug A-That they will have their own hopes and dreams, independent of their parents.

16 Aug Q- if you were in England and you got the chance to would you go on Top Gear?

16 Aug Yes. Please make it happen

16 Aug Q-Why did you pick a picture of you looking so glum for you icon pic?

16 Aug A-That’s my happy look sweetheart   

16 Aug Q- I’m a cat. I hear you don’t like cats, you like dogs. Why?

16 Aug A-cats are smarter than I am, that makes me uncomfortable. But the fact that you, as a cat, were able to twitter me questions, freaks me out

16 Aug For whatever it’s worth, I’ve actually voted for David Hewlett over 5 thousand times. That makes at least 3 of us voting for him. Go DH

17 Aug Why are enlightened people so unhappy?

17 Aug That’s not a rhetorical question, nor an attempt at any early morning philosophy.

17 Aug Me happy

17 Aug Neal McDonough fired from ABC series 4 refusing to do sex scenes. He’s a great actor and an acquaintance. Good 4 him 2 stick with principles

17 Aug Can’t wait to get back home and surf. But I will really miss Ireland, especially the friends I’ve made.

17 Aug Maybe the ABC producers should replace Neal with David Hewlett for the sex scenes, and turn the show into a horror film

17 Aug Craig from Newfoundland suggests ‘Hewlett’s House of Horrors’

17 Aug Yes, Lisa, the ‘Rocky Hewlett Picture Show’

17 Aug btw, I pick on the people I like. Also, trying 2 get my residual checks sent back 2 me accidentally sent to @dhewlett. Who has the leverage?

17 Aug @LeeCassar HAPPY BDAY!!

17 Aug Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to follow Rob Soohan@robsoohan my current castmate and future target. Prepare to die, Rob!

18 Aug My best friend and drinking buddy ‘Oscar’


18 Aug RT @jonhall1980@JoeFlanigan from the right angle Oscar looks a bit like Dhewlett. Sorry Oscar.

18 Aug @JennyLovesSGA I notice you!!

18 Aug This would be Grover. The bane of my existence and mortal threat to all nice rugs and furniture


18 Aug Announcing first online dog show. Twitter-Dawg? T-Dawg? Top-Dawg? Send photos of dogs, i pick winner. No cats,squirrels or ex-girlfriends.

18 Aug Make sure they are saveable images

18 Aug Incredible response already! Need help from the girls at FlanInfo to start saving pics.

18 Aug Try to keep everything to 1 pic

18 Aug Wow. We’ve got hundreds, maybe thousand of dog pics. Stiff competition . It’s a dog-eat-dog world outher. @dhewlett where is Mars?

18 Aug I gotta tell you, this dog contest rocks! If only dogs ran the world. Can’t wait to pick winner. Keep em coming folks.

19 Aug RT @thekarachikid: @JoeFlanigan Hi. Would love if you could tweet about the #floods in#pakistan. People can donate through here:

19 Aug @thekarachikid Please send support. This Is a monumental disaster taking place in one of the most critical areas in the world right now.

19 Aug @thekarachikid No Problem. Would love to help.

19 Aug Wuz’up dawgs? Please submit pics to this link. Too many pics for us to process ourselves. Love the photos!

19 Aug In case people didn’t get it the first time this is how you upload a pic

19 Aug Dog photos and Guinness for tonight. Castmates and I will pick finalists. Yabba Dabba Doo.

20 Aug Finalists coming!

20 Aug @dhewlett in Santa Monica right now as all 4 of my dogs r taking rather massive craps in Hewlett’s new front lawn..and chasing squirrels.

20 Aug Here are some topdawg finalists

20 Aug More!

20 Aug And finally the rest…

Editor’s note: you may watch the T-Dawg gallery here

20 Aug While we’re waiting for a winner I have good news/bad news. First bad news, can’t go to Glasgow. Good news; because I’ve got a new project

20 Aug Terribly sorry to all the fans and promoters. I was genuinely looking forward to it and specifically drinking single-malt scotch.

20 Aug New project is a 2 hour backdoor/pilot about a young couple inheriting 5 adopted kids after the death of a friend, called “Best Laid Plans”.

20 Aug And the runner up for the first ever TopDawg contest (in this case aptly named Bad Dawg, or Very Bad Dawg) is….

20 Aug I still play an AirForce pilot.

20 Aug BTW, my bad, my announcement was supposed to proceed after Collectormania’s announcement but I got the timing wrong. Deep apologies.

