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Opal kindly permitted us to share here her report about meeting Joe Flanigan on her visit to Collectormania 16 festival in Milton Keynes on Friday, May 28, 2010, originally published at her LiveJournal:

Joe Flanigan, thespian and feminist

So, it’s Friday and kind of dead at the con. People are selling things but none of the actors are really here. Except Joe Flanigan. Who is QUEUELESS. So I pay and I get to walk right up to him. He does a fake British accent, gloriously badly. We talk Minnesota briefly because he will be there next week.

He talks a bit about the show. They have pictures of him and that girl from s5 that wasn’t Torri. I tell him I just got to see Torri’s play. He goes into this great and lovely tangent about how Torri is prettier in person. On camera she’s hot, but in person? She’s just sexy. (this is awesome).

Then he goes into a whole thing about how evil the producers were. Joe loves the cast, but wow was he snarky about the producers. Many people, starting with Torri were fucked on the show according to Joe.

Who is awesome. Really really gorgeous. Thinner than I expected, rantier too. He really does have skinny little legs, and they’re great.

He thinks female actresses are just screwed. They get used for their looks and even though they get better with age, they don’t lead movies. Only Meryl Streep does. And he just thinks it’s unfair. Wow. Good for him!! He seems like a powerful, together very business savvy man who knows the game he’s in. Great presence. Really distracting eyes. ;). Also the hair.

He went on for a good half an hour and kissed my cheek for being such a good listener. I uh wow. Gah! Really cool guy.

Thank you, Opal, for sharing your report in our journal!

NB: This content was originally published in Opal’s own LiveJournal esoteru productions presents, therefore, should you want to refer to it, please keep the credit & the original link. Thank you!

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  1. [UPD][REP] Another sweet report in our journal: Opal met Joe Flanigan on Friday at #Collectormania 16 http://wp.me/pWI5h-2J #CMJF

  2. [UPD][REP] Another sweet report in our journal: Opal met Joe Flanigan on Friday at #Collectormania 16 http://wp.me/pWI5h-2J #CMJF

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