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Joe Flanigan and Emelie Orraryd at Sci-fi, Game and Film convention, Stockholm 2010

Emelie Orraryd (EmelieOrraryd) kindly shared with us her report about meeting Joe Flanigan on her visit to the Scandinavian Sci-fi, Game and Film Convention on Saturday and Sunday, November 27-28th, 2010:

The convention itself takes place at least three times a year rotating between Sweden’s largest cities: Stockholm, Göteborg (Gothenburg) and Malmö. I have been to a con in Göteborg before, but only because of all the dealers that turn up. This was the first time they had a guest I really wanted to see! And I sure got to see a lot of him. Joe was a very charming, gentlemanly and sweet guy who really took his time with us “stalkers”. And I don’t think he knew what he was getting in to weather wise… But let’s start at the beginning.

I stayed with a fellow Joe Flanigan fan and a good friend of mine in Stockholm and we arrived at the con around 1200 on the Saturday. The first thing we did was to go and stand in Joe’s autograph line. He sat next to Robert Englund who had a long queue in front of his table, but my first thought was that that queue was actually Joe’s queue. I’m so glad I was wrong. There were only a couple of people before us in the queue and I hadn’t had my fangirl moment yet, but it came right after the compulsory introduction phrases. I had some things with me that I wanted him to sign for free since it was for Sarah Geary and FlanInfo, but I got tongue-tied and had to repeat myself many times over. I eventually managed to ask about Sarah’s condition he said that she wasn’t better but he had been to see a movie with her the week before he came to Stockholm. He also mentioned that Friends of Sarah Geary managed to raise $30 000. His voice got really thick here, it must be horrible to have a friend dying and not being able to do anything about it. The queue grew behind us and I said that I would be by later to pick up the stuff and he asked if he would see us at the photo-op. Which he would.

I’m so happy that I had the nerve to ask him for a hug during the photo-op. I never thought I would muster the courage, but I did! And I am so glad that I did.

Joe Flanigan and Emelie Orraryd at Sci-fi, Game and Film convention, Stockholm 2010

I then met up with some of the people from Twitter who had come to see Joe, there was MajorBerry, LtMolly73 and some French and Hungarian girls. It was lovely to meet people who actually understand one’s obsession with Joe :)

We had got a lot of questions for Joe from various people and places. We took turns asking them and managed to get some info out of him. Some good, some… not so good. Joe said that SPORE is a farce about an alien life-form and it takes place one evening in the English countryside. He doesn’t know how it will be distributed yet but of course hopes for a theatrical release. It will be filmed in the UK in April 2011. He was asked about what cons he was going to attend and confirms Vancouver and Chicago. Even though I tweeted and said he confirmed FedCon, it will NOT be official until his name pops up on the website. It is not even sure he is going.

Me and my friend (who works at Games Workshop) spent a lot of our time standing at the Warhammer table which was situated opposite of Joe’s so as to not be obvious stalkers… We also took our time perusing all the different stalls and booths at the con. She bought a very nice SG-1 pin and a pin of the Earth symbol. And watched the Imperial Parades by the 501st Imperial Legion – Nordic Garrison. All dressed up in costumes and marching to the Imperial March.

Well even fangirls have to get coffee and cinnamon buns sometime during the day so we decided to go out to the coffee shop to get our fix. There we were standing in line to buy coffee (and very engaged in a conversation about why people don’t understand the goldmine that Joe is) when someone walks up and starts to inspect the sandwiches on sale. Yes. It was Joe. I am so pleased with myself that I stayed very composed. I nudged my friend (who had had her back to him) when he had walked away and asked if she’d seen who it was. We then sat down with some of my friend’s co-workers but sadly we had our backs towards teh hair… I even got my friend’s boss, who’s Scottish, to call Joe “the hair” all weekend.

After this we got back inside and I went to Joe’s table to pick up that something special and we started chatting a little. We were looking at all the gifts he’d got from fans and Joe wondered why he’d got so many alcohol related gifts. Well I don’t know ;) But he had also got a really nice puddle jumper from the Hungarian fans. He had already detached it from it’s fastenings and had let kids play with it before. But when I pointed the jumper out to him he started playing with it, making all these cute little noises and said that he usually plays with stuff in his office but quickly stop when his wife walks in. Bless him.  I tried to tell him that you never get old enough to play, but he didn’t listen :) A girl then walks up to Joe to get his autograph and tells him that she’s never seen the series (Atlantis). What does Joe do? He points at us and says “well these girls can tell you all about it” and I walk up (since I was the closest) and try to get this girl to understand that Atlantis is a great series, but I think I just scared her off…  I asked him to check his Twitter account on behalf of FlanInfo and he did! Then the convention was closing for the day and the last thing Joe says to us is “So will I see you girls tomorrow?” I think I died and went to heaven. Of course we’ll see you tomorrow my dear.