20 Aug And the winner by technical knockout is……..

21 Aug Back in the USA, buy not for long.  (Canada, beware). Will miss my fresh pints of Guinness almost as much as my cast and crew. Sláinte.

23 Aug  Sorry 4 the absence. In remote part of CT. No reception, but lots of exciting activities like antiquing. God help me! Where is my Guinness?

23 Aug Trying to shake the image of Hewlett in the new Planet of the Apes.  Must..warn…others.  Do Apes complain a lot?

25 Aug Back in in Malibu. Attacked by my four dogs. When they piss on your leg, that means they miss you, right? Waves are sweet. Going surfin!

27 Aug Chicago, Chicago, hell of a town, hell of a town. Then Toronto. They need theme song..and I they will have one after I’m done w/ that city

27 Aug Is Grover sad I’m leaving?  I’m reading apathy.


27 Aug Now that’s the sad face I’m looking for.


27 Aug  Felix


27 Aug Django


29 Aug Leaving Chicago. Trying to recuperate from my time in stage with Hewlett. Hope he doesn’t mind the dirty handkerchief I put in his bag.

Editor’s note: See below David Hewlett’s tweets on the occasion

@JoeFlanigan Currently heating my room to above 114 degrees in order kill off any possible con-Flanigan-ation I may have been exposed to.

Don’t go changing @joeflanigan, we love you just the way you are…leaving!

Great to share the stage with @joeFlanigan in Chicago, or anywhere, but Chicago particularly. He’s gone? I never liked that guy..beady eyes!

29 Aug RT @robdelaney: Kittens are God’s way of saying “Relax assholes, JC & I got this. Plus it’s totally OK to be a homo. Now let’s dance.””. LOL!

30 Aug RT @KathrynDowney@JoeFlanigan One of Sheppard’s sweatshirts worn by you onscreen just went for $511 & a leather jacket went for $1000…wow

30 Aug @KathrynDowney@JoeFlanigan One of Sheppard’s sweatshirts worn by you onscreen just went for $511 & a leather jacket went for $1000…wow”. How do you know they are mine? (cont)

30 Aug Just met cast. My 4 adopted children are more mature than I am. Need to put on game face and pretend to be my age.

31 Aug My dogs are confused. Where is Hewlett’s new front lawn? House-warming gifts.

31 Aug In the process of child-proofing our hotel windows, they have prevented my wife and I from jumping. Terrorista

31 Aug Great news. Lake Ontario has surf! Maybe I’ll paddle back to America

1 Sep Just be home by 10…and don’t do anything your father would do.

1 Sep What do you mean you left my scotch in the other dimension?

What do you mean you left my scotch in the other dimension?

1 Sep Fergus makes sure the Guards at Windsor get it right.

2 Sep Katherine and kids just left to go back home. Hate being in the hotel alone. Going to visit my friends set for new ScyFy show. Stay busy

3 Sep Woke up with the Sex Pistols stuck in my head. Inner nihilist is jockeying for pole position. Could be an interesting day.

4 Sep Can’t wait to watch the All Ireland Hurling Final tomorrow. Hope Charter Communications doesn’t let me down.

8 Sep Receiving cryptic SOS’s. It’s Hewlett..needs help…he’s..omg..guest starring on what? SGU. What was he thinking?!..must..warn..others

8 Sep Apologies, for absence. Was stuck on the planet Malibu with strange tribe of natives claiming they were my children. Hey, where’s my money?

8 Sep Also, stop following the fake Jason Momoa on twitter.BTW, he did seem pretty weird during the last beer we had. Friggin’ Zombies everywhere!

9 Sep Insanely long day on set. 630am to 10pm. Really great people though, cast crew and producers. Always nice to work with nice people.

9 Sep RT @robdelaney: I love America & I love my family. But they can go fuck each other, cuz here comes football!

9 Sep RT @dhewlett: “@katyperry: Go #stargate go!” Guess she kissed a nerd and must have liked it?!

10 Sep Hell is an indoor shopping mall

10 Sep Quote from my cousin’s anniversary speech: “we’ve been married 15 years, honey, but it’s only felt like 15 minutes……….underwater”

10 Sep The online dog contest was very cool and will probably be stolen by some nefarious schmuck, so let’s move onto another idea.

