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The last official Stargate Creation Ent convention in Vancouver is over now, and we attempt to give you here the feel of Joe Flanigan’s presence, as shared by fans. We are grateful to silvercomet21, flanigandaily, TheFanDoc, Richard Dickins, notoriousCori, crysothemis, arcticgoddess1, idahogrl823, tangotabby for pictures, reports and bits (from the panel or collected during signing/photo opportunity). We’ll add to this post as new things become available.

Post updated on 30 June. Scroll down for new, exciting, exclusive stuff! Not kidding!

  • Joe Flanigan would have liked more exploration of earth, if series continued
  • Paul McGillion said Kate Hewlett is very sexy. Joe Flanigan said she is from the better side of the gene pool
  • Unfortunately Sarah is not doing well :( Editor’s note: for those new to this site, Sarah Geary is Joe’s friend, suffering from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrigs disease. Joe posted a heartfelt letter two years ago, asking for fans’ support, and have occasionally mentioned her since. More info here
  • Q for David: “Why Joe wasn’t in ‘A dog’s breakfast’?” Answer: “We had Mars (the dog), so already had the hair covered.”
  •  Joe was talking about the video game he will be doing. Others mocked ‘Look, Joe dies again. Oh Joe falls over the cliff.’ Very funny, David saying over & over ‘Joe falls off a cliff Joe falls off a cliff’ like he’d gleefully play game!
  • Backstage & at photo op, Joe was a darling, as always
  • At the panel, the boys were in a silly mood. ;-) Joe is a great guy. Very laid back.
  • There was absolutely no context for Joe balancing the microphone cover on his nose. It was done in the background while someone else was talking (I can’t remember who — David or Paul probably, because if it had been an audience member asking a question, he would have been attentive). He was fiddling with the mic and discovered that the cover would slide off, so he balanced it on his nose. No one else onstage seemed to notice, and he did it only for a split second (I missed the shot because I was laughing). Then he put it back on the mic and went on with the Q&A like he’d never had that moment of goofiness. It was hilarious.
  • Evel Knievel was a friend of his dad and he bought Joe his 1st dirt bike helmet.


Crysothemis’ photo gallery will be public for a limited time, go there and enjoy it!


Idahogrl823 has shared on newmajor.net some of her thoughts after the Meet and Greet session with Joe and kindly allowed us to repost them here:

He’s very intuitive, articulate and a really good conversationalist on a lot of topics. We’ve talked about a lot of different things and he has an interesting perspective on a lot of different topics. I think he’s a pretty smart guy, just based on conversations.
I like doing meet and greets with him, he’s a friendly guy, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise. I’ve always had great experiences talking with him and good conversations.
[...] He’s very down to earth, and my experience, both towards me and my friends and other con goers I don’t know, is that he treats the people around him like equals. He’s not above them, and what he has to say isn’t more important than what they have to say. Conversations are very equal and engaging.

And a con report at this link, as well, thanks Hachi for adding it in the comments! We add here some tiny bits, but go there and read it all, it’s hilarious!

  • Joe and David had dinner together Saturday night. David ordered a manly sized steak, but Joe only ordered “the girly 12 oz steak” so he had to [try to] impress the waitress by telling her he can castrate cows Australian style.
  • Q: If characters got another season, what would they like to have happen? Joe shushed the person who asked, saying David didn’t know and still shows up every day.
  • Q: Atlantis character’s favorite childhood memory? Joe: Sheppard would’ve had Boy Scout memories of firing rockets. Or stealing a car. (David: “Sheppard’s bad ass!”)
Update 6 May

New photo galleries posted by fans on LiveJournal:

Update 16 May

A rich new photo gallery has been posted on facebook by Richard Dickins.

And a direct link to the gallery for those who can’t see it via the facebook (where Richard shared them initially).

Update 30 June

We are very fortunate to have received a full and very insightful report after the 2012 Vancouver convention, from a good friend who’s going to remain anonymous, and to whom we are extremely grateful. Thank you, Anonymous Joe Fan!

