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Post revised on 16 Feb 2014 with info on new countries to broadcast the series, including US! Scroll down for updates.

The second installment of the series Metal Hurlant Chronicles, including Joe Flanigan’s episode, Master of Destiny, is to be aired on 3 November 2012 on the French channel France 4. First three episodes have been aired on 27 October.

Here below several caps.


Update 4 Nov

The first imdb viewer review was posted after the broadcast of the first three episodes and reads as follows:

Light-hearted punk era science-fiction28 October 2012
Author: jnlafargue from Paris

This TV show is a kind of punk version of the 50s classic “Twilight Zone”. The stories told are out of short stories found into “Métal Hurlant”, a very important comics and science fiction magazine published between 1975 and 1987 (and also in the US under the name of “Heavy Metal”), where it was possible to read people like Druillet, Moebius, Wrightson or Corben. Two animated movies have been done : Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000. The “Metal Hurlant Chronicles” is made of short episodes : stories and actors are never the same ones. The cast is quite surprising, with American and french actors. There are only six episodes (making seven stories, as one episode is sliced in two different stories) and the result is quite fair, even if the special effects can seem a little cheesy, but it might be on purpose, as it is naive and funny science-fiction.


A 7 minutes showreel was uploaded by Matt Misiraca, the Director of Photography of the series. It includes scenes from several episodes, including Master of Destiny.

More on this series in our earlier post.

Update 13 Nov

The series is currently  aired by AXN Scifi in Europe:

Romania, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine

Update 16 Nov

A brief vid, including behind the scenes pictures taken on set during the shooting of Master of Destiny at Keywell studios was uploaded on vimeo.

Update 16 Dec 2012

With this facebook post, Guillaume Lubrano (producer/director) announces the series would be aired in Australia and New Zealand as well.

Update 26 Jan 2013

New announcement by Guillaume Lubrano:

After Scandinavia and Australia, Spain and Portugal will also Broadcast the series on TV!

Update 16 Feb 2014

ScreenSpy has found for us the first two seasons of the show (all 12 episodes) are finally to be aired in US, on SyFy, starting 14 April 2014. Joe’s episode is the fifth one, in the first season. Thanks, ScreenSpy, for sharing the news!


MORE INFO on the series (production, cast, press, images) in our previous posts 1 and 2.

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  1. [UPD][CAPS] #JFInfoJ New post: #JoeFlanigan's episode of #MetalHurlant Chronicles tonight on France 4 at 23:00

  2. I hope the producers are able to get the series shown in the UK. It would make it easier to view the series online plus it would make it easier to purchase the DVD. It’s frustrating trying to watch France 4 online.

    • Is it possible to watch France 4 online? Could you give me the link so that I share it with other fans?
      Thx in advance :)

  3. [UPD][CAPS] #JFInfoJ New post: #JoeFlanigan's episode of #MetalHurlant Chronicles tonight on France 4 at 23:00

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