10 Sep White-lies contest. I want to here those little white-lies we tell others, and ourselves, everyday. Example: “no, you don’t look fat”

10 Sep “I like being single”

10 Sep “that tasted great”

10 Sep “I like being married”

10 Sep “of course she’s not better looking than you”

10 Sep RT @Snaqwells: I love when your Mom comes over for the weekend.#whiteliescontest @JoeFlanigan

10 Sep RT @JoshuaCrooch: @JoeFlanigan “I think Stargate Atalantis was the best of the three series”

10 Sep RT @forkablefia: @JoeFlanigan “it’s not you, it’s me.”

10 Sep “you have a great voice”

10 Sep RT @Scabard: @JoeFlanigan “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it”

10 Sep “your poetry is amazing”

10 Sep “it’s a really good script”

10 Sep RT @HannahWakeford: @JoeFlanigan - “your friends are really nice”

10 Sep RT @fringefull: @JoeFlanigan “What a beautiful baby…”

10 Sep “we don’t have a favorite child”

10 Sep RT @whosjeebus: @JoeFlanigan “Uh… that’s not mine, officer.” #whitelies

10 Sep RT @yeager_ink: @JoeFlanigan I think SGU was a good direction for the franchise

10 Sep RT @vecturist: @JoeFlanigan - “Yes they’re real.”

10 Sep “it’s not about the money”

10 Sep RT @yaboiksar: @JoeFlanigan “It happens to all men at some time or another.”

10 Sep RT @Vox989: @JoeFlanigan “it was like that when I got here…”

10 Sep “there are no stupid questions” #whitelies

10 Sep RT @lisawest99: @JoeFlanigan dont worry your going to heaven

10 Sep “I turned it down” #whitelies

10 Sep “what comes around, goes around” #whitelies

10 Sep “it’s not about winning or losing” #whitelies

10 Sep “The White Lies contest is brilliant. Joe Flanigan is a genius”#whitelies

10 Sep “thankyou for flying with us” #whitelies

10 Sep “@anyanka_eg@JoeFlanigan “I didn’t mean to set the carpet on fire. Cotton wool just burns way faster than I thought” #whitelies

10 Sep “@BeebeONE: Has started the #whitelies contest on Facebook.Wow! I have a bunch of liars for friends. @JoeFlanigan I gave you all the credit.

10 Sep RT @montybird11: @JoeFlanigan Its OK to be different. #whitelies

10 Sep “work is good for you” #whitelies

10 Sep RT @LieutenantLoker: @JoeFlanigan “yes Lindsay, you CAN be president if you try”#whitelies

10 Sep “it’s only a flesh wound” #whitelies

10 Sep “you think I enjoy this?” #whitelies

10 Sep RT @lindagagne: @JoeFlanigan “sorry I am a bitch sometimes”

10 Sep “we answer the phone calls in the order they are received”#whitelies

11 Sep #whitelies contest wildly, and disturbingly, successful. Nefarious schmucks stealing, again. Should be renamed #flanigansfabulousfalsities

11 Sep  Friday’s fabulous falsities fantastically fulfilling. Finally finished friends. Time to move on. How about #factgasm. Example to follow.

11 Sep  “the human corpse decomposes 30 percent slower than it did 25 years ago”. Who said preservatives weren’t good for you? #factgasm

11 Sep RT @morrisgaz @JoeFlanigan more than 10 people a year are killed by vending machines #factgasm

11 Sep RT @MajorBerry   

@JoeFlanigan #factgasm The word “fuck” is an acronym. “Fornicate Under Command of the King” issued when England was severely under populated

11 Sep RT @vida_boheme   

@JoeFlanigan In ancient Japan, public contests were held to see who in a town could fart the loudest and longest. #factgasm

11 Sep RT @morrisgaz @JoeFlanigan the average person spends 3 years of his/her life on the toilet! #factgasm

11 Sep RT @Vspun @JoeFlanigan The germ droplets from a sneeze can travel up to 30 ft. #factgasm

11 Sep RT @onesy147 @JoeFlanigan A duck’s quack doesn’t echo, and no one knows why. #factgasm

11 Sep  “@thekristen999: If your head gets chopped off your brain still functions for 15 seconds. #factgasm” I can personally say that’s true

