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photo by Devin Garabedian

Post updated on 13 September

Joe Flanigan is making an appearance at Fan Expo Canada and according to the schedule he is going to attend all four days. On the first day he held a Q&A session and bits shared over twitter by fans are gathered here below. Hopefully more will surface in the following days and we’ll add them as well.

In the panel, Joe spoke about being a prankster, about his hair and why it’s crazy at times, about working with Amanda Tapping, about his reluctance to fight with sticks in SGA and his preference for Sheppard using guns instead.

RT @AndreaKoeln: Joe Flanigan talking a looot about his hair and why it’s crazy at times. lol.

RT @AndreaKoeln: Joe Flanigan: “Everybody loves @amandatapping (…) and I love her to death!!” Awww!!!!

Rainbow Sun Francks crashed his panel, to everyone’s delight, and spiced up the talks.

RT @ConsoleCreature: @RainbowFrancks crashing the #JoeFlanigan panel and the crowd goes wild! @FanExpoCanada

RT @TheFanDoc: Someone asked about shipping and sparky and Rainbow is yelling out ‘what’s a sparky?’ and Joe says that’s not pot Rainbow!

RT @Boston3346: Joe Flanigan: Shippers? When did UPS get involved in our show?

Editor’s notes: “shipping” = fans focusing on relationships between characters, both actual relationships and fantasised by the fans

“sparky” = some fans consider Sheppard and Weir being romantically involved, although not visibly on the screen. This relationship was dubbed sparky by the fans, while they call themselves sparkies.

We are grateful to everyone tweeting and retweeting and we’ll make our best to give credit to the contributors, but since we’ll certainly miss some, we apologise in advance! Credits go to: gracievalenti, The FanDoc, Andrea Koeln, ConsoleCreature, Erica Scribbles and many more!

See also: the interview offered by Joe to prior to the convention.

Update 25 Aug

On the second day, several fans reported Joe was walking with crutches, but apparently the injury is not very serious. ObiWanKen5 was kind enough to share this:

To everyone concerned about JFlan: it looked like he just sprained something rather badly, so he should be good to go if he’s careful :) He was fine yesterday. It had to have happened between the end of his panel last night and today when I saw him at 4pm.

I asked him of he had a good story to go with the crutches + he gave me a sheepish look + said, “I’ll figure one out eventually.” I also said I hoped he healed quickly and he smiled and said, “oh, I will. I always do. It’s my way.” Such a trooper :)

 Update 25 Aug / 2

“Day One recap” by can be found here. Excerpts: Joe’s Q&A.

[...] Then it was back upstairs for Joe Flanigan. Joe, who is best known for his role as Lt. Colonel John Sheppard on Stargate: Atlantis, was welcoming of his fans when he finally took the stage for his Q&A – he stayed to take questions up until the very end of his allotted hour, and was forthcoming and honest about all of his answers. A known prankster, the majority of the questions and answers dealt with his off-screen antics with his former Stargate cast. Recalling a variety of incidents involving pranks gone awry, Joe was crass, open and hilarious as a storyteller, particularly in his account of what happens when you let a cast member crash at your house.

Photo credits:, photo by Devin Garabedian


photo by Devin Garabedian

Update 25 August / 3

We’ve just found this picture shared by SPENCERisFRESH

Update 26 Aug

More about Joe walking on crutches – from the JoeFlaniganOnline group (thx Pippin for sounding so reassuring!):

Not really sure, I think it was his knee. He wasn’t on crutches on Thursday night, however was hobbling on them Friday and when he was doing his photo shoot he wasn’t putting all his weight on his left leg.

Also, when he sat down, you could see the pain in his face. I was first in line at his autograph session and felt so sorry for him. He’s a trouper tho, you would never know he was in pain after he sat down.

I asked him about it but he didn’t really give an answer just a shrug and a “oh just a me thing”.

Update 27 Aug

Picture taken and shared by Dennis Ilic (and also a hint of a uber-cool announcement?)

Update 12 Sep

An audio interview was posted here, in a podcast by Rambling Russ. Joe’s interview starts at min 6:00, and he speaks about filming in Vancouver and working against a green screen, plus his latest projects, including the video game he is currently doing (and due for release in Spring 2013): “a very elaborate video game”, “your body and your face are fully scanned, it’s you, it’s your full likeness, it’s actually hard to tell the difference between video and a film”.

Update 13 Sep

Joe’s Q&A session has been uploaded on youtube by tridget (LJ)

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