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During the recent London convention Entertainment Media Show (EMS, pour les connoisseurs), FlanInfo’s representative, Carmen Domin had the privilege to meet Joe Flanigan and ask him a few questions (full interview here). Thereby we can offer you some of her convention notes.

On the first day, Joe put up a very early appearance (unlike many other guests), for the delight of the early birds, making the conversation so much easier as the place was less crowded than it would become after 11 o’clock, time of the actual opening.

Joe’s line for signing on Saturday morning

It’s hard to believe, but this is a really full 9-to-6 day of work for the guests at the con. During all this time Joe was extremely friendly, constantly smiling and engaging with everybody, although I’ve managed to make him confess under the breath these events are more taxing than a 12 hours day on set, but he’s so grateful to the fans showing up to meet him. It definitely pays seeing as he genuinely opens up when each fan approaches him. Compliant with every single request for pictures, posing with each of the fans if asked to and even helpful with the technical stuff when the fans themselves couldn’t cope with the camera or something… There was a fan trying to take both their picture with an iPad, but she couldn’t do it properly, so Joe promptly took charge and took the picture, as they were over each side of the table, leaning toward each other: “I have longer arms, it’s easier that way“.

During the Saturday morning signing session, I’ve managed to slip him this picture taken by MajorBerry at Stockholm last year while he had been checking his twitter timeline, and simply indicated him what to write. Which he kindly obliged (“oh God… twitter, yes… so… Dear twitter fans…”), sporting a slightly boyish guilty look as if knowing he’d been behind with his homework and there was no point in arguing. He almost sighed while signing, but I cannot be sure. We haven’t promised we won’t blackmail him with his signature, so here’s the photo in question!

Joe Flanigan to Twitter fans (MajorBerry's picture)

"Dear twitter Fans, I promise to be back... and better... and I mean it. Cheers" (posted with permission of MajorBerry)

Hope his tweet from London (“Survived Bucharest but I’ve changed a little“) proves he’s at least considering to honor this pledge :)

It seems there’s almost a tradition for Joe to be late for his scheduled moments at the cons, he didn’t break it this time either. Hence he missed his photo-op by 10-15 minutes or so (and apparently he repeated this on Sunday, as well), looking embarrassed when he showed up and ruefully apologizing for being caught in traffic (“when I’ve left it was a 10 minutes ride, but coming back took more than twice and I was so frustrated being stuck in the cab and watching the hour…”). So, the program being so tight, his Saturday photo-op had to be postponed to accommodate the next guest, no harm done. While queuing for it, I have actually got to see Joe trying several faces before settling for the menacing one in vida_boheme‘s post on twitter.

Point blank Nemo (posted with permission of vida_boheme)

Point blank Nemo (posted with permission of vida_boheme)

He was really miffed about the whole thing with the comments about the Romanian actresses’ photos; “C’mon, I’m a married man, how could they do that?” They were absolutely innocent pictures, girls asking him to pose together. Which, by the way, he did so graciously during the con, countless times: each of the fans who asked him to pose with them over that uncomfortable table, he would promptly get up and comply. Then would wait for the fan to check the picture quality and have anther one, if requested. Unbelievably patient and obliging.

A lot of fans were asking about Sarah Geary and Joe got visibly sad. “She’s not better, but she would be definitely much worse without all your help, I’m so grateful for that. She’s probably just a bit more comfortable, and so is her family.

Before the talks (scheduled for late in the afternoon), we had some time for the interview and I had the chance to see the swollen elbow of his right tattoo-less arm. The lump looks quite painful (“but it was worse”, said Joe pointing to a larger area on his forearm, from the elbow to the wrist). The tattoo hadn’t been too difficult to keep during the shooting, it just needed some ‘maintenance’ from time to time, but that meant he wore it all the time while in Bucharest, which prompted the funny stories about scaring people around…

During the signing one very young fan came and told him he liked SG1. “Okaaay, but you like Atlantis b e t t e r, right?

Then the talks were on. It’s quite a treat to watch him shift from the “regular Joe” mode (yes, pun intended) to the scene-mode; he instantly becomes a totally different person. His panel was way too short (but then again they are always like that) and the light in the stage area was awfully bad, preventing almost any decent photo (although I’ll admit that’s just a lame excuse for my exceptionally bad photos).

Saturday talks

The second day at con was a bit more rushed, as well as Joe’s schedule, who had several interviews lined up. One of them, including video, is available here.

Sunday talks

Joe was clearly in a pre-holiday mood, very eager to get home and unwind after what seems to have been an intense month away. Considering the fact he is gearing up for the next projects, the Marseille HalfWay convention at the end of October, and then, back-to-back, the upcoming shooting of Metal Hurlant in Brussels, we wish him a relaxed vacation with our huge thanks for stopping by in London!


  14 Responses to “Joe Flanigan at Collectormania London, 1-2 October 2011, notes”

  1. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan at Collectormania London, 1-2 October 2011, notes #ems2011 http://t.co/rEVQHZZB

  2. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan at Collectormania London, 1-2 October 2011, notes #ems2011 http://t.co/rEVQHZZB

  3. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan at Collectormania London, 1-2 October 2011, notes #ems2011 http://t.co/rEVQHZZB

  4. RT @FlanInfo: Joe Flanigan at Collectormania London, 1-2 October 2011, notes #EMS2011 http://t.co/J8AJd4H2 Thx for the report @carmendomino

  5. I think that could be me, with the long hair, sitting in front of whomever took the picture. It was an interesting talk.

    • Apart from the credited pictures, the others (the blurry/bad ones :D ) were taken by me. Guess I should’ve joined you in the front row for a better pic quality.
      Yes, very interesting talks, Joe does speak his mind when challenged, I like that.

      • I appreciate the way he speaks his mind very much; he’s definitely not a ‘yes man’. As for the blurry pictures, I think that was all down to the poor lighting – the ‘stage’ should have been lit properly, or at least adequately, from the front.

  6. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan at Collectormania London, 1-2 October 2011, notes #ems2011 http://t.co/rEVQHZZB

  7. What was the deal with the Romanian woman? The only issue I remember hearing about involved, I think, a Japanese lady wanted Joe and David in a compromised position.

    • During the shooting in Bucharest, some cheap tabloids published pictures of Joe posing with some of the actresses and added nasty comments about them wanting to ‘get involved with a Hollywood star to boost their acting careers’. They were the standard ‘con-like photoop’ pictures you’d see with the fans after each convention, but since at least one of the girls used to guest (sometime ago) in a TV reality show, media was hungry for any dirty little thing. And by ‘media’ I mean that type of tabloids (gossip online magazines) you’d never want to read :(

      • Thanks for the reply! I hadn’t heard about that. Nasty people, trying to stir up trouble!

  8. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Joe Flanigan at Collectormania London, 1-2 October 2011, notes #ems2011 http://t.co/rEVQHZZB

  9. Thank you so much!
    It was so good to get a Joe fix.
    I was at Van Con April 2011 and wish I could go to another.
    Reading about it is almost as good.
    Again, Thankyou!

    • You’re welcome, it was a pleasure writing it down.
      He was recently announced for next year’s Van Con, so there’s your chance :)
      And then we’ll be waiting for your notes!

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