11 Sep RT @anyanka_eg   

@JoeFlanigan 95.8% of statistics are made up on the spot #factgasm

11 Sep RT @todmonsta   

@JoeFlanigan a 6 year old laughs an average of 300 times per day while adults laugh 15 to 100 times #factgasm

11 Sep RT @thesilverwolf77   

@JoeFlanigan Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise #factgasm

11 Sep RT @Anne_Themmick   

@JoeFlanigan No piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times #factgasm

11 Sep RT @Anne_Themmick   

@JoeFlanigan Orcas (killer whales), when traveling in groups, breathe in unison #factgasm

11 Sep RT @HooleyHoo @JoeFlanigan The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 BC. #factgasm

11 Sep RT @Th0rHere @JoeFlanigan If the population of China walked past you in single file, the line would never end because of the rate of reproduction.

11 Sep RT@ PlasticSheppard #factgasm @JoeFlanigan I am you, only shorter.

14 Sep  Sorry for my absence. Been clocking serious hours on new movie. Lovely people though, especially putting up with me. Where’s Crafty?

14 Sep  Thanyou for all the thankyou’s. Made me feel special and wasn’t just the single malt-scotch talking (and trust me, it talks)

16 Sep  “@karenford1: @S_Aversa i’ll i’m hoping that Joe might send me a nice tweet my way for my anniversary today, but we’ll see. Happy Anniversary!

16 Sep  Who says America has fallen behind? “

16 Sep  My wife is so difficult. Won’t let me put up the #ThanksJoe list above the fireplace..or the bed. How about the kid’s required reading list?

19 Sep  My son asks “why is America the greatest country in the world?” A: rule of law, not rule of man, and…deep-fried beer. Not in that order

19 Sep  Shooting at NASCAR in New Hampshire. Speed, wonderful lovely mind-numbing speed and noise. Music to my ears

19 Sep  Sorry, no 3G for twittering the last 3 days. Be back in top form soon. After I get a new set of eardrums.

20 Sep  Getting really annoyed by boring celebrity tweets. New contest: Most Boring Tweets #mostboringtweets No one will be spared, Rachel L.

21 Sep ….and then I had a nice cup of tea and listened to some smooth jazz. Lovely springtime! #mostboringtweets

21 Sep  I’m an alcoholic #mostboringtweets

21 Sep  I’m a recovering alcoholic #mostboringtweets

21 Sep  boy oh boy, where does all the time go? #mostboringtweets

21 Sep RT @BeebeONE   

@joeflanigan I’m on fire #mostboringtweets

21 Sep  Alright, I’m bored with the #mostboringtweets. Let’s move on. Suggestions?

22 Sep  Today is a Led Zeppelin day.

22 Sep  “@DamnedFacts: @JoeFlanigan Are you actually a Johnny Cash fan?” Is the Pope Catholic? Is beer for breakfast?

22 Sep  Going to make a personal request momentarily about my close friend Sarah Geary and struggle with ALS..stay tuned.

24 Sep  Letter from Joe I would like to introduce everyone to my close friend Sarah Geary. Earlier this year she was (cont)

Editor’s note: read the letter here

 24 Sep  “Joe, is there any way we can simply donate without bidding on the auctions?” Yes. Visit

24 Sep  Also, maybe we can get this sent off GateWorld and other fan sites. I welcome the help

24 Sep  “@ForestMaid: @JoeFlanigan … I can just donate some money???” Yes. Visit

24 Sep  Sarah Geary’s site there are US and UK donnors options only. How can people from other countries help?” good question, let me look into it

24 Sep  “@Tashirasbubble: @JoeFlanigan : There are options on the website to send money by mail or via ebanking for those not in the UK or US”

24 Sep  Just to correct a few typos. Letter from Joe I would like to introduce everyone to my close friend Sarah Geary. (cont)

24 Sep  Excellent observation. Damn auto-correction. Should have been ‘alluring’ “@LisaVBr: @JoeFlanigan: Sorry, not (cont)

24 Sep  “Whoa!! Connections in fandom are on fire with @JoeFlanigan ‘s request! The power of fans for sure! :)” You guys rock!

24 Sep  “@BrentSpiner RT @JoeFlanigan letter…very cool of you sir.” Thanks Brent.. See you

24 Sep  “ Hey, is it possible to donate if you’re not in the US or the UK?” Yes. There are options. Please visit

25 Sep  Received a message from Geary’s last night. They are deeply moved by the generosity of the fans. Keep on it!

25 Sep  Calculating the amount of time I’ve spent in planes, cars, hotels, and trailers, then comparing to my life expectancy. Where’s the mini-bar?

