Jun 102010

We feel it is high time to introduce the team here at the Joe-Flanigan.info to finally put names to the people who have been working hard behind the scenes on starting this website and will continue to develop it into what we hope one day will become a leading online resource for all things relating to Joe Flanigan…

Firstly, we have Rebecca Macias who has been the admin of The Joe Flanigan Advocacy group on Facebook since November 2009, currently counting 340 members – the really active one! This group is now the website’s official representative on Facebook. Rebecca will also be the main editor in The Flan Info journal. On Twitter she is known as @PegasusAngel and will be a team member for the website’s representative on Twitter @FlanInfo. Independently Rebecca runs her own website Angel’s Reach, which is an online community mainly of sci-fi fans but is a general discussion forum.

Next, we have Vita Alaya who is the technical assistant helping to build this site and the second editor for The Flan Info journal. You can find her on Twitter as @alavitka and she may also step in as a team member behind the Twitter account @FlanInfo in the future. Prior to this Vita maintained a blog with many nicely laid out Joe Flanigan references at Multiply: AlaVita’s E-blog and, before that, one in Russian at LiveInternet: News from Avalon (both links lead to Joe Flanigan tagged posts).

Finally, we have Marina Kokoreva who will be initially working on the Gallery section of the website, which will be coming shortly. Currently she has her own long standing blog in Russian with much focus on Joe Flanigan and Stargate Atlantis: pictures, videos, fanfic translations and such. You can find it here: Stargate Pilgrim

The main admin of this site and the current acting person behind the Twitter account @FlanInfo so far unfortunately is unable to disclose her full identity for reasons in no way connected to any kind of affiliation with Joe Flanigan or his representatives, which no member of this site’s team has. It also is a temporary engagement helping these wonderful dedicated people above to get things started. Do not worry, should any other member of the team on Twitter step in, it will be explicitly announced.

As we’ve mentioned before, we will welcome happily other people who have been dedicating their time over the years to posting Joe Flanigan information online in their personal blogs, groups or such, if they wish to join efforts with us in order to create a stronger multi-facet community together! Please contact for this contact@joe-flanigan.info

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  1. [UPD] Please meet team members of our joe-flanigan.info: @PegasusAngel @alavitka & Morgan (not on twitter yet)! MORE: http://wp.me/pWI5h-12

  2. Excellent news and idea. I’ll be happy to share. I’m know as AtlantisJoeFan on Twitter.

    • Thank you Fiona for your support!

      Unfortunately I still didn’t find your picture on Facebook you told me about :( I asked Vita to check on you she’s registered at FB.

  3. RT @FlanInfo: [UPD] Please meet team members of our joe-flanigan.info: @PegasusAngel @alavitka & Morgan – MORE: http://wp.me/pWI5h-12

  4. RT @FlanInfo: [UPD] Please meet team members of our joe-flanigan.info: @PegasusAngel @alavitka & Morgan, MORE: http://wp.me/pWI5h-12

  5. RT @FlanInfo: [UPD] Please meet team members of our joe-flanigan.info: @PegasusAngel @alavitka & Morgan, MORE: http://wp.me/pWI5h-12

  6. RT @FlanInfo: [UPD] Please meet team members of our joe-flanigan.info: @PegasusAngel @alavitka & Morgan, MORE: http://wp.me/pWI5h-12

  7. RT @FlanInfo: [UPD] Please meet team members of our joe-flanigan.info: @PegasusAngel @alavitka & Morgan, MORE: http://wp.me/pWI5h-12

  8. Finally I can meet all project participants)
    Hi, mighty Admin and Rebecca)

  9. Hey there! Congratulations on your new site and to all of you for getting the word out there about The Flan!!! I love it!
    And will be happy to retweet your information and to pass along any news I find!

    • Thank you very much! We appreciate immensely all the support of fellow fans in our effort to promote Joe Flanigan online and all your retweets too :) And of course welcome any information you are passing on! Thank you once again.

    • Thank you Gracie, the most important thing is sharing news about Joe, so anyone helping pass on information is much appreciated :)

  10. Ya, Rebecca, i think we will work well together))
    Thank you dear admin, Im really happy too!))))

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