Oct 272012

Joe Flanigan is filming a new pilot for Lifetime, along Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Eureka), who plays his wife. The working title is “The Secret Lives of Wives“, based on Iris Krasnow’s book.

Updated post: 16 Jan 2013; The pilot was NOT picked up, scroll down for story.


Joe himself announced it on twitter, while Salli even shared a photo. She started shooting on 18 Oct, and appears to be one of the four women whose lives are under scrutiny in this drama. They are Reed (played by Salli), Keaton (Amber Clayton), Jessie (Lauren Bittner) and Michelle (Kim Raver).

For the casting of some of the “husbands”, see here details; no mention of Joe though, in this article dated Oct 11th. His imdb page doesn’t mention this either.

Later update: Joe’s been announced to co-star in Lifetime’s pilot by deadline.com. From here we get the name of his character, Jared, and this: “Flanigan will play Reed’s husband Jared, unshaven and a shadow of his former self who has become passive and unresponsive to his marriage.”

Picture shared by Salli Richardson via twitter “Guess who my new husband is on the show”


“The Secret Lives of Wives” deals with the blunt truth behind the marriages of four different women. It is an honest portrayal of the ultimate challenge every respect be guaranteed: the emotional and sexual durability…


Richardson is slated to play Reed, one of the wives, who is professionally known as “The Siren.” Reed is described as a “sultry host of a call-in radio show that caters to women’s fantasies.” But Reed’s radio show personality proves problematic to her already troubled 17-year long marriage.

The pilot is listed as being in post-production on imdb, due in 2012 (as a 60 min TV movie), hopefully to be developed into a 2013-2014 season (if picked up).

Synopsis and production related info from thefutoncritic.com


7/19/12 – 10/29/12


currently in development (2013-2014 season)


ordered to pilot


(from Lifetime’s press release, July 2012) Inspired by the book by Iris Krasnow, The Secret Lives of Wives (working title) will explore the unvarnished truth behind the marriages of four different women, breaking down the creative ways each close friend nurtures, maintains and endures what many see as an impossible convention of modern life. With a relatable and provocative approach, the pilot will provide an honest portrayal of the ultimate challenge every relationship faces – emotional and sexual longevity. Jill Gordon (Five), who wrote the pilot, will also executive produce with Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes) and Jennifer Gwartz (Veronica Mars); Krasnow will serve as a producer. The Secret Lives of Wives (working title) will be produced by Lin Pictures in association with Warner Horizon Television.


· Amber Clayton as Keaton
· Callum Blue as Dan
· David Conrad as Wil
· Derek Smith as TBA
· Joe Flanigan as Jared
· Kim Raver as Michelle
· Lauren Bittner as Jessie
· Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Reed
· Valerie Cruz as Alyse


Announcement of Lifetime ordering this pilot here, deadline.com.

Announcement of Salli joining the regulars (as first lead) here, dvdseriesonline.com.

Announcement of Joe being cast here, deadline.com.

Other sources:

article in deadline.com (Salli Richardson-Whitfield to star in Lifetime’s “Secret Lives of Wives” Pilot)

Salli Richardson’s twitter

article indiewire (Salli Richardson Is ‘Sultry’ Radio Show Host in Lifetime Pilot ‘The Secret Lives of Wives’)

2 articles in cinemablend.com: source and source 2

archive of deadline.com articles on the cast members

“The Secret Lives Of Wives”, by Iris Krasnow, the book, and a collection of readers’ reviews.

Update 29 Oct

New article mentioning the cast and relations between characters in DTVUSAforum.com

Hurricane Sandy seems to be disruptive for the pilot, reports deadline.com: “Warner BROS TV’s impacted shows are 666 Park AvenueThe Carrie DiariesThe FollowingGolden BoyGossip Girl and Person of Interest plus the pilot The Secret Lives of Husbands And Wives.”


Update 30 Oct

Sorry for the obvious mistake about the hurricane Sandy interfering with Joe’s pilot: we’ve got it all wrong, as they were talking about the show with a very similar title “The Secret Lives of Husband and Wives”! Thanks to SA Miller for pointing this to us in the commentary below!

So, no actual negative impact on “The Secret Lives of Wives” expected from Sandy. Apologies and we promise to be more careful next time we report ‘secret lives’, be them of husbands’ or wives’ :)

Update 24 Dec

With a two months delay since the first announcement, the project is finally listed on Joe’s IMDb page.

Update 16 Jan 2013

Unfortunately, the pilot was not picked up by LifeTime. Sources: hollywoodreporter.com, deadline.com, imdb.com.

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  1. [UPD] #JFInfoJ New post: #JoeFlanigan is shooting a new pilot for Lifetime http://t.co/OUkholfH @lifetimetv @sallirichardson

  2. Thanks – great compilation of info on the pilot. You may want to add David Conrad (from Ghost Whisperer) to the list of husbands.He was cast last week. Joe was the last to be cast. I guess they saved the best for last. :)

    • Thx for this! Meanwhile we even got a hint of how his character will be like, see the update in the post above. It should be interesting :)

  3. RT @FlanInfo: Joe Flanigan is shooting a new drama pilot for Lifetime http://t.co/pZ0OjSoB a compilation of news abt the new Joe's project

  4. @RhondaLane Yes, thx:) Check here what we've learned so far http://t.co/OUkholfH

  5. @RhondaLane Yes, thx:) Check here what we've learned so far http://t.co/OUkholfH

  6. Hey, about that last update you posted about the shooting of Joe’s new pilot in NYC being shut down – it looks like the Philly paper got it wrong. They are talking about another pilot by Jerry Bruckheimer “The Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives,” That show is being produced by Warner Brothers and is listed on the NYC film site as being shot in NY. Joe’s show is not listed. Here is the source article from Deadline:

    Another article about the Bruckheimer pilot -
    I am seeing some posts and news article mixing up these two pilots because of the similar names. Source form Deadline on the other pilot:

    • Thanks for the correction! The funny thing is I’ve checked the original source, even copied from there, and didn’t see the mistake :( Can’t actually explain how this happened…

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