28 Sep  3 days left of shooting. Will miss working with the lovely and talented Brooke White. Great cast, crew. That’s 2 months on road,must go home

28 Sep  Viral support for Sarah Geary astounding. Should make the even the most shrivelled hearts beat a little stronger. Beers for everyone!!

29 Sep  Tough decision: watch Anderson Cooper, Glen Beck, or Jersey Shore…..or self detonate in my hotel room.

29 Sep  I’ll leave a tip for housekeeping

29 Sep  “Can someone just make a donation to your friend without going through the auction?” Yes, yes, yes.

29 Sep  “@GracieValenti: Leave coins, bills tend to ash-up a bit in the presence of an explosion.” I would be nothing without you guys. God bless

29 Sep  “@esmerel: self-detonation will ultimately suck less” I get by with a little help from my friends

30 Sep  Is it just my imagination, or are my arms and legs being controlled by a major corporate sponsor?

30 Sep  Note to self: next time purchasing my own action-figure in store, come with well-developed excuse.

1 Oct  And that is a wrap! After 2 all nighters and 30 other days. Now, if I could just locate the rest of my brain I can pack and get out of here.

1 Oct  Flying to U.S. from Toronto no longer considered ‘international’, underscoring my long held belief that Canada DOES NOT EXIST, except on TV

1 Oct  Or maybe, it’s the U.S. that doesn’t exist? Must..not sleep..must….warn others..

1 Oct  Maybe if I get kidnapped and interrogated by the Taliban I won’t have to go on the family trip to DisneyWorld in a few weeks.

1 Oct  Maybe if I get kidnapped and interrogated by the Taliban I won’t have to go on the family trip to DisneyWorld in a few weeks.

1 Oct  After 2 months, now 5minutes from home. Preparing for full frontal attack from boys and dogs. Will use my lessons from “When Bear Attack”.

5 Oct  Sorry for absence. Been enjoying








5 Oct  Had Sarah and Tim at house this Sunday. Both extremely touched and grateful for the groundswell of support from fans. Again, you guys rock!

5 Oct  And it that vein, one more reminder Regarding Sarah Geary:

5 Oct  Or direct donations of any size to:

7 Oct   Truman turns 8 today. Negotiating gift package harder than Middle East peace talks. Thankgod I got rid of this RPG’s in the garage.

9 Oct  2 soccer games and one pie festival. And it’s only AFTERNOON. Making arrangements to watch US vs Poland soccer right now in my stretcher.

11 Oct  Would love to play Nathan Drake! And I’m damn good at the game too.

12 Oct  Bonjourno! How about a Q&A tomorrow? Want to make another big push for Sarah Geary before our auction closes on Thursday.

12 Oct  Watched Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman debate in governors race. California is doomed. Looking forward to the next earthquake for a hard reset.

13 Oct  Ok. Time has arrived for some Q&A. Also, reminder auction items close tomorrow 1pm EST.

13 Oct  “@lisawest99: @JoeFlanigan #AskJoe Im at the liquor store…what should I buy?” Lagavulin 16year. Or better yet, have someone else buy it.

13 Oct  “@snigglewit: @JoeFlanigan #AskJoe Did majoring in history ever do you one damn bit of good?” Did lots of good, just no practical good.

13 Oct   “@domdomjohnshep: @JoeFlanigan Which regions have you visited in France and which one have you loved the most? #AskJoe.” Le Sud

13 Oct  “@SO_natani: #AskJoe If you were to direct something, what would you cast Hewlett and Momoa as?” Hewlett as ‘Thelma’ and Momoa as ‘Louise’

13 Oct  @JoeFlanigan #AskJoe Where can we see your wife’s paintings?” She’s having a show soon


13 Oct  “@MajorBerry: @JoeFlanigan Do you like white fluffy rabbits? :) #AskJoe” Indeed, especially with a buerre blank sauce, medium-rare.

13 Oct  “@PlasticSheppard: @JoeFlanigan #askjoe Which of the 3 Sheppard action figures is your favourite?” Black Field-Ops for sure.

13 Oct  “@AskJoe Where’s the best place to hide a corpse?” Concrete has always proven the most effective. Or the bench of the U.S. Supreme Court.

