Jun 192010

WormholeRiders: Stargate MinCon Sunday: Hewlett & Flanigan’s Snarkastic Responses!

Ailurophile6 LiveJournal: Con report… or not (snippet):

The guy from GW played a clip from “My Secret Identity”
Joe’s reaction? “Look at those pouty lips!” LOL
David’s reaction? “Look at the hair!!”

GateWorld Forums Joe Flanigan/John Sheppard Thunk Thread by ladyofshalott:

You’ve seen the photos. Yes…he was very, very HAWT! Black shirt, woven. Opened modestly at the throat. A little too modestly. :D  Sleeves rolled up to his elbows. I was with him when he wasn’t wearing the leather jacket. And I saw him without the yellow glasses. He looked tired. :(
But still HAWT! Had on both his leather wristband and his white one. No wedding ring. A corded necklace with a single silver bead. That bruise on his fingernail was still there. He also had a scratch on his inner forearm.
Jeans. Tennis shoes.

WormholeRiders: MinCon’s Many Marvelous Moments for Stargate Minions! – WormholeRiders
Contains a few more convention moments, including the story on how Joe Flanigan who grew up with 6 big dogs put a rabbit on an island at their ranch to not have to mow grass there but his mother had put one too and they multiplied until the dogs ashore could stand no more, swam and ate those rabbits.

to be updated if anything new comes up

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  1. [UPD] Joe Flanigan related #MinCon reports digest (too small for now but hopefully to be updated) http://wp.me/pWI5h-3v #MCJF

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