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This pertains to contests accepting public uploads of pictures to our Gallery: Contests category or see our Journal: Contests tag.

Short version:

  1. Rename the picture you are submitting as username_catname before uploading. For best results use JPG/JPEG picture format.
  2. Go to the Gallery link above.
  3. Find “Upload file” in the top menu and click on it.
  4. Select “FlanCats 1″ album, if not already selected.
  5. Click “Browse”/”Choose file”.
  6. Select your file and hit “Upload“.
  7. Wait until your submission is approved (see “Last uploaded” list).
  8. If you forgot to add any info, post it in a comment under your picture after it’s approved.

Longer version if you have any questions/problems with the above:

Rename the picture you are submitting as username_petsname before uploading. It can be preferably your twitterusername but if you aren’t there yourLJhandle_LJ or youremailaddy (without the server part) or such. This will serve to identify the participants. It may be kinda awkward if we have a winner but don’t know where to find him!

Then go to the Gallery link below. Find “Upload file” in the top menu and click on it.

Select the relevant¬†album, if not already selected. Click “Browse”/”Choose file”. Select your file and hit “Upload“.

If you receive an error “No file was uploaded“, probably your file was too big. Sorry, we cannot accept very large files as our web-space has limits. Please resize your file to under 1024 px at widest side and save as JPEG (smaller files). You can do so with a free software XnView (open file, menu Image -> Resize, then File -> Save As…, your username_petsname.jpg).

The submissions have to be approved by our moderators, so it may take some time until it shows up in the gallery, no need to worry if you don’t see it at once. We will be approving them ASAP whenever anyone of us is online.

There is a link to “Last uploads” in the second line of Gallery top menu where you will be able to see the last approved files at any given time.

If you forget to enter something into description of your file or rename it, please just leave a comment under it with the missing information as soon as the photo is approved and becomes publicly available. Comments are accepted at the very bottom of image view page:
It helps to enter your name in brown shadowed box at the left of this screenshot.

If you still have questions or troubles uploading to our Gallery, you can leave a comment below (subject to approval as well) or tweet to @FlanInfo or @Titine062, we’ll try our best to help you as soon as we’re available.

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