13 Oct  “@LisaVBr: #AskJoe @JoeFlanigan Has all the support for your friend Sarah helped her healthwise, perked her up?” Monumentally. Kudos to all!

13 Oct  “@Gamma626: @JoeFlanigan #AskJoe What are your HONEST thoughts on SGU?” Honesty is not always the best policy

13 Oct  “@JoeFlanigan #AskJoe pro skier, Bush advance man, failed model, actor –anything else you would like to try?” Horseshoes, and curling

13 Oct  “@JoeFlanigan finally #sga s5 has started air on TV in Japan!! have you ever been to Japan?? :) #askjoe” Never. Can I stay at your place?

13 Oct  “would you ever consider running 4 governor of the great state of california? #askJoe” After last nights debate, yes! California Uber Alles!

13 Oct   “@JoeFlanigan What is the most unusual thing you have bought on the internet? #askJoe” Take a look for yourself.

13 Oct  “@gatedialer: @JoeFlanigan for #NathanDrake” LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

13 Oct “@JoeFlanigan What was the last book you read for pleasure? #askJoe # “Losing Mum and Pup” by Christopher Buckley. Lovely read. Great writer

13 Oct  “@danielmalek: @JoeFlanigan #AskJoe how do you make you hair do that?” Make your world upside down, like mine

13 Oct  “@zimrahil: @JoeFlanigan for CA governor! Start the campaign today!” Let’s go for #NickDrake first!

13 Oct  “@Rekws: @JoeFlanigan #AskJoe Favorite children’s bedtime book?” War and Peace

13 Oct  “@JennieDreyer: @JoeFlanigan What is your least favorite thing about being an adult? #AskJoe” Having to be friends with other adults

13 Oct  “@Tanith0709: @JoeFlanigan What is really the meaning of life? #AskJoe” I thought I answered that with this

13 Oct  #askjoe Why don’t you ever attend our #cakesocial or hold your own?” By Law, I’m not allowed within 300ft of another cake-social. Long story

13 Oct  “@TheRealJohnnyJ: @JoeFlanigan favorite pearl jam song?” Tough one, so many. How about “in my tree”

13 Oct  “@JoeFlanigan Who controls the radio when driving in the car: you, wife or kids? #askJoe” Me and boys vs. Mommy. Can get ugly

13 Oct  “@JoeFlanigan Pick one from three: Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys or The Pogues?#AskJoe” Seriously easy question, Sex Pistols for sure.

13 Oct  “I will launch 800 feet into the air if you tweet this answer, pizza topping choice? lol #askjoe” Launching to planet Ham and Pineapple

13 Oct  “@kerrikp: @JoeFlanigan You & Hewlett should stage The Odd Couple as a special charity event, what do you think? #AskJoe” Interesting idea!

13 Oct  “@SciFi1694: @JoeFlanigan Quick, ninjas or pirates? #askJoe” Pirates, matey!

13 Oct  “@joetx: @JoeFlanigan ninjas are cooler than pirates. . . .fyi” Follow the rum, Joe. Follow the rum

13 Oct  Is it my avatar of your butt that bugs you or something?” No it’s the damn Gingerbread he’s made of. I’m hungry!

14 Oct Thanks for your support of Sarah Geary. Keep hope alive.

14 Oct  “@hirokoibuki: aboslutely @JoeFlanigan for #NathanDrake #Uncharted :D” Let’s get this campaign rolling!

14 Oct  Countdown to DisneyHell: 48 hours…tick tock. If Florida can make missing chads dissappear, can’t they do the same with DisneyWorld?

19 Oct  Barely alive. 24 hours left in DisneyHell. Fighting zombie mind-control techniques, but outnumbered

19 Oct  Also, word of warning, the Magic Kingdom is dry. Must the be the ninth circle of Dante’s Inferno.

6 Nov  With my byatches backstage.

26 Nov  Happy Thanksgiving, twitterattis. Unfortunately, I’m in Stockholm Sweden eating fish by myself felling very much in exile.

26 Nov  Can anyone tell me how to say ‘single-malt scotch’ in swedish? Make that a double. And why is everyone laughing at my Viking helmut?

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  1. [UPD] #JFInfoJ New entry in the Journal.

  2. [UPD] #JFInfoJ New entry in the Journal.

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