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HalfWay Con, picture by krisrussel

Some tidbits from the recent convention in Marseille, collected from tweets during the two days. Should new info become available to us, we’ll be sure to add it here.

Post has been updated on 6 July 2013, scroll down for new stuff

Guests to the convention: Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, Paul McGillion, Dan Payne, Robin Dunne, Rekha Sharma.

First day panel:

  • Jetlag maybe? ‘I’m very happy to be here. I don’t know where I am, but I’m happy to be here.’
  • Paul: ‘I wish David Hewlett had never kissed me’ Joe: ‘I wish I had never seen this’
  • Joe: ‘Torri is very diplomatic and I’m not’
  • Joe: ‘For the record Paul is the guy with the hair gel’ / Paul: ‘For the record Joe had a beautiful young lady following him around set with a mirror for fixing his hair. And the girl was David Hewlett’
  • Joe went to Sorbonne b/c he wanted to got to Paris. One of the best years of his life.
  • Q: fav shows? Torri loved Dead Wood, now Torchwood. Joe Breaking Bad, Paul as a kid Star Treck, now The Killing.
  • Q: alien life? Torri and Paul think it’s pretty arrogant believing we’re the only ones. Joe claims he is an alien ;-)
  • Which SG character would you have liked to be? Joe’s answer ‘Weir – I would have worked only one day a week’ …. Paul’s addition: ‘and you could have been really smart’
  • Joe told Torri that her presence in SGA was felt.
  • Torri: ‘I’d been stalking Joe for about 15 years I was(n’t?) an actor and when I heard he was doing Stargate I paid somebody off’

Second day panel:

  • “J’adore Johnny Cash”
  • Joe doesn’t want to film things his kids shouldn’t see/might be embarrassed about.
  • Joe was asked to do a part in NCIS. He wanted to do a recurring part. They wanted to look for one but that was 4 years ago.
  • Torri was sick and she was barely able to speak, so the guys said they’d speak for her: “bla bla bla” Joe then said “What Torri is saying she really liked working with Joe” And she nodded. Also, Joe said they could’ve killed Carson in the end. Paul: “Again.”
  • After being asked about what they wouldn’t do on TV: Joe- “I would never kiss another man on TV.” Paul- “Are you flirting with me, cheeky little bugger?”
  • Joe’s shirt is a pic of an actual piece of art from Damien Hirst. A scull with diamonds worth 25 mio pounds.

Joe is ‘showing off’ his diamonds skull shirt, picture posted with permission by @silvercomet21

We’ll be forever in debt to silvercomet21 and AnnCarters for keeping us so promptly updated during the con. Also many thanks to krisrussel (great pictures!!), toomuchbuggy, LtMolly73, sez101, Anshiiie, AndreaKoeln, domdomjohnshep for words, pictures and retweets. Congratulations are in order for the HalfWay staff as well, who worked hard to make possible such a big event, their first.


Krisrussel’s wonderful album


New photos from Krisrusselliterally hundreds of them, each one better then the other (added on 5 Nov)

silvercomet21′s excellent album (added on 6 Nov)


Update 5 Nov 2011

We were also sent some new pictures, by the wonderful Baso Zachariadi on facebook, with Joe in-between-photo-ops.



Update 6 Nov 2011

Browsing through the very thorough con reports posted by @toomuchbuggy on her LiveJournal here and here,  by @sar101 in her LJ here, as well as the bits shared on the GateWord here and here, we’ve compiled some of the congoers memories all in one.


During Joe and Torri’s double photo as a joke a wraith ran in Torri who screamed and jump while Joe didn’t even flinch, the Wraith then ran over and knocked the background over hitting Joe, after rescuing him and repairing the set the photo shoot continued on.

Joe greeted most everyone in French, unless you beat him to it and he knew to respond in English.


Saturday panel

Joe said during one of the panels that he’s a real Francophile… euhm… lover of everything French. And you could see that when the translator was doing her thing, he sometimes really paid attention to what she was saying to try and understand her.

The first panel, Joe, Torri and Paul. They were asked about aliens Paul pointed at Joe, Joe pointed at Paul.

