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Joe Flanigan’s episode of Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Master of Destiny, started shooting in Belgium on Monday, 2011, Nov 1st (production digest and info on broadcast in our previous post, here). Media coverage to be collected here below, if and when we become aware.

Post updated on 9 September 2012.

The 2011 Nov 4th edition of La nouvelle Gazette – Belgium had this cover (picture shared by Justine Veillot, producer at WE-Prod):

Cover page of La nouvelle Gazette – Belgium, 4 Nov 2011

The production is then extensively covered on a whole page, focusing mainly on Kelly Brook (Joe’s co-star), technical details of shooting CGI scenes and the advantage of having them shot in Belgium.

page 9 of La Gazette

From our limited knowledge of French, it appears they have already finished shooting the special effects part, if we interpret correctly the article  (disclaimer: link might not take you directly to the article, as subscription is required in order to read the content. You could try the page search).

Other info from the one page compilation (check the thumbnails below and your inner French):

  • the KeyWall virtual set is located in Marcinelle, some 70 km from Brussels,
  • at least these  two scenes were shot at the virtual set: a fight with a “space beast” and a fight between the two anti-heroes (we confess to be a bit puzzled by this). It will take 2 and a half months to finalise these two scenes,
  • the producers chose this filming location not only because it’s cheaper (due to tax-exempts and some special financing scheme), but because DreamWall and KeyWall are specialized in shooting comics,
  • Kelly Brook’s career so far: model since 16 years old, winner of FHM‘s 100 Sexiest Women In The World (2005), appears in Playboy (2010), movies/TV since 2001: Smallville, Skins, The Italian Job, Piranha.


Kelly Brook’s presence in Metal Hurlant was also covered by The Sun and article has a feature in its news section Joe Flanigan filming Metal Hurlant TV series announces the series with these words of wisdom:

“Fans of the comics should rest assured: the series is very close to the original, packed with action, heroic-fantasy, science fiction, violence, sex and… poetry”

Joe’s episode is the sixth in the first season of the series. Metal Hurlant is due to start airing in April (at least in Europe). More on this, including the episode storyline and details of the characters can be found in our earlier post.

Update 13 Nov 2011

The Gateworld info was taken over and published today by Unification France (article in French)

Update 23 Nov 2011

Matt Misiraca (the DOP for Metal Hurlant Chronicles) signalled today on his facebook page this article (in French). It appeared recently in Ecran Total, in page 10, under the heading: Metal Hurlant, c’est fantastique!


  • The pilot (featuring two stories: Red Light and Cold Hard Facts) was shot “both in French and English, as the series has an international vocation”
  • 20 countries have pre-ordered the series. 30 countries have acquired both seasons to date. In France, several distributors proved interested and negotiations are still on. Sony Pictures has acquired the series for its European Pay TV network. All these have allowed the producers to use the 1.4 MEur budget to shoot the first season, which called for special effects and an international cast.
  • Each episode is based on a different story and each will feature actual pages from the original comics.
  • All stars have accepted their roles upon reading the script.

Ecran Total, 23 Nov 2011, Metal Hurlant, c’est fantastique!

Update 24 November 2011

New article (in French) in

Update 11 April 2012

Justine Veillot (one of the producers) has recently updated her pro facebook account with a consistent gallery of press articles, promotional artwork and photos covering the series, its production and participation in festivals and pre-screenings.

Update 12 July 2012

Following the announcement of the series world premiere at San Diego Comic Con 2012 (in a dedicated panel on 14 July), several articles have been spotted by imdb and added to the series page:

“The SDCC 2012 Fright Schedule And Beyond – Saturday” in

“Comic-Con 2012 – Full Saturday Schedule” in

“Comic-Con 2012: A Look at Metal Hurlant Chronicles” in

“San Diego Comic-Con 2012: New Metal Hurlant Chronicles Images Come Hurtling Our Way” in

“A Fresh Stackload of Metal Hurlant Chronicles Images Land Online” in

“What to see at Comic Con 2012; Some panels to check out” in

Update 26 July 2012

New interview with director and producer Guillaume Lubrano

Update 1 August 2012

Insightful new article following an interview with Guillaume Lubrano taken at Comic Con 2012. We get to learn about the difficulties of making a whole series with the budget of a 90 minutes feature film, the producers’ plans for the future and how close they worked with the comics’ original creators in order to be as faithful to the story as possible:

[...] [Lubrano] and his team worked with some of the original creators to ensure a consistency of vision.

“If I want to add a sequence, I asked them, ‘Does it make sense with the way it was thought originally for the comic book?’” he explained. While adapting “The Master of Destiny,” he discovered scenes in the original comic script that did not appear in the final published comic, but it gave him extra insight and material for the episode.

Update 9 Sep 2012

The series will premiere on France 4 TV, starting with 3 November 2012. News about its airing on AXN SciFi in Europe has not been updated, while broadcast on North American TV will be definitely delayed, as per the following article.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles fights the robots

Metal Hurlant Chronicles fights the robots

Posted on September 8, 2012 – 11:04 by CB Droege

The science fiction anthology show has found a television home in France.Metal Hurlant Chronicles was originally a French magazine, created and illustrated by the late, famed illustrator Jean “Moebius” Giraud and Philippe Druillet back in the 1970′s.The idea was to have an anthology magazine series which would take submissions for stories similar toAmazing Tales magazine and their ilk. The publication was similar to the American Tales from the Crypt, except it focused on science fiction and fantasy stories.Some issues would feature spaceships and aliens, the next might showcase magic and dragons. Each issue was completely different, but the magazine managed to maintain a common thread of abstract narrative, along with the genius of Moebius’ illustrations.French Director Guillaume Lubrano has been working on trying to get a television version of the magazine into distribution since late last year, after already making two seasons without even the promise of broadcast. Now, after months of stagnation in talks for broadcast deals with French television, France 4 has picked up the show, purchasing the 12 episodes which have already been produced with an option for more if the initial run proves successful.

This teaser serves as the announcement of the show for the network, and showcases some pretty impressive sequences.

There is currently no announced US distribution plans, and while Lubrano is working on getting the interest of a US network, it might be difficult due to the format. US networks usually only put children’s programming and sitcoms into half-hour slots, so that alone will make it a hard sell, but they would also have to edit 4 minutes out of each 26 minute episode to fit US commercial break standards. If the show does come to the US, it likely won’t be soon. Hopefully, there will be other ways to get our eyes on the episodes.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles premieres later this year on France 4.


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  9. [UPD] #JFinfoJ Scroll down for update of #MetalHurlant in press (new article in Ecran Total)

  10. [UPD] #JFinfoJ Scroll down for update of #MetalHurlant in press (new article in Ecran Total)

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