Joe Flanigan tweeting...

Joe Flanigan tweeting...

My luck for Saturday hadn’t run out yet, cause I had been debating with my friend if I should or shouldn’t buy an Atlantis patch for my black shirt. We decided to wait until Sunday, but what do I find at the train station. An Atlantis patch just lying there on the ground. Well finders keepers and all that… It was a little muddy but nothing a wash can’t handle.

Then it really started to snow. It was a right blizzard in Stockholm all night and I was really worried that the trains to the convention center would be canceled. But they weren’t! We had to drabble our way through the snow and all the way to the bus stop in the cold on Sunday morning. But when we eventually got to the convention center we got warm again. Might have had something to do with the person sitting behind a table signing photos.

My friend wanted to get an autograph for her co-worker’s girlfriend who unfortunately were on holiday in India or she would have been there with us. So we got up to Joe’s table (again) and told him this girl was sorry she was in India but really wanted him to sign a pic. Joe then said that he really would like to go to India someday. This led to an unavoidable conversation about the weather. The girl who was with Joe all the time was really nice and she said that the snowing would stop at 1 pm. We didn’t believe her. I asked Joe about the snow and asked him if he was longing for California and he said that he’d just checked the surf reports for Malibu. Bless him. Joe had been out with a couple of Swedish friends the night before. Friends he had no clue were Swedish (or so he said) to begin with. They had only seen Stockholm in the dark (it gets dark around 2.30 pm and the sun sets at 3) and he said he had to fly out ridiculously early on Monday morning so he wouldn’t get the chance to see the city. We were kinda adamant about how beautiful Stockholm is and Joe said he might look into changing his flight just to see it. Dunno how it turned out though. Well us saying we had no idea if the planes would even take off from the airport on Monday, might’ve had something to do about it to. He wouldn’t have had to worry. All planes did take off on both Sunday and Monday. We couldn’t take any pictures as a group with Joe as he and the assisstent had been told off by the guy in charge that it wasn’t allowed. You could do it in the photo shoot though. The flashes had also started to bother them, since it was so dark were all the guests were sitting.

We needed our coffee fixes on Sunday as well and the fact that we decided to go and get them when Joe wasn’t at his table was pure coincidence… So we got outside to the coffee shop in the convention center again and spotted MajorBerry and ltMolly73 but no Joe. Berry and Molly then said that he sat behind them. So we scored again :) Me and my friend got our coffee and was just about to walk to our tables when I was nearly hit by Joe (whilst carrying our tray) and I didn’t freak out. My friend even wondered if I’d seen him since I was so cool. I had, but I didn’t want to make a fool out of me. Berry and Molly then suggested that I should have let Joe walk into me and we would have gotten a “Notting Hill” moment (and clothes off of Joe). But alas, the moment was over.  By this time I was really tired and when we got back in Molly asked him why he’d been in Stockholm over Thanksgiving and he said he was there doing publicity. We guessed it meant that he was promoting his movies, but we are not 100% sure. Me and my friend didn’t take our pictures with Joe on Sunday and we didn’t really talk more with him either. Or maybe we did and I can’t remember. :)

We left the convention center very happy and I made my friend and even bigger FlanFan than she was before. Simply because he was so nice to everyone! I had one of the best weekends of my life and I hope I will get to meet Mr. Flanigan again. I also want to give a shout out to the Twitter clan that was there. It was lovely meeting you all and I’m sorry that I couldn’t remember your names, but feel free to remind me.

Emelie and Anna with Joe 'the hair' Flanigan in the background...

Emelie and Anna with Joe 'the hair' Flanigan in the background...

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  1. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Emelie Orraryd meets Joe Flanigan at Scifi Game & Film Convention Stockholm Sweden 2010

  2. [UPD] #JFinfoJ New Post: Emelie Orraryd meets Joe Flanigan at Scifi Game & Film Convention Stockholm Sweden 2010

  3. Thank you for the great report. Joe impresses me every time i read about him

  4. Thanks for the report, sounds like you had a fantastic time, and your photo op looks fabulous. But….what was the “not so good,” info? :-(

    • About FedCon. We still hope that he will come, but nothing is official yet. I might’ve used the wrong words here…

  5. Thanks a lot Emelie for the great report & tidbits for us and Rebecca for publishing it with us! Wish I was there too :)

  6. Coole story and a really nice pic. thx 4 sharing :)

  7. Thx for sharing the experience with your detailed report Emelie and for having kept us posted during the whole weekend :)

  8. @KatieMagnus at the FlanInfo Journal too bad we didn't get to talk :( did you have fun?

  9. Joe’s movie FEROCIOUS PLANET was great. Joe was great as Colonel Synn. Hope to see him in more movies.

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