Question: In the 5 seasons, were there any episodes you’d like to have the movie direction gone different than they had gone?
Joe: It’s a difficult thing because you always wish something and you have it in your head, the script and you have it where the episode may lead in your head and when you see it cut together, it’s always different than you think. So, would you do things differently? Absolutely on a lot of cases but one of the beautiful things is that we’re in a business that is a collaboration it’s not like writing a novel or painting a painting. You have to work with all these people and each person has a contribution and each person changes the project and interact with it. *looks at translator* How long is that gonna take for you to translate that?

*translator translates*

Joe: Can you say that again?

Torri: I wish that Elizabeth had more active time. Halfway through season 2 she had become an administrator instead of part of…
Joe: Doing party tricks
Torri: Yeah… she’s way better than Torri, but I wish that I had the input which *looks to Joe* you seemed to have… I would have asked for her to be a bit more involved and to see – I wish we would have seen some of the tools more often coming from this place of diplomacy and yeah, I think she became a bit more secretary.
Joe: And you know, Torri is very diplomatic. And I’m not. So I’d go into the office to make a lot of suggestions and they were almost always the same thing; ‘Maybe I’m on a planet… with strangely beautiful women.’
Torri: I’d really wished to see that we’d visit an island… ehm planet with 8 armed men. We never got there.
Joe: No…
Torri: Then it switched to a planet with just men…
Joe: You were already on an Island with a bunch of men… It was called Atlantis.
Paul: I wish that David Hewlett didn’t kiss me.
Joe: And I wish that I had not seen David Hewlett kiss him.
Paul: Uncomfortable…
Torri: I heard you had been rehearsing that over and over again.
Paul: …like sandpaper…
Joe: After we yelled ‘cut’ they kept kissing.

Paul was asked about the kiss between him and David. He said that he had read the script and after Martin came over and asked what he thought about it Paul was like horrified but asked what does David think about it, Martin said David was cool because you were friends, then went to see David who apparently was also horrified and asked what Paul thought Martin said oh yeah he is cool because you two are friends. Paul says he still has the restraining order but it was actually the first guy on guy kiss in scifi which he thinks is pretty cool.

Paul: Less politics, less economics, less war, more stargate. Less Joe Flanigan. More Dr. Weir.
Joe: Paul, you should run for office.
Paul: I really should.
Joe: You could be the prime minister of Canada
Paul: Thank you. I’ve got better hair.
Torri: A better heart.
Joe: I’d vote for you. I’m an American, I can vote in Canada.
Torri: You could buy Canada (or Goodbye Canada?)
Joe: For the record, for the record, He (Paul) is the guy with the hairgel. It’s like a chemical plant! You cannot believe how much stuff he puts in his hair. For the record… *imitates Paul’s voice* my god he’s a handsome fellow!
Paul: For the record… Joe had a beautiful lady, on set, following him with a mirror, around so he could fix his hair. For the record. … It was David Hewlett holding the mirror.
Joe: True.

Joe told us how much he loved France he spent a year studying and although he didn’t spend a year studying as hard as she should had, Paul responded that he had seen a couple of French kids looking around that look like Joe. Joe said he had 3 sons that he knew off.
A fan asked who was their favourite SGA commander Carter or Weir? Joe immediately said with Torri there he was going to say Torri. He expanded saying the character of Weir was great in theory a diplomat but once in Atlantis the writers didn’t know what to do with the character, she rarely got to use that skill set that she was meant to have. Torri agreed saying they missed some really nice character points such as having Teyla teach Weir self-defence and she would have liked to see more of that friendship.

Joe: I wanted Torri to stay. I made it very clear, and then the producer stopped telling me things… it’s true.


