Jun 142010

This is a dynamic non-expiring archive of the tweets concerning Joe Flanigan at Creation Con Minneapolis 2010. Joe Flanigan appeared in a panel with David Hewlett on Sunday, June 13th 2010. It’s just a few hours since over, but the below widget will automatically update if anything new is posted.

A couple of good fans were conducting a sort of live reportage on Twitter. @whovian99 is WormholeRiders reporter and @cirruslvr is of SGA Lost Season. Since there was a lot of echo as well and information non-related to Joe Flanigan, we have to limit those with our own retweets.

Pictures from Twitter:

The boys! #MinCon #Stargate on Twitpic Joe Flanigan and I at the Stargate con in Minneapolis, MN on Twitpic 2 Canadians versus one American, fun times from the Stargate ... on Twitpic Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Random tweeters who also mentioned this panel:

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