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Joe Flanigan was interviewed during the Fan Expo Canada 2012, at Toronto, by @ramblingRuss

The actual interview starts at about min. 6:00 in the podcast linked here, and here’s the transcript.


Q: Here’s the very busy Joe Flanigan, how is it going?

A: Very good, how’re you doing?


Q: You had a really big role in Stargate, as Col Sheppard, how did you enjoy that 5 years experience?

A: I loved it, it was kind of like being a boy.


Q: That show had a lot of cast changes. Rainbow Sun Francks wasn’t exactly happy with how he got out. How did you deal with the ever changing cast?

A: Well, it was upsetting that they would get rid of certain cast members, I was bothered, there’s no doubt about it, but I didn’t have control over that. If I had it my way, everybody would have stayed put and grown with the show.


Q: What was the biggest challenge of the show? Because there was a practical set built, so you mostly had to interact with CGI monsters for the most part, right?

A: Not everything was CGI, we did a lot of prosthetics. We were dealing often with the actual physical presence of certain people. The green screen is challenging, I think there’s only a handful of actors that worked with the green screen as much as we have.


Q: How long did it take you to adjust “I have to picture this in my mind, I have to act this way”?

A: It took me two or three episodes to fully understand the impact of how this stuff was going to work, as well as the style of shooting that was taking place.


Q: Would you change the ending of the show? This was one of the few scifi shows that actually had an ending, it didn’t just go off the air.

A: Yes, I would have ended it very differently. But, once again, that was also out of my control.


Q: Would you want to go back and do Stargate Atlantis the movie? There’s been talk about an SGA spin off movie

A: Yes, there’s been quite a bit of talk, but so far it hasn’t happened, so we’ll see


Q: But would you be open to get to that role and that universe?

A: I’d like to get together with my friends from the show, absolutely.


Q: What’s your best memory of filming in Vancouver?

A: Just being with my cast and crew, we all turned into being very good friends. I miss that camaraderie.


Q: Where can we find you on the web?

A: I don’t have a website, but I think there are various fan websites that you can go to. The only thing I have is a twitter.


Q: When is you next project coming up?

A: I have a couple of movies coming out, one is called Heavy Metal, which was filmed in Brussels and they call it Metal Hurlant, based on the magazine Heavy Metal, and that’s pretty cool. And then there’s an action film called Six Bullets, with me and Jean Claude Van Damme starring. Right now I’m doing a very elaborate video game for Electronic Arts, it’s kind of cool.


Q: So you enjoy the voice work? No makeup, no costumes…

A: No, it’s not voice at all, it’s actually… you get fully scanned, your body and your face are fully scanned, it’s you, it’s your full likeness, it’s actually hard to tell the difference between video and a film. So it will be full representations of me, as a pivotal figure in the video game.


Q: How soon are we expecting that to come out?

A: Spring of 2013.


Q: I’m looking forward to seeing you in the world of video games.

A: I’m looking forward to that too.

Lots of photos from Toronto, including the video recording of his 1 hour Q&A session, can be found on tridget’s LJ

A previous interview can be found here, while brief reports and random comments from congoers can be found here.

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  1. [UPD][CON][INTERVIEW] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan's interview at #FanExpoCanada, by @RamblingRuss (pic by @EricaScribbles)

  2. [UPD][CON][INTERVIEW] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan's interview at #FanExpoCanada, by @RamblingRuss (pic by @EricaScribbles)

  3. [UPD][CON][INTERVIEW] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan's interview at #FanExpoCanada, by @RamblingRuss (pic by @EricaScribbles)

  4. RT @FlanInfo: Joe Flanigan's interview at Fan Expo Canada 2012 THX flaninfo & @carmendomino 4 the transcription

  5. [UPD][CON][INTERVIEW] #JFInfoJ #JoeFlanigan's interview at #FanExpoCanada, by @RamblingRuss (pic by @EricaScribbles)

  6. Joe Flanigan’s interview at Fan Expo Canada 2012

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