Torri:  I begged them from season 1 to explore the relationship between Rachel’s character and mine. I thought it was a male’s world and it would be these two women learning from each other. And I thought it would be great if Weir went to Teyla and said; ‘Okay we’re now living in a dangerous place and I don’t know how to defend myself. I don’t wanna be someone who has to be taken care of, I’m a leader, I could be fighting.’ So they sort of missed an opportunity that they could have had, to embrace the idea of action and that would have been an interesting journey.
Joe: I think they missed an opportunity… they missed a lot of opportunities in that regard. For example, Torri and Rachel could have had this whole thing and I could have walked in…
Paul: Or Dr. Beckett…
Joe: Also though, and I’m said this to Torri before and I’ll say it again, You always felt like you weren’t doing enough. Because we were running around on different planets and stuff, but the truth is, when you broke it down and saw the episode, your presence was really powerful and your screen time was almost the same as ours. So you know, I know that it felt like that because she would come in and shoot and she’d be done in two days. Because she’s in one set, so it’s very easy to shoot. Our stuff we were shooting in a bunch of different locations. So… it never translated like that though.
Torri: I just wanted to be part of the team!
Joe: She wanted to go out and play.

Someone asked what they would have liked to see Atlantis do before it ended, Torri said bring back Weir and give her a proper goodbye.  Joe said Paul would like to kiss David again to which Paul said he would give him a Glasgow kiss which is a head butt. Joe would like to see more of Atlantis as they had this amazing city and they explored very little of it. Joe also said he felt that the background of the character of Sheppard had never been explored only in Outcast which he had helped write.


Sunday panel

The next day, poor Torri had really lost her voice of course it didn’t help when the microphone wasn’t turned on, Joe was more than willing to help, so started saying ‘I think Joe’s really talented and amazing’…

Question: What was it about Fringe that made you take the role?
Joe: Money… *laughs* They said that it would be a part that they saw that could have an interesting kind of ‘life’, so to speak. I had not read the part really and I didn’t know anything about Fringe but everyone I knew was really positive but dying in Fringe doesn’t mean anything because there’s two worlds so I still don’t know anything. They actually said come on up for two days of work and blablablabla It turned out to be NINE days of work, because I didn’t realize that they wanted me to be the dead guy, lying down. I thought they were going to use like a double. So it was very… I had to exercise much more patience than I thought I had. It was tough to check the ego as I was lying on the floor, dead. But it was a good experience for me.
Paul: Joe was a fantastic corpse. Brilliant acting.

Question: What would you not do for a role? 
Joe: I would never kiss another man on screen. I have values, that’s all. *smiles*
Paul: You’re a sexy cheeky… are you flirting with me?
Joe: You know, it’s a good question though, because I have had to make decisions and I have three little boys and I really don’t want to be doing things that they can’t see. Maybe not now, but I don’t want them looking at stuff saying; ‘Why did my dad do that?! That’s embarrassing.’ I don’t want them to see that.
Paul: Torri … *giggles* once got fired from an agent because she would not do a commercial for pharmaceuticals. She wouldn’t do that, she doesn’t like that.
Joe: But Paul ended up doing that commercial naked.

Joe and Torri got asked about their relationship on SGA. Joe said Tori was very sexual but it would have undermined her authority to have an affair with him as they weren’t equal she was his superior. Torri said Weir definitely had a mad crush on Sheppard but couldn’t do it to herself or him. Instead she packed lots of batteries. Paul laughed and joked that generator outage was now explained. Joe joked that was what had drained the ZPM.

Update 28 Dec 2011

The “Sanctuary France” team got the opportunity to have an interview with Joe during the convention and they have done a great job, asking him excellent questions, all fresh and interesting, offering him the chance to tell us things we didn’t know about him.

link to the video file of the interview on youtube

Update 7 January 2012

Nice little message on video to Pierre Tessier, Joe’s French official voice double: “Hope you’re doing it right, or I’ll come after you! Thank you.”

link to the video file of Joe’s message on youtube


Update 6 July 2013

The convention DVD has been released and includes video recordings of the full panels, as well as small bits of extra footage from photo ops, cocktail and others. It’s an excellent product, and according to our knowledge this is one of the few scifi conventions where organisers actually offer the fans that couldn’t attend the opportunity to watch the talks in full.

Halfway Convention official site

Here below a few screen caps from the DVD (make sure to click on them for full size).


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  2. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan attended the HalfWay Convention in Marseille, 29-30 October 2011 #halfwaycon http://t.co/LiLfZi8o

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  5. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan attended the HalfWay Convention in Marseille, 29-30 October 2011 #halfwaycon http://t.co/LiLfZi8o

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