Day Three was the BIG day, for me, at least. The photo op with David started off the morning for me then it was backstage with David and Joe before their 11:15am panel. Joe explained about how he and David got talking about castration in the Australian cattle industry at their dinner the previous night. Joe’s phone rang at one point (his phone very often rings!) and he stepped away from the table and took the call, leaning against the wall, I might add, which btw, is one of my most FAVORITE Joe positions ; ).

Then it was time for the panel – Paul, David and Joe. I have to admit I was disappointed in this lineup. There was at least ONE person too many up there on stage. I don’t care for Paul McGillion. Okay, PM fans, please don’t fire your weapons, but he just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy but I never cared for the character of Carson and I guess that extends to Paul as well. These loaded panels were a hallmark of Vancon 2012 and I didn’t like it. I was hoping that Joe would get some stage time to himself but that didn’t happen. And barring that, that he and David would get the stage to themselves. But that didn’t happen either.

Then, there was the odd configuration of the stage this year. Normally Creation sets up a long, narrow stage. This year, though, it was less than half as long as usual and they had guests sitting in director’s chairs in the middle. So, even though I had a front row seat, I had David AND Paul between me and Joe. So I had quite a few clear photos of David Hewlett. Joe? Not as many.


As soon as the panel starts, I get up into the line for questions (it was right in front of my seat, so it was easy). There were two people in front of me and these three guys take forever to get to a question – they joke, they dodge, they obfuscate. It’s always a little dangerous when you try to ask them a question in front of the crowd.

But anyway, they finally got to me and my question, of course, was to Joe. I asked, How did you happen to meet Evel Knievel when you were a kid? And I held my breath, wondering if they were going to make fun of me.

But Joe seemed to warm to the subject. He said he didn’t know the whole story behind it but that his dad was friends with Evel. And that Joe thought he was just awesome. Joe said that once he and his dad went over to Evel’s house and that it was Evel who bought Joe his first dirt bike helmet, which Joe said was probably a sign of things to come. I thought it was a sweet story.

After that, well. When there are more than two people on a panel, one person is going to lose. And in this case, Joe lost. David and Paul kinda dominated the stage. David is pretty hard to compete with in any case but with Paul there, Joe didn’t stand a chance. They were on stage for a good bit of time (as much as an hour and a half, I think) but Joe spent way to much time listening to the two of them go back and forth.

And Joe is usually a roamer – when he’s on stage by himself, he never sits still. He goes back and forth across the stage, from one side to the other, taking questions, moving, acting out stories. It’s a thing of beauty. But in this set up, he sat the whole time. So this panel had some disappointments.


Next up for me was photo ops with Joe. I’d seen some pretty funny photo ops and Joe has always been game for just about anything but I couldn’t think of anything special. I talked to another fan who has done some of the most original, adorable photo ops with Joe that I’ve ever seen and she gave me a great idea but in the end, I was just too chicken to do it. It would require more than a five-word explanation and I wasn’t sure I could be that coherent in front of Joe!

So I ended up with Joe standing behind me, with his hands on my shoulders. Without even thinking about it, I put one of my hands on top of his. And the resulting photo kinda looks like the 20th wedding anniversary photo of my wildest fantasies! But I love it so much.


Okay. Where was I?? Oh, yeah. Convention.


Next up was the meet and greet. I love that only Joe’s meet and greet is labeled as a cocktail party! As per the great VIP service, we all ordered drinks before the M&G and everyone got beer (with the exception of one person) and we ordered Joe a couple of beers to choose from.

Something that’s new to the M&G is drawing for a seat (10 fans – 10 numbers in a jar – 10 seats). Now, some people don’t care for this procedure but I was kind of indifferent to it. I’d mentioned earlier to our VIP group (seven out of the 10 VIPS were also in Joe’s M&G!) that I’d never gotten to sit next to Joe at any of the 6 M&Gs I’ve been to but I’ve always gone into it taking my chances like everyone else so while I certainly wished I might do it some day, it wasn’t something I’ve dwelled on. But to make a long story short, I ended sitting on Joe’s right!

After a few minutes of waiting, Joe swaggers (even saunters) into the room and sits down. He looks at the two beers we had for him to choose from and he picks a Bud. Someone says something about his family being in the beer business and he says not any longer, that they were bought out (or forced out, I can’t remember which). Then he said, a little uncertainly, that August Busch was his great grandfather. And then he looks right at me. For a long time. It was the perfect moment for me to make a witty remark but I was so blindsided by suddenly having his eyes on ME, that I couldn’t say a word, and I just sat and stared back like a ninny. And it went on so long that finally, another fan broke the ice and said, What? Do you want her to confirm that? And everyone laughed, including Joe. I was totally useless, sitting there with my hot face!

He said he was glad that nothing came of Change of Plans – he didn’t really enjoy working with the Wal Mart people. He said the executives of the company were in charge of the production, not movie/TV people so decisions weren’t made based on good TV/acting choices.

The subject of Good Day For It came up. Joe said he was disappointed in the way it came out. He said that some of the director’s choices were kind of weird, for instance, holding the camera too long on Robert Patrick’s face in some scenes. He said it was really hard for an actor to hold a scene/ tension as long as RP was required to hold it in the movie and it messed with the flow of the story.

And then one fan began to argue with Joe about how she just didn’t like his performance in GDFI. Not shouting, of course but she just wouldn’t shut up. She said that she didn’t know what was going on with Joe’s character, that it didn’t make sense, that she felt like something was missing. (Something was missing alright.)

Remember what I said about the fans being the best/worst thing about cons? Well, this is what I meant by worst. This isn’t the first time I’ve run across this in a M&G. And I still don’t get it. M&Gs aren’t exactly cheap. Why go to that expense just to act like a jerk? There’s a big difference between engaging in conversation and being an ass trying to monopolize the hour that is being shared with 9 other fans. But this wasn’t even close. This person was completely oblivious.

Joe tried to respond to the lame points she was bringing up but she kept coming back at him. It went on long enough that the rest of us were starting to get uncomfortable. Finally, I took advantage of my place next to him and jumped into a brief moment when the dope stopped flapping her gums and told Joe, truthfully, that his part in GDFI was one of my favorite things that he’s done. That when the movie ended, it was Brady I wanted to know more about, about how the gunfight changed him. And I think I said that most of us understood the choices he was making with that role. And Joe thanked me for saying that. In the background I could hear one of the other fans call her down and at that point, she finally dropped it.


The next thing was the autographs. There were a number of people up for autographs at the same time – Joe, David, Chris Judge, KateH, PaulM and several other Stargate actors that I wasn’t really familiar with. But I only got Joe and David’s (later, got Kate’s). There’s been some controversy with Creation about personalizations and it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a personalized autograph from Joe.

I really and truly think, at least as far as Creation cons go, it has something to do with time. The earlier you’re in line, the better the chance you’ll get a personalization. But it also has to do with how much of a dick the celebrity’s handler is. On the first day autographs are available, the con staff hand out post-its to attendees while they’re in line and they write the attendees name on them. Then you stick the post-it on your photo(s) and the celeb will then personalize. But you have to get past the handler (the volunteer that sits next to the celeb at the autograph table).

I’ve had handlers simply remove the post-it and push it across the table to the celeb and that’s that. But this time, being as I was nearly at the front of the line I was prepared to fight. Luckily for Joe’s handler, I didn’t have to. He seemed to hesitate and he looked like he might remove the post-it for a second, but he didn’t.

When Joe saw it was me, he thanked me again for saying what I did about GDFI. And I said, again, how much I enjoyed it. And then, it was over. I went over and got David’s autograph but I didn’t need a personalization on that and he thanked me and that was it. Except for the part where the VIPs get to stay backstage even after this and all of us did, where we had a perfect view of Joe at his autograph table for the rest of the proceedings! It was the end of a truly great convention.



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  15. [UPD][REP][CON] #JFinfoJ So excited about a new Vancon2012 fan report! Positively a gem.Scroll down here http://t.co